Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Love Ghost

I had to share this awesome news article as it fits so well with our theme:

Amfissa, Greece
- Legends of ghosts and love are very common in central Greece and nowhere is this more evident than in the remote mountainous town of Amfissa where residents recall a tragic tale as part of carnival celebrations. The traditional carnival festivities have already been going on for days in the run-up for the "Night of the Ghosts" and a carnival celebration on Sunday, where thousands of tourists will join locals in dancing and partying.

Highly superstitious in nature, the people of Amfissa pay homage to their ghosts during carnival time, believing that the ghosts are souls of the people or animals who have been killed and wander around the area.

The most popular legend is the love story behind the "Ghost of Harmaina" which this year falls on Valentine's Day. "Thousands attend the ritual event every year but this year the celebrations are important because it coincides with Valentine's Day," says Carnival Director Voula Daskalopoulou. "This is a tragic love story and we all pay homage to this spirit by parading through the town beating drums."

According to townspeople, years ago Konstantis, a young tanner, had fallen in love with the young beautiful Lenio and had asked her to marry him. In preparation for the wedding, the young man had travelled from town to town, selling his goods so that he could return with a ring for his beloved. Upon reaching the town, he was confronted by the tragic news of Lenio's sudden death after she was struck by lightning near the Spring of Harmaina. Not being able to deal with the loss, he committed suicide by jumping off the walls of the town's castle, so the legend goes.

Today villagers believe that Konstantis became the Ghost of Harmaina, a monster-like figure that guards the Spring of Harmaina where the tanners work night and day.

"Dozens of people swear that they have seen or heard the ghost and that it would wander across the streets, moaning and rattling its chains," said carnival participant, Dimos Dimou, who is dressed as a tanner. "Every year the entire town wearing costimes follows the course of the legendary ghost in the name of love," says Dimou.

Who knew Valentine's and ghost could blend together, eh? LOL! In honor of the Greek's celebration and Valentine's week, I'm giving away a copy of GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING. Kendall and her friends meet a lot of spirits in their investigations...none with such a storied history like this...yet. Leave a comment in the comment trail about what you would do in the name of love to be eligible to win.

Marley = )


TinaFerraro said...

What a fascinating story, Marley! Thanks for sharing, and good luck to all who enter the contest!

jpetroroy said...

Definitely wouldn't jump off of a cliff, though. I work as hard as I can to be unselfish and thoughtful, though.

jpetroroy at gmail dot com

Heather Davis said...

Poor ghosts! How often the stories have to do with love and loss... ;) Good luck to all who enter!

Llehn said...

I would do what I think is reasonable in the name of love. Nothing too crazy because I'm boring :D

mariska said...

what would i do in the name of love?
Be whenever my love needs me. and making my love and son brownies, coz they love my homemade brownies :)

love is priceless, i guess *g*

Bee said...

In the name of love, I will NEVER commit suicide. I might do the other painless things though!

<3 that picture


Paromita said...
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Paromita said...

i'd do anything, but first , i need to know that the person i'm doing it for is worth it or not.

Brodie said...

Wow, that was so interesting to read! Thanks for posting the article. I love reading that kind of stuff.

I don't think I would do anything outrageously crazy in the name of love. But you know, if I was TRULY and I mean truly in love with someone - not just 'think' I am - but really believing to have found my soulmate, if they were hanging over the edge and only I could save them, but end up sacrificing myself, I think I'd do it. Because that's what true love is, isn't it? When you find your soulmate, you'd risk anything for them. Though I sincerely hope I'm never in that kind of predicament of life and death! LOL.

lin said...