Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really Bad, Terrible, No Good Days

Let's say you had a really bad day. In general, nothing went right. Maybe one of your kids wrote all over walls your husband painted three days ago as well as the toy chest you hand-painted for your son's 1st birthday and hoped would become an heirloom. Maybe the toilet flooded and it was full of, well, stuff, but no one told you for a good two days. Perhaps the ice maker and the dishwasher broke within a few hours of each other, and the dogs got into the basement and dragged your favorite hard cover books -- the ones you set out in the guest room -- into the snowy backyard, ripping them to shreds. When you're cleaning up the ripped pages, a skunk gets hit by a car right in front of your house and the stench wafts right into your face. And, just for kicks, how about your credit card number was stolen and some creep is charging iTunes and international Skype calls left and right?

So what do you do? Well, many folks would head for the local bar, hoping they'd give you a tab even though your credit card had to be cancelled. Or kick a wall, preferably the one that's now a scribble-mural. Or soak in a hot bathtub, preferably NOT the one beside the flooded toilet. Maybe you'd do some housework, like hand washing all those dishes. Or go for a long stroll, hoping another skunk isn't hit. Or curl up with a good book, provided the dogs didn't get to it first.

What do YOU do when you have a really bad day? Is there something that helps you relax or get happy? Is there someone you call to talk about it? Tell me about it!!!

P.S. All of those things have happened to me recently but not all in one day. :)


TinaFerraro said...

Wendy, I am glad all those things didn't happen to you in one day or would I have said you were living under an unlucky star!

I have my share of unpleasant surprises, a similar credit card theft, and the night a shunk sprayed outside my bedroom window and I discovered just how airtight are walls and windows are NOT.

My way of dealing/coping with that kind of adversity is usually reading, writing and/or playing Scrabble on Facebook!

stephhale said...

Ha, Wendy! I have those kinds of days all the time. My friend Pam is my life preserver when life threatens to drown me. We take turns listening to each other gripe!

Wendy Toliver said...

Tina, I could have guessed that is how you deal with bad days. :)

Steph, I have certain friends I call too. One of my friends, bless her heart, will drop everything and show up at my door with a bottle of wine or a fun treat.