Friday, February 19, 2010

Love on Ice!


As one half of a couple who works with her spouse (my husband and I are on the *same* team at Microsoft, working in the same building!), I am always impressed by real-life couples who work together. Manav and I met at Intel in 2001 where we were both software at first sight! Here we are above celebrating our 7th wedding giving away one of Manav's closest friends in marriage!

There are some great pros to working together and *playing* together such as the other person always gets what you’re going through, you can exchange tips on what works and what to avoid, and you always have someone around who’s got your back!

The cons? Work is never over! If the couple allows it to happen, their “work” takes over their life! Manav and I have a rule where we don’t talk about work at home. If we need to talk about work, we schedule time with each other at the office.

Here are some other couples (more famous than us!) who work together.


The now-infamous Shen and Zhao—figure skating gold medal couple! I love how these two gel on and off the ice. As she said, “We’ve been together for 18 years, we know exactly what to expect!) And did they ever prove it by giving a breathtaking performance last week!


Another couple who works together in theory are up-and-coming skaters Amanda Evora and Jeremy Barrett…much more complicated because these two compete with each other. They are not partners on the ice…only off! I found both to be very talented competitors in the sport this past week as well!


The latest couple to confess their love off the ice are the silver medal winners Pang and Tong. This couple is so beautiful and graceful on the ice...I thought their free skate was just incredible and definitely medal-worthy!

Who are your favorite couples who work together? Have you ever gotten together with someone you work with?

Have a fantastic weekend!

--Dona Sarkar