Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad Girls...and Good Boys

I have never been a bad girl. Quite the opposite actually.

I was a bespectacled, nose-buried-in-a-book lurker as a kid. As a teenager, I was a oversize clothes-wearing, sports-hating, AP nerd. As a collegiate, I spent my Saturday nights at the MU. Could that be some hot new club? No, it's the Media Union, the engineering library at the University of Michigan. As someone in their twenties, I spent my days buried under a pile of softare at Microsoft and have dinners at home with my nice husband in the evenings.

My unscandalous life continues :)

I can't even begin to imagine being a bad girl. Someone who steals other people's boyfriends, drinks and smokes in the middle of the afternoon, wears stilletto heels and a mini-skirt, this person is just such a mystery to me.

This might be why I am SO fascinated with the bad girl. In DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, Marisela is your traditonal kick-ass bad girl, in AIN'T SHE SWEET, Sugar Beth is your high-school bad girl with a smart mouth, in Janet Evanovich novels, Stephanie Plum is your accidental bad-girl.
There are some of the best books I've read in ages.

Yes, I am truly fascinated by the bad girl. Which is why I'm going to try my hand at writing my own bad girl heroine. For once, they will NOT be college-educated. They will NOT be whiny, mopey, or desperate when bad things happen to them. They wil go out, lie, cheat, steal, deceive and anything else that needs to be done to get what they deserve.

And everyone knows that the perfect antidote to a bad girl is either a good boy, or a reformed bad boy....
More to come next week on this. So, what are some books, movies, etc that you guys have come across that have a bad girl that you either love or love to hate?



Young Adult Authors said...

Okay, I am a good girl, too, but I do love a bad boy! Just see 10 Things I Hate About You to see the classic good girl fall in love with bad boy Heath Ledger. *sigh*

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Oooh, I love that movie...but I have to say, in that movie Julia Stiles is a *reformed* good girl :)

Me said...

Are we all good girls? Well, I'll stand out from the crowd (of two) and say that as a good girl I'm not a huge fan of the bad girl heroine. I didn't fall in love with Sugar Beth. I guess I have no inner longing to be bad... But the bad boy? Now that's a whole other story! Every time I try to write a "bad guy" in a book he turns out to be the love interest. I'm a sucker.

Simone Elkeles said...

I love bad boys! Of course I'd love to see a reformed bad boy get sucked in by a bad girl and be confused...hmmm, maybe there's a novel there somewhere. Someone get me a paper and pen!