Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't you love celebrity gossip?

Well, I do! Can't get enough of it. I watch Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and E! News just to get the tiniest bit of fodder on the rich and famous. US Weekly is like an addictive substance and People always catches my attention at the store.

So, imagine my voyeuristic surprise when the sales team at my office came back from an intensive week-long meeting in Miami and had plenty of celebrity poop to pass along. Naturally, I have to pass it along to you!

At the exact time Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have been avoiding the tabloid headlines linking them buddies saw with their very own eyes Jessica and John kanoodling by the pool at the Four Seasons in Miami. They said Jessica was looking very hot and the hotel management was having to approve of who could come into the pool area because they were obviously getting attention. One of the sales guys had to go out to the pool area to find his boss and they wouldn't let him in because he was staying at the Mandarin and not the Four Seasons and had no proof of "legitimately" being there. Don't you love it?

Then, another one of the sales guys who was staying at the Mandarin said he couldn't sleep because the suite underneath his was pumping all night with this one Spanish song playing over and over and over again. The balcony underneath him was full of people partying and singing. The sales guy called the hotel to complain and they said it was pretty much too bad. So, at 3:00 a.m., the sales guy went out onto his balcony and hung over it to see who it was. He figured if the hotel wasn't going to do anything about it, it must be someone pretty important. Lo and behold, the music playing over and over was JLo's new Spanish single and it was hers and Marc Anthony's party. He said JLo looked very plain without being "made up," but they were having a great time. He noticed Marc Anthony standing in the corner of the balcony talking to some other people and overhead...(this is classic!)

Marc Anthony: "You know, staying together is the new breaking up."

Isn't that the best line you've ever heard?!

Man, how I would have loved to have gone to the sales meeting in Miami. Had JLo and Marc Anthony kept me awake at 3:00 a.m., I would have gone downstairs, knocked on the door and said, "If you're going to keep me awake, at least let me join you."

Have you every run into a celebrity or witnessed them out of their habitat? Anything juicy or fun? Pitch in and post your story!

Marley = )
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TinaFerraro said...

OMG, Marley, I'm reeling over that Marc Anthony line! LOL.

I don't have any good gossip, per se, but I have a little slice-of-life story to relay about Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.

Years ago, I was waiting in a bank line which wound back to the account desks. Rita walked in, sat down and told the bank lady she needed to close her account. The bank lady asked if she minded telling her why--was she unhappy with their service? Rita said she’d just gotten married and would be merging with her husband’s account. (Insert me quietly giggling.) The bank lady then launched into a pitch about them using their bank services for the family account. I was praying the line wouldn't move up. Would Rita say, “Okay, look, I married Movie Star Tom Hanks and he has a team of accountants for his millions, and we don’t need your little bank?”

Nope. She just thanked the lady and said they’d already made up their minds. Class act!


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Marley, I love it! I was sad when Nick and Jessica broke up. I thought after all that wait-till-marriage-to-have-sex and Newlyweds stuff would really keep them together...but then there were all those rumours that she cheated, he cheated, etc. So sad.

I think John Mayer and Jessica look a little weird together, but hey, who am I to judge?

As for J.Lo and Marc, I think they both sat down and said, "We both did a lot of stuff to get here, so we're going to be together no matter what." Or something like that.

I like J.Lo, despite her seeming selfish and bratty...I mean, how often can someone be a mediocre actor and a mediocre singer and make a whole empire out of it?

Tina: I always thought Rita and Tom were some of the classiest people in literally never hear bad stuff about them :)

I love celeb gossip, this week is going to be great!

Anonymous said...

her tan looks sprayed on

stephhale said...

The closest I've ever gotten to any celebrities was back in 1994. I was visiting my dad in Colorado and we went to Aspen for the day. It just happened to be the day that Planet Hollywood was opening and the town was all a buzz. I proceeded to make my dad stand in the freezing cold for like six hours so we could catch a glimpse of some celebrities. I can't really remember everyone we saw, but I do remember Luke Perry, Roseanne & Tom, Steven Seigal, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude Van Damme. I got to shake hands with Sly, which was pretty cool! I thought it was really neat that he came around and shook people's hand b/c everybody else just bolted inside. Ya,gotta love Rocky!


