Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My heroes have always been...


There are so many reasons to respect and hero-worship firefighters. Tagging on to Marley's post, I'll point out their reputation for saving animals (helpless kittens, etc.) and their dog-friendly policy. (see the cute dalmatian pup driving the fire truck below)

In times of crisis, many people rise to the occasion and perform heroic acts, but firefighters do so on a regular basis. Risk is an everyday occurrence for them. When wildfire breaks out in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, or anywhere, firefighters from across the country brave the unpredictable blaze to save local residents and their homes. When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, firefighters were on the front lines of evacuating residents from the city, rescuing those left behind, and recovering those that didn't make it.

With all the amazing things that firefighters do, it's no surprise that I've had a crazy minor obsession with firefighters for a long time. It all began when I was in school in NYC. The firefighters there are H-O-T-T!!! And, unlike some other public servants that I will refrain from mentioning, they are super friendly. Whenever a fire truck rolled by me on the street, the firefighters on board always waved hello.

Then, on 9/11, I earned a newfound respect and awe for the NYC firefighters. So many men and women went above and beyond the call of duty that day, plunging into the face of danger without care for their own safety. Many were lost that day, but all are remembered. Firefighters everywhere are phenomenal, but the ladder companies of NYC will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope the city of New York never needs their services with such sacrifice again, but if the city needs them... they'll be there.

Men that are honorable, hot, and always heroic... no wonder they are so often the heroes of romance novels (and women's fantasies).

Firefighters of the world, you are the ultimate Hump Day Hotties!

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stephhale said...

Hot is right. Good choice, TLC.

TinaFerraro said...

I couldn't agree more! What would we do without these brave men and women? Thanks so much for this tribute, TLC!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Your tribute brought tears to my eyes TLC! Whenever I think of firefighters, I imagine the brave souls who walked into a crumbling building during 911 and saved so many people.

It's amazing how courageous those people are.

Marley Gibson said...

Love that last pic!! = )

Simone Elkeles said...

A salute to the 9 firemen who died in Charleston, South Carolina today!