Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Twilight Series...can't get enough!

Borrowing a theme from the tres fabulous Kristen Painter, I can't tell you how excited I am about the upcoming TWILIGHT movie, based on the book by Stephanie Meyer.

When the book first came out, I avoided it as "just another vampire book" (so sorry to everyone writing vamp books, but hey, I'm an Anne Rice fan and just didn't know how anyone else could do it better than her Vampire Chronicles.) I had mixed reviews from friends who either loved, loved, loved it or hated, hated, hated it. I have to say, it was one of the "hated it" conversations that peaked my curiousity to the point of having to read this book because this person and I usually agree on books. So, I picked up TWILIGHT...and couldn't put it down. word: Wow.

Aside from wanting to desperately edit down the book by about a hundred pages (sorry, it's the writer in me...LOL!), I was hooked. Or bitten. Or smitten. Any of it. All of it. The writing. The emotion. The characters. The world. I jumped in feet first.

I read NEW MOON just about as fast and am about a hundred pages from finishing ECLIPSE just in time for the August 1st release of the fourth and final book, BREAKING DAWN.

And on December 12th, the movie version of TWILIGHT will be released in the theatres. I am soooooooooo there! Check out the trailers.

I have to admit that while reading the books, I always imagined Evan Rachel Wood in the role of Bella Swan. However, the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella works just fine for me. I think she's going to do a fabulous job. British-born actor, Robert Pattinson of Harry Potter fame, has been cast to play Edward. I have to say (going back to Kristen's post) that I'm a little surprised by the casting as he's not *as* gorgeous as Edward is portrayed in the book. Also, they've got him powdered up and white as a sheet in all the promo pictures, which I hope isn't as stark in the movie. Yes, yes, yes...I know he's a stone, cold, pale vampire, but the powdering up seems a bit over the top.

Taylor Lautner will play Jacob Black. Not bad casting...although Latner is only 5'9" and isn't Jacob 6'7" in the books? Oh, and I think it's cool that James is played by Cam Gigandet who played Volchok on THE O.C., the guy responsible for Marissa's death. Always thought he was a good villain, so he'll do well as James.

In any case, I can't wait to see how the movie turns out. I will be one of the first in line on December 12th!

What are your thoughts on the TWILIGHT series? What do you think of the casting? Have you pre-ordered BREAKING DAWN?

Marley = )

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Amal said...

I absolutely loved Twilight. I was hooked from the first day my friends let me borrow the book. I just finished Eclipse and i cant wait for the fourth. Stephenie Meyer did an awsome job with all her characters and i really felt like i was in Forks while i was reading it. As for the movie, i think the cast is great, even though i would have expected Edward to be a little bit hotter.

stephhale said...

I loved Twilight and New Moon. I'm a little behind and haven't read Eclipse yet. I'm excited about the movie. Edward isn't particularly doing it for me either but I'm hoping he's one of those actors that grows on you as you are watching the movie.

Webster Twelb said...

twilight fan here!!! i am so waiting for the next book. i havent pre-ordered it yet and well...i'll be there when the book comes out on the 4th (it'll be published lated here, so sad)...

and the movie, i so want to watch it!!! omg!! unfortunately i have to wait until next yr to see it..omg!

Kristen Painter said...

I'm not pre-ordering. That's a little too fangirl for me. I will go see the movie tho. I'm sure by then I'll have read all the books.

Diane said...

I just finished reading Twilight. I read it until 4am this morning. I coud not stop reading. Usually I'm very disciplined when I read at night, but I just could not stop.

I had borrowed it from the library and it is a long time since I've finished a library book and wanted to go and buy it, plus the rest of the books!

petra said...

twilight is one of the best books ever i loved it so much and can't wait for the movie.

Marley Gibson said...

Thanks for the comments! I have about 80 pages left of ECLIPSE and boy howdy did the book just take a turn. I'm reading and, I hope I can do the same thing with my GHOST HUNTRESS books. You know...write something that people are going to remember and identify with. The TWILIGHT series has definitely been that for me. I can't wait for the movie.

Mel Francis said...

late to the party, sorry.

I inhaled TWILIGHT but wanted to throw NEW MOON against the wall. (I probably would have if I hadn't borrowed the book from, um, you) ECLIPSE was a better book the NM, but all the books needed to be edited down a bit. And frankly, Bella drives me batty. But I love me some Cullens.

Can't wait for the movie. I love the actor playing Edward, I think he's a great choice and after seeing one of the movie trailers online, I'm hooked.

confused reader said...

I have extremely mixed feelings about Twilight. I don't like many of the (main) characters[Edward is pretty one-dimensional, and Bella is a wimpy heroine, simply put], and the plot is...barely existant. Can anyone identify a plot, because I can't find it...until the end with James comes.

But still, I have read all the books, own Eclipse, and will definitely read Breaking Dawn when it comes out in two weeks. So I'm not sure whether I like the books or not.

Marley Gibson said...

Is it just me, or is Bella carried by either Edward or Jacob an awful lot in all three of these books? LOL! It seems like she never walks on her own. Ha!

Celise said...

I think this is going to be a Harry Potter thing for me. I never read any of those books, but I've seen all the movies. Never read any of her books, but I did get a chance to meet her and she's so laid back she's practically falling out of her chair. Very nice person.

I'm pretty sure this movie will be a better "teen" vamp flick than the one that came out previously. (yes, I'm talking THE COVENANT, even though that one had major eye candy). I remember that Taylor Lautner kid from that Disney (I think it was Disney) flick, SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL. Funny to see movie "kids" all grown up. He turned out handsome. Even though the character is 6'7, I don't think you're gonna find any actors that tall. Kinda have to work with what you've got in the industry, y'know?