Nadine Dajani said...

Those are great stories Marley! That Marc Anthony line... you couldn't make that stuff up.

My best celeb-spotting moment remains my Orlando-Bloom-buying-my-sister-a-drink, closely followed by my sister yelling in my ear: "WANNA MEET ORLANDO BLOOM???" story.

The runner-up would be when Jessica Alba came down to the Caymans for Pirates' Week (a November festival where people dress up as - you guessed it - pirates, and mock-raid the Governor's house or something. Fireworks are the highlight). Anyway, I wanted a prime fireworks-watching spot so I headed over to a restaurant with a great view of the marina, and I guess Jessica Alba had the same bright idea. This was when she was still on Dark Angel, which I've never seen, so I was completely unfazed standing next to her, but guys were buzzing around her like flies. Still, considering she was a minor celebrity, they behaved. All I remember thinking is how absolutely TINY she is (about two or three inches taller than me, and ten pounds lighter).

TJBrown said...

I shook hands with Ceaser Romero. LOL

I think I was five and I'm still not sure who that was! But my mom sure thought it was cool.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Jessica Alba is tinier than Nadine! OMG, Nadine is the teeny tiniest person I have ever met in my life! (And one of the cutest I may add!)

Heather Davis said...

Awesome dish girls!

I once worked on a news/entertainment program during an internship and as a lowly PA I greeted the guests, showed them to the green room and then walked them into the studio.

Though there were many minor celebs who passed through our doors, I remember most vividly Skippy from Family Ties who was making a trial run of the comedy circuit. He was nice, but he really wanted the producer to show a cut from some movie about Killer Tomatoes he was in.... Yeah. That's what I said.

Also I met the real Jenny Craig. She was very, petite, very tan and very thin. Also, very nice...

Obviously not J-Lo quality sightings, but that's all I got, people!


Tera Lynn Childs said...

Marley, that is so awesome! I have two celebrity near-run-in stories.

1) When we lived in Springfield, MO I used to fly out of the Springfield-Branson International airport (which is about the size of my house). One time when flying home Janeane Garofalo was on my plane--she was on her way to do a comedy show at the University.

2) When I was at Columbia as an undergrad, they were filming "The Mirror Has Two Faces" on campus. Barbara Streisand was the director. On my way to class one day I passed in front of the chapel, unknowingly passing through a scene about to be shot. And walked right past Barbara. She was tiny, a few inches shorter than me, and dressed all in black. I didn't even realize it was her until I was about twenty feet away.

Dona, I am SO not sorry about the Nick and Jessica thing... he's one of my weaknesses. =)

Marley Gibson said...

WOW! Those are all great stories, you guys! Thanks!!!

I fear I may have started having some heroine worship of Janeane Garofalo if I'd been on a plane with her. They would have had to have called the air marshalls. LOL!!

Thanks for sharing everyone!!

GeminiWisdom said...

~I saw Anthony Michael Hall years ago in passing. At the airport in Cali.

~Michael Damien kissed my hand. At the height of his career on Y&R and he was promoting the song he did for the Corey and Corey movie "Dream A Little Dream." I went to see him at the mall where he was performing and me and a friend walked by him, he grasped my hand and kissed it. Wheee!

~ Met Keanu Reeves when he and his band Dogstar came to town years ago. I had just seen The Matrix, like, the week before and was trippin' out that I was meeting Neo. We thought the show was over (but it was actually a short break) so we went around back to see if we could meet him. And there he was. No crowd, no guards. He was just drinkin' a Heiny and smoking. He probably smoked somethin' beforehand because he couldn't stand still on stage (he wouldn't look at the crowd, either, just kept his head down) and kept rubbing his nose. He signed one of my checks (because I couldn't find the damn concert ticket) and I giggled something stupid. I'd wanted to say that I really enjoyed The Matrix but it never happened.