Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing like a first kiss... happened at a party. Someone turned the lights down, put some party music and then the room divided up into boys on one side, girls on the other. "Let's play school!"

School? But, we're in school...we're in 8th grade. It's where you kiss every guy once and he decides whether you get to "advance" to the next class...if you're a good kisser.

How do I know? The only thing I've ever kissed is my giant stuffed sheep named Johnny and he never gave me any blue ribbons. What do I do? Do I run into the kitchen and hang out with the other fraidy cats? Or do I take a deep breath, step up and play the game?

Do it...what do you have to lose?

I line up with the other girls, my heartbeat Nascar-ing under my skin. My palms are sweaty and I wonder how my hair looks. Will any of the guys want to "advance" me?

Then, it happens...the kissing begins. Girls all around me are laughing and giggling as they take their turn. My turn comes and it's The Class Shy Guy. Great. He barely brushes his cold lips against mine. I mean, it totally does not count as a kiss. But I get to advance to the next teacher...who is The Hottied I've Had a Crush On.

I stand there and watch him kiss Laura and Missy and Carole...

And then it's my turn.

I take a deep breath, step forward and then feel The Hottie's hands on my arms. He pulls me to him, slants his head, I slant mine and then it happens.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttttt!! Oh yeah...electricity, baby! From the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Stomach in turmoil and heartbeat rushing like an incoming tidal wave. The Hottie's kissing me! Man, or man.

Delicious. Delightful. Yummy.

Do you remember your first kiss? What was it like? Where was it? How did you feel?

Marley = )
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TinaFerraro said...

Wow, Marley, you have way more recall than I do on this one. But like you, it was at a party, and it was a kissing game, Spin the Bottle. But I think those kisses were so fleeting and chaste that I didn't really think they "counted". :)


stephhale said...

Oh, Marley, what an awesome post. I will never forget my first kiss. I was in 8th grade and we were standing in the school hallway getting ready to leave for the day. His name was Patrick Dempsey. No, not Dr. McDreamy, but he sure was to me back then. We ended up getting busted by a teacher and sent to the principals office. Luckily he had a soft spot for me and I got off. The kiss was everything I had dreamed it would be when I replayed it in my mind on the bus ride home. The only thing I couldn't figure out was where I got the gum I was now chewing. :)

Marley Gibson said...'re kidding! Your first kiss was with Patrick Dempsey? LOVE it!

And yes, Tina...they counted.

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

i got tongue with my first kissssssssssssss

melissa s. said...

What are the pictures. They look famous but I can't place them.


Marley Gibson said...

LOL Anonymous!

Melissa...the first picture is of Rodin's statue entitled THE KISS and the second is a famous post card called KISS AT THE HOTEL DEVILLE. Both are in Paris -- city of love.

Thanks for stopping by!
Marley = )

Tess Mallory said...

This is a cool website! I love YA books still! My first kiss was in the ninth grade. It was the last day of school and everyone got out after finals and walked downtown. The guy I had been goo-goo over all year walked with me, along with some of his friends. It was magic, just being with him, even though nothing exciting happened. After walking all over town, my sister came and picked us up and when we dropped him off, he leaned down into the window and gave me a big horrible open-mouthed kiss full of slobber!! It was terrible, but I still was crazy about him. Not long after that he moved and we wrote for awhile, but then lost touch. Good thing because I ended up marrying a guy who is a VERY good kisser! :))

Marley Gibson said...

Great post, Tess! So glad you love it here. We hope you'll stay around and continue chatting with us. Love your first kiss story and good for you landing a solid kisser!

Marley = )

Heather Davis said...

My first kiss was with a guy named Gary at an eighth grade dance. I knew that he liked me, but he was kinda on the dorky side. I don't actually remember the kiss itself, only the feeling afterward, which was like, that was it?

The next year, in HS, I got kissed properly. I remember that one a whole lot more...

Anonymous said...

I was almost 18, and a guy I worked w/ at a grocery store had friend who was on summer break from college and wanted to go on a blind date w/ me. He was 22, cute, and very nice. Can't remember how many times we went out, but once he showed up at the grocery store in his white Toyota pickup and handed me a red rose. He leaned out his window (yes, he was IN the truck) for a kiss. It was total slo-mo, and I was very nervous. His tongue went right in, and I LITERALLY fell over. I looked down and pretended that I'd tripped on something. It was not my finest moment, folks. But then I went off to college and got plenty of practice by the time I met the boyfriend who became my husband, so it's all good.