Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conference Tips: Etiquette & Other Tips

From Gabrielle Luthy
--there are a whole ton of articles on Gabrielle Luthy's site on conference

From Houston Bay Area RWA
--a great article by member and phenomenal writer Sandra K. Moore

From RWA
--get some conference tips straight from the RWA website

From Simone
--don’t stalk editors or agents

From Stephanie Bond
--she has two terrific articles on conference in her vault of resources for writers

From Tina
--if you know you're going to slip out of a session early, sit in the back
--keep your cell phone silenced during sessions
--(and this is a personal favorite) take pity and buy the book of the authors who no one is approaching at the Lit Signing, especially YA authors with pink prom dresses on their books :-D

From TLC
--never interrupt a private conversation
--don't dismiss unpublished authors as unimportant, they could be next year's bestsellers (and we were all unpublished once)
--if a workshop you are attending is full, don't use a chair for your belongings and let others know if there is an available seat near you
--if you take notes on your AlphaSmart, please take a seat near the back of the room so the clicking doesn't drown out the speaker for other attendees

Okay, what have we missed?
[honorary Tina for the day]


TinaFerraro said...

Thanks for stepping in for me, TLC! As the Buzz Girls know, I'm doing a lot of traveling right now, which will culiminate in attending the RWA National Conference, so I'm going to be hit-and-miss here for a few weeks.

Tera had a terrific comment about not interrupting a private conversation. I have a problem with this myself because I tend to get excited when I see friends, and want to pounce! I need to pull back and gauge whether it's a serious convo or a light one, and to remember that my excitement or time constraints have nothing to do with them, and that a conversation that starts on the wrong foot often ends that way, too!

stephhale said...

Great tips, TLC. I would have never thought of some of this!