Thursday, July 12, 2007

Marley's Adventures Continued....

Marley spent the day catching up on her sleep because Steph & Tera kept her up until 2am gabbing. When she finally decided to get up, she had dinner at Antares (Marley, we didn't have cell reception to call you!). Antares is a fancy, schmancy restaurant fifty stories in the air. The restaurant rotates while you are eating dinner. Unfortunately, Tina has vertigo and Steph didn't know this when she booked the reservation, but it turned out fabulously.

Marley started out with a glass of pinot grigio.

Had a little bread and butter.

Cheesed it with Tera & Simone.

Then she moved on to the Golden Network Dessert Reception where Heather and Marley's cp, Wendy Toliver, got booted out because of their first sales! It was fun. Marley even got to meet Heather's agent, Stephen Barbara, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Fred Savage. Seriously smoking, folks. We kept telling Marley to stop drooling.

The Buzz Girls wore Marley out so she's in for the night, chillin in her cowboy hat, reading her free Meg Cabot book. Could there be four more beautiful words? FREE MEG CABOT BOOKS! Unfortunately, she's not here this year, probably because she knew Marley couldn't come either. Good night, Marley, we miss you!
Your friendly BEE-OTCHES!
This picture has nothing to do with Marley, but it's just so cool that I just had to post it!


TJBrown said...

Hysterical, girls... have fun!

Kelly Parra said...

Oh yes, you posed with Nora! *sigh*

Jude said...

This is hilarious :)

Marley Gibson said...

People at work are asking me if I'm okay because I am HOWLING in my cube!!!!!!! You guys are killing me!!! And hey, why didn't *I* get to meet Nora? [yarnk!]

What a COOL pic, Steph!!!

Can't wait for more!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Hey, Marley can you scarf some free books for me while you're there and tell Adam Nevill from Black Lace books that I think he's hot. Oh, and find out if he's single.

Anonymous said...

you ladies are freakin hilarious

Heather Davis said...


My agent loved meeting you at the TGN reception. He thought you were lovely, and really three dimensional despite appearances.