Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wait, I Have Seen One!

With the Oscars only a week and a half away, I was feeling ashamed of my movie-loving self. I thought I hadn't seen a single one of the nominated films... but I have! The Devil Wears Prada is nominated twice: once for Meryl Streep for Best Actress and once for Best Costumes. Even though it feels like this movie came out eons ago--I've even seen it on an airplane already--I'm so glad it got the Oscar nod for several reasons.
  1. Because I love Chick Lit and especially Chick Lit turned into movies!
  2. Because, even though Rachel Leigh Cook was a horrendous narrator for the book-on-tape, the book is just awesome.
  3. Because Meryl Streep was the perfect power b!atch in the role.
  4. Because I love, love, love Adrian Grenier (even though I thought his character was a little whiny).
  5. And, most especially, because I love Anne Hathaway.
Anne Hathaway is one of those actresses that you can truly love, guilt-free. She is a terrific actress--even stretching herself into "beyond the princess" roles like gangster-poser-rich-girl Allison Lang in Havoc (a totally wicked movie).

She doesn't wind up on the cover of People/US Weekly/In Touch for either wild partying, making a public scene with an on-again-off-again boyfriend, or looking like an eating disorder poster girl. Though she got her start early, landing The Princess Diaries when she was still a teenager, she seems to really have her head on straight. She confronts her problems head-on. People magazine reported this week that Anne had battled depression as a teen. Rather than resorting to medication, she worked through the tough times and now has this to say about it:
"I said to Mom the other day, 'Do you remember that girl? She has now gone, gone to sleep. She has said her piece and she is gone,' But then I thought, 'I so remember her, only she is no longer part of me.' "
How classy is that? I think that what I love about Anne the most is that she is Every Girl. She has the same kind of universal relatability that made Mia Thermopolis and The Princess Diaries a blockbuster hit. And she has the charm and grace to make her next role (as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane) a success.

So, even though she is not nominated for any awards at the upcoming Oscars, I'm going to be cheering on her movie. (But maybe not in the Best Costume category... I mean, what were they thinking when they made that purse?)


Anonymous said...

A good example of how to become "famous" and still be human. Refreshing insight into an honest person in a demanding profession and reminds us of why we like those who really give of themselves.

Jane (Tera's Mom)

GeminiWisdom said...

Ooooh! I like the new look. And I like Anne, too. I haven't seen her Prada movie yet. I guess I'll wait till it comes on HBO or something. Did you see her in Nicholas Nickleby? Gawd! The guy that played the lead in that was a major hottie! I think she'll make a great Jane Austen. She has the perfect face for period pieces.

OT - What happened to the Hump Day Hottie segment? Twice a week, I get my fix of gorgeous eye candy. And one of those places is here. Is it no longer?

stephhale said...

I LOVE Anne! I just, FINALLY, saw Ella Enchanted the other morning! It was adorable. She brings magic to every movie she does. I loved Prada, even though I just couldn't get into the book.
ps-It's so cute that your mom posts!

TinaFerraro said...

I just saw The Devil Wears Prada last week (and really liked it) and came away thinking of Anne Hathaway and how she's matured, and how well she seems to be handling fame. She's definitely someone to watch!

And like Gemini, I love the new look. Thanks to you, TLC for the bright, buzzy design!


Marley Gibson said...

Anne Hathaway is adorable. I also liked her in that fairy tale like movie...ELLA ENCHANTED. It wasn't a great movie, but she was cute in it. She's also schedule to be Agent 99 in an upcoming GET SMART movie. Should be interesting.

LOVE the new look! Thanks soooo much to Tera Lynn for the design and time out in switching us over.

Marley = )

Tera Lynn Childs said...

Celise -- I'm not trying to disappoint my #1 fan (okay, okay... my only fan). :) We're trying to get some blog unity and momentum going with theme weeks. (The Call last week and Oscar/Entertainment Buzz this week). Our tentative plans are to rotate between Books, Boys, and Buzz... that means every third week there should be some lickalicious hotties on display.