Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Good Things Happen in Vegas (Sometimes)

Anyone who's read my blog or follows my tweets knows that Vegas is not my favorite place on Earth. It's hot.

The people are either angry or crazy or both.

And the tourists can be worse.

The positive energy of the Strip is quite often sucked away by negative energy everywhere else. But... occasionally good things do happen.

Like amazing views from a rooftop restaurant.

And the theatre here ranges from the bizarre to the amazing. So far this summer I've seen Cher and Viva Elvis! And they both rocked.

The best thing that's happened in Vegas this summer, though, is that I'm going to do my first ever Borders signing. My first ever chain store signing, actually. If you're in or around Vegas, here are the details:

Who: me and mer princess Lily Sanderson
When: Saturday, July 24th @ 2:00pm
Where: Borders on north Rainbow
Why: Awesomeness

Hope to see some Buzz readers there!




nymfaux said...

Yea Tera!!!!!!!

That's so awesome!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there...I mean it's only like a 6 hour drive across the Mojave Desert....hmmm....I will have to look into this....

At least for all the hotness in LV, Borders will have AC!!!! ;)

Heather Davis said...

Awesome, Tera! I hope it's a great event. I can't believe that photo of the Starbucks mess... who does that?

Enjoy the sun!


Tera Lynn Childs said...

@Jill That would be so awesome, but that's a horrible drive. Wait until I make a SoCal visit.

@Heather They were French. :(

Heather Davis said...

Huh? The French don't bus their own tables? ;) Here in Seattle, you'd definitely earn a scowl from someone for that one.

Cassie C said...

if only that siging was Sept 5 - 7 thats when i'll be in vegas (live in canada) but maybe i will get lucky and you will have moved to seattle by then and i'll just happen to run into you between sept 16-18 :)

TinaFerraro said...

Sorry to miss the signing! As you know, I get to Vegas with some regularity, but July 24 is not one of those weekends I'll be there...

TinaFerraro said...
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stephhale said...

Oh, I love Vegas!!! I wish I could be there. Have fun!