Monday, July 14, 2008

The Man of the House

Periodically I’ve shown pictures of Rascal, my now two-year old kitty, who like all good kitties, runs our family and our house.

You’ll notice here from his expression that he’s peeved, and has erected an upper body blockage on the final pass line edits of THE ABC’S OF KISSING BOYS. But if you ask him, it's with good reason...

--While I was writing the first draft, he often napped on my lap. He’d wake to play or snuggle, and I suppose it’s possible at some point I told him the title of the book would be THE ABC’S OF KISSING KITTIES. Could have happened.

--Unlike TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS, which features a guy named Rascal, this book falls short. Oh, there’s Tristan and Kyle and Luke and Clayton...but Rascal? Uh, no.

So, being the rightful head of the household, he has enforced a STOP WORK order until these two things are remedied. Or appropriate amounts of shrimp and buttered toast (I kid you not) are delivered.

I’m thinking the food stuffs might be easier to pull off than a late-date title and character change, but what also might work is a compliment or two about his good looks or character from the Internet world. Anyone care to help coax His Majesty off my pages? (I’ve got a deadline, people!)

A Delightful New New Comment from my Myspace: “Tina, I love your books so much! I've already hooked one hottie with your help.;-D”


Tina Ferraro
How to Hook a Hottie - Book Sense Top Teen Pick
Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress - Finalist, National Reader’s Choice Award


Marley Gibson said...

LOL about Rascal's work stoppage. He's too adorable for words. = )

Janie Emaus said...

He sure is one cute kitty! Tell him you'll use him in your next book.


Tera Lynn Childs said...

I'm not really a cat person (oops, you'd better not tell him that) but he is gorgeous!!!

Maybe point out to him that the book will sell more copies with the current title and that more sales = more shrimp and buttered toast.

Kelly Parra said...

LOL! Tina, I love it! My how Rascal has grown, too!

TinaFerraro said...

You guys are too funny. Thank you.

And TLC, while you may not be a cat person, I think you may have hit him where he lives with that shrimp/toast comment...

Cara King said...


All Kitties like being kissed,
But not all Kitties admit it, because
Cats like to play hard to get.

Awww, Rascal!!!
Beautiful Rascal!!!
Cute, cuddly Rascal!!!

Let the line edits go.....


TinaFerraro said...

Cara, you are darling! Rascal and I both appreciate your "poem." And is it possible you're a cat lover, too???

Cara King said...

Definitely, Tina! I have two kittens at the moment, though my love poetry to them often runs along the lines of, "aw, you have the cutest fattest tummy ever!"

Though that's not exactly what I said this morning to the kitten who climbed into the fireplace... :-)


stephhale said...


You are definitely leading man material, even though you make me sneeze!

TinaFerraro said...

Steph, a little bird told me you had a problem with a leading man could definitely step up to take care of business there! =)

Heather Davis said...

OMG! My Harper is in love. After seeing your handsome kitty she started browsing Expedia for a cheap fare to LA.



TinaFerraro said...

Why didn't we think of this before? Rascal + Harper! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness... Rascal looks exactly like my little man of the house. Only she is a tad tinier. Is he a siamese too? That might explain the buttered toast thing, both of my siamese kitties love any type of bread with loads of butter on it. ;)
Rachel R.

TinaFerraro said...

Really, Rachel, your cats are into buttered bread, too? Rascal was born to a stray so we don't know his pedigree, per se, but I think he's at least part Balinese.