Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fashion... Help!

With all this talk of summer, I have to ask a vital question... what the heck do you wear to a summer wedding?

This Buzz girl is invited, along with a cute boy, to her cousin's summer wedding. Here's the quandry: It's a summer *afternoon* wedding and yet it's at a freaking castle. My brother, an usher, will be in a kilt for goodness sake! So this is straddling the line between informal and over-the-top formality. Did I mention it's at a castle?

So, I've read many different things on wedding guest advice sites... like don't wear black to an afternoon wedding. Don't wear white or red dresses. Wear a nice business casual outfit with a flowery pastel skirt. And none of this helps -- I mean, ugh! I so don't do flowery pastel anything. Wait -- except for my fun cowgirl dress from Urban Outfitters which is admittedly too casual for a wedding.

See I desperately need Buzz Blog reader help! What's your favorite dress-up outfit for summer events? And to really inform me -- list your favorite:

A) Afternoon wedding at a freaking castle outfit
B) Summer barbecue outfit
C) Summer chic night on the town outfit

Also, what have you heard NOT to do as far as wedding outfits? I don't want to be a fashion don't.

And OMG, I almost forgot -- what do I do about the bouquet toss if I'm there with a cute date? Yikes! Help!!! That is almost an even bigger problem then the dress... *sigh*

This Buzz Girl awaits your sage replies...



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Meredith said...

I am completely clueless as to fashion choices. For me, I usually go comfy. At my best friend's wedding last year (dang, it's been a year?!) I was going to be in some pics with "The Girlfriends" aka the Best Friends. Since these were her professional wedding pics, she basically told us what to wear. I went out got two options, took pictures of myself in them for her to pick out which she liked best and wore the one she wanted me to wear. So in doubt, just ask some people in the wedding party or the bride herself, if you can.

As for the bouquet toss... Stand with some friends and pretend to go for it, while letting the really crazy bouquet hunters go at it. If you are one of the crazy bouquet hunters, I would try to squash the instinct for the night or warn your date that you like the bouquet toss and like collecting the flowers (even if you don't necessarily keep them.)

Hope this helps.

stephhale said...

I think a light summer dress with a button-up sweater and sandals would be appropriate. Wow, a castle? I bet this is going to be one awesome wedding. I've also heard the no white or dark colors for an afternoon wedding. Whatever you wear, you'll look fabu! :)

TinaFerraro said...

First of all, this sounds like a fantastic event. Take lots of pictures and have a great time. Didn't Madonna and Guy Ritchie get married in a castle?

I'm afraid I'm clueless when it comes to fashion...I tend to buy from one store and let THEM dress me. And I'd actually go with a flowery skirt and heels, but I'm a BOLD color girl, so you can pretty much be sure red or dark pink or orange would replace "pastel."

I love Meredith's advice for the bouquet toss.

The Golfing Librarian said...

I won't even begin to advise you on fashion and what to wear other than to suggest that Tina may be able to get you a deal on an unused prom dress.
I will tell you this though, nothing says "sexy" like a woman emerging from the bouquet "scrum" with desheveled hair, a few scrapes and alittle blood from the nose, but triumphantly waving the bouguet high overhead. As Paris would say "That's Hot!"

TinaFerraro said...

LOL, Chuck, yeah, I've got connections in the unworn prom dress circuit, to be sure. Heather, you thinking taffeta and big poofy sleeves for this event? ;)

Cara King said...

I think a sundress would work -- and they don't have to be pastel. Just don't go too casual. (I've known brides to be annoyed at folks who were too casual, but never at folks who were too dressed up.) (Speaking of which, my brother-in-law wore jeans and no tie to my wedding...and he kind of stands out in the family portrait. And no, he's not 25, so he doesn't have that excuse.) ;-)

And while we're on the subject, what's with all this black at weddings nowadays? Half the females in my extended family wore black to my wedding -- and it's not that they don't like me. Personally, I think they're afraid of color. But color is great! Embrace color! Live a colorful life!

Cara (who had a little too much caffeine this morning)

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Hey girlie!

So for the summer wedding, I would suggest a tea-length halter dress in a solid color like periwinkle or emerald which would work amazingly well with your skin...you will look AMAZING! Cute guy will be PRAYING you go for the bouquet toss.

As for the bouquet toss, ignore it...it makes you WAY more mysterious than the hoard of elbowers and kickers :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Hey, I wrote a book on this! (Really!) Anyway, I agree that a sundress or halter dress would be great, pastel or not. Yes, stay away from white/cream, black/midnight blue, and red if it's a solid colored dress. If it's sheer, don't forget a slip. I know they're lame, but in the sunlight, you don't want people to see everything underneath. Length? A couple of inches above the knee or longer. Summery sandals are okay, especially if you might be walking in grass, and something with a little bit of a heel if you're going to dance. A sweater or wrap is a good idea if it gets cool. And IMHO, go for the bouquet toss if you're not doing anything else (hint hint) at that moment. Have fun!