Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So, the RWA National conference is almost upon us again...and the question on every girl's mind is: What am i going to wear!

I love this time of year becuase I FINALLY get to spend a week with other women (working at Microsoft does NOT give me this honor!) and see what's going on the world of literature as well as catch up with my wonderful friends.
There is one thing I hate. Packing. Ugh.

The day before I leave for my trip, I'm always standing in my closet asking, "Should I take this? Is it going to be cold in the hotel? Do I really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?"

The answer has never been no. This leads to WAY too much luggage. Those of you who know me know how much I like to pack LIGHT. I hardly ever go anywhere with more than a rollerbag full of clothes. I HATE LUGGAGE. My husband is a heavier packer than me. Go fig.
RWA is no big suitcase does accompany me, but it's reserved just for all the BOOKS I'll be bringing home! My entire weeklong wardrobe WILL fit in my rollerbag. How?
This is actually a science, rather than an art, so here goes.

  1. I always start with a basic suit: jacket, pants and skirt. All three are absolutely necessary. I always do a gray or a black because that's what looks good on my olive skin. Some people look amazing in creams and navy. Not so much me. And I always make sure this stuff is wrinkle-proof. More than hating luggage, I hate ironing!

  2. I then add in 3-4 lighweight tops, blouses, camisoles, sweaters, whatever. Things that can work alone or with a jacket are a must. I always take tops in cobalt blue, dark red, black and sea green. These are colors that work with my skin for both day and night and go really well with black or gray.

  3. I then add one or two fun skirts in cool colors like pink or orange or turquoise. Colors I wouldn't necessarily wear near my face, but that are beautiful anyway.

  4. I add one dress that can be for day or night. I usually take black or red because they're my favorites.

  5. One pair of glam shoes with a heel and one pair of comfy shoes (wedges, etc)

And that's it! I suddenly have SO many outfits.

Jacket + Pants + Top

Jacket + Skirt + Top

Skirt + Top

Pants + Top


Dress + Jacket

.....the list goes ON and ON. If you get pieces you LOVE on their own, you will never run out of options. And everything must fit immpeccably. If you're tugging and pulling and hiring, this doesn't work. By changing shoes and jewlery, you can take an outfit from day to night in seconds.

For RWA, I need a few other things.

  1. Evening gown for GH. I have a few to choose from, but I'll decide at the last minute.

  2. Fun jewelry. I'm a BIG necklace person because I usually wear my hair down and my ears are obscured.

  3. Eye drops and a foot massager...for long nights spent dancing!

So, that's my RWA packing list! How's your packing going?


Dona Sarkar-Mishra


SHRINK TO FIT - August 2008


Marley Gibson said...

Only TWO pairs of shoes???? Are you serious? I can't be friends with you anymore, Dona. :::EG:::

= )

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I fly out Saturday morning, so I'm in crunch time right now with packing. I realized last night that basically all my clothing I'm taking is black. How did that happen? I'll have some colored tanks for underneath and colored/sparkly jewelry, but otherwise I'll be that vampire you see skulking in the shadows. LOL!

TinaFerraro said...

Man, Dona, among the things I'm going to miss at the conference is your lovely appearance. Take lots of pictures!

Tera Lynn Childs said...

Well, since I'm still in OKC until Saturday, my packing is on hold. It's driving me crazy, but I keep telling myself I can't do anything about it. Plus, I'll have all Sunday and Monday to shop for necessities, get a manicure, make sure I have all my promo stuff--eeek!

(deep breaths)

Okay, I'm calm(er) now. When it comes to packing, I'm a light packer, too. I can't do the suit thing. I have a couple of blazer jackets I love and I do the mix and match thing, but it's nowhere near the scientific method you've developed. You're my hero. (Heroine?)

Marley Gibson said... should do a workshop on how to pack for a conference and how to present yourself. You are always tres fabulous! See you soon!!!

Heather Davis said...

Dona, you are always so glamourous! I think it's the accessories... you seem to have that knack.

Can't wait to see you!