Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Warning: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery When Selling Your First Book

(Disclaimer--there are no injuries involved in this story, thereby disproving the theory that one must break a bone to sell a book.)

Date: 18 July 2006
Time: 5:03 pm ET
Location: Naples, Florida

Here's how it went...

Me: "Mom, I want to talk to you because I don't want to talk to my uber-fabulous critique partner. Because if I talk to her I'll tell her the editor at Dutton loved my book. But I don't want to get our hopes up talking about a potential deal that might fall through. Been there, done that."

Mom: "Um, okay."

Beep, beep.

Me: "Hold on Mom, I have another call." Look at caller ID. Area code 212. New York. Don't get your hopes up. "I have to go."


Victoria: "Hi Tera, this is Victoria in Jenny Bent's office."

Me: "Oh, hi Victoria." Great, probably just finalizing details about my meeting with Jenny in Atlanta next weel. "How are you?"

Victoria: "I'm good. Do you have a minute for Jenny?"

Internal scream. Don't get your hopes up.

Me: "Yes, of course."

Jenny: "Hi Tera, it's Jenny. Can you guess why I'm calling you?"

Bigger scream. Now I know why my parents hate it when I make them guess things.

Me: "Um," trying not to sound over-hopeful, "because a publisher made an offer on my book."

Jenny: "Dutton wants to buy your book."

Me: "Oh my God."

Jenny: "They want to put it out in hardcover."

Me: "Oh my God."

Jenny: "And they've offered $$$."

Me: "Oh my God!"

Jenny: "Honey, are you okay?"

Me: "Yes, yes. I'm pulling off the road."

Jenny: "You're driving!? Don't be driving!"

I don't remember much else of that conversation. I had pulled over into an apartment parking lot, under a shady tree, just trying to wrap my brain around the idea that what I had been working for three years, completed four manuscripts to do had finally happened. Especially since the week before I had been crying to my Mom and convinced that it would never, ever happen.

After the call, I called my mom back to explain why I had been gone so long.

She, of course, knew I would sell.

Then I called my dad. Only he didn't answer his phone and it wasn't until I'd called five times and sent a "Call Me!" text message that I got through.

Me: "What kind of father are you who doesn't answer his phone when his daughter calls to say her agent sold her book?"

Dad: "Oh. Did she?"

Me: "Why would I say that if she hadn't?"

Honestly. Parents.

Next I called my uber-critique partner.

Sharie: "I'm just on my way out the door. Can I call you back?"

Me: "I don't think you want to wait."

But in the end... I think the whole thing was definitely worth the wait.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Whole New Meaning to "Break a Leg"

It's "The Call" week here at Books, Boys and Buzz! We've had some questions asking us to share our stories, so I'm happy to follow Tina's heartwarming story of how she made her sale.'s what happened to me...

First, I have to give some back story. I came verrrrrrrrry close to selling one of my romances, but, alas, the line decided to "change focus" and I got the dreaded "R." On January 13th. Friday the 13th. Yeah...a dark day. My boss was traveling, so I went into his office and cried off every stitch of makeup.

But TWELVE days later, my brilliant agent sent me an e-mail saying a publisher contacted her, looking for an author to write a sorority sister series for them and ... was I interested?


Two weeks later, I turned in a proposal for three books with three heroines from different backgrounds all going through sorority Rush at the same southern university. After five years of writing, eleven full manuscripts and two partials...I just *felt* that I had the most amazing chance this time.

We waited. But not for long. We got good feedback. It went up the chain. We were told to be patient. happened.

No, not the call. The incident.

I'm coming out of the Arlington Street MBTA train station here in Boston on the morning of March 2, 2006. Mr. B@stard Fellow Commuter is on some important phone conversation and can't wait for me to get up the steps in front of him, so he brushes past me and knocks me up the stairs. I fell forward onto my knees and oh boy brother, did it hurt! I had just had my boots polished and all I could think was, "I'm scuffing my boot!" The pain became unbearable. As I'm laying there on the steps, this woman goes, "Are you all right?" I said, "No, I don't think I am." Then I looked up ... and she was gone! So, I hobbled to the top and doubled-over again, at which point, Crazy Willie who hangs out at the T stations panhandles me! I said to him, "I'm just in a little bit of pain here."

Well, suffice it to say, I made it the block to my office, called my hubby who came and got me and took me to the hospital and yes, my poor little foot was broken. See for yourself...


When I got home, depressed and downtrodden (literally!), I e-mailed my agent and told her what had happened. She immediate shot back, "It's a sign! It's a sign that your books are going to sell!"

Eleven days later, I'm sitting at my desk at work finishing booking a flight for my boss when my cell phone rang out Ray J’s “One Wish” (my ring tone.) I immediately saw “404” area code and knew it was my agent. I started to jump up and down, but had to remember my foot was broken and calm down and listen. There was a lot of screaming and congratulating and something about a FOUR-book deal, I don't remember the specifics.

A vice president from another division walked by and asked my co-worker Kathy if I was okay and she said, "Yeah, she's getting good news." Oh, the best!

I called my husband, Mike, of course. Then I called my parents. Then I called my “vault," including Diana Peterfreund, Jessica Andersen, Charlