Friday, June 01, 2007

A Tale of Two Chicklits

For book-to-movie week, I am going to report on two chicklit novel(las) that have been made into two of my favorite movies ever.

First up, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. Truman Capote's novella was short, succint and hit very close to the heart. I remember reading this coming-of-age story of Holly Golightly in high school and when I found out a very famous movie had been made I had to check it out.

In this case, I liked the movie more than the book. The glamourous, exquisite Audrey Hepburn, the dashing George Peppard as Paul "Fred" Varjack, the adorable cat who brings them together, and of course Tiffany's! After watching his movie, I went out and bought a little sleeveless black dress (from Forever 21, not Givenchy!) and wore my hair in an updo for about 6 months. I love love LOVE this movie.
Next up, IN HER SHOES. When I read Jennifer Weiner's book way back in 2003, I fell in love with the genre and knew I wanted to write a book like that someday. The extremely realistic story of two sisters who hate each other, yet can't live without each other really struck true for me.
In this case, I liked the book more because I felt the movie left out big parts of Maggie's growth, like when she goes to college and works for the older woman.

I never imagined Cameron Diaz as Maggie, but I felt that Rose was perfectly captured by the immesenly talented Toni Collete.

So that's my tale of two chicklits. What chicklits have you guys seen that you loved as both books and movies. Which chicklits do you wish you could see on screen?


Dona Sarkar-Mishra
HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI - January 2008


Tera Lynn Childs said...

Fun choices, Dona!

I love Breakfast at Tiffany's, too. Sure, I worship Audrey, but George Peppard... yum! Did you ever see the TV show Banacek? He was awesome.

As for what chick lit I want to see in movies? How about 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell? That was the first chick-y book I read--a little scary, but oh so fascinating.


TinaFerraro said...

I was really surprised by how much I liked the movie, IN HER SHOES. I hadn't read the book, and the trailer did not appeal to me. But I tried it on a friend's recommendation, and loved it! Next I should read the book, I guess (but I'm going to be busy with P & P)!

Wendy Toliver said...

I agree w/ Tina. The movie of IN HER SHOES was really good. Even my DH liked it. I read the book before I saw the movie, twice. :)

stephhale said...

I loved both of those movies. I didn't think IN HER SHOES got the praise it deserved. I thought Toni & Cameron really nailed the sister dynamic.