Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conference Buzz!

OMG... it's actually here...the massive Romance Writers of America summer conference is *next* week and the majority of the Buzz Girls will be on hand for a super fun panel/workshop called Building Buzz in YA!

I hope if you're going to be in San Francisco you'll either:

A) Come to the workshop if you're at the conference.

B) If you're a teen Reader -- come to the Literacy for Life signing at the SF Marriott. I think there are four of the Bees signing this year....

And please note, if Harper Cat's favorite author was signing, she'd be there, too. (Not me -- Ian McEwan -- and she liked the book much better than the movie, btw...)

Anyway -- here is a link with more of the deets:


This is great opportunity to get a signed copy of a Buzz book and support a wonderful organization that encourages lifelong literacy, so I hope you'll stop by! Also, we'll have some fun giveaways and lots of info and tips at the panel, so plan to attend if you're at the conference.

And now a question since I am agonizing over what to pack for the trip to San Fran and my suitcase is bulging at the zippers. What is the best travel tip you've learned? Help!



Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in April 2009 from HarperTeen

PS -- What I'm reading: Night Road by A.M. Jenkins -- it's awesome! Teen vampires in Manhattan who go on the road to train a new recruit... does it get any cooler?


Cara King said...

I'll be at the workshop -- can't wait!

So spill -- which four Bees are signing this year?

What is the best travel tip you've learned?

I just shove all my clothes into the suitcase any which way. Hard to believe, but it works! And how it works is this: my husband takes it all out and repacks it for me. I highly recommend this method!

Other recommendations:

1) comfortable shoes
2) small travel alarm clock, even though the hotel will have one
3) chapstick (hotel air conditioning is drying)
4) a safety pin or two (something always breaks)


TinaFerraro said...

Rascal is enjoying John Green at the moment...and is so sorry his "mom" won't be attending the RWA, but understands she's needed at the SCBWI...

Have a happy one to all going to RWA National next week!

TJ Brown said...

YAY! I am excited to see everyone next week and will be at the workshop. WOOT!

Marley Gibson said...

Awwwwww...look at Harper!!!! Cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to see everyone next week. We'll miss Tina and Stephania...wahhh.

My challenge is I'm going to Louisville for a ghost hunt prior to RWA, so I have to pack fro two different trips. Sneaks, t-shirts, and shorts for KY and then nice clothes and party dresses for SF. I think I'm going to end up paying that extra baggage fee. :::sigh:::

Tera Lynn Childs said...

My #1 rule is DON'T OVERPACK. I learned this lesson the hard way, lugging a massive, overweight suitcase up three flights of stairs in Brno. (Actually, my host offered to carry the bag for me, but I refused. I knew it would teach me a lesson.) Every time I think about throwing in one more thing "just in case," I remember that staircase. An extra pair of ballet flats isn't worth going through that again.

The Golfing Librarian said...

Someone should post some video of the events!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

My thing is take just basics and things you absolutely LOVE. Now is not the time to get experimental. I pack my rolling all my clothes and rimming them around the edges of my suitcase. In the middle goes all my toiletries. Tada! Packing done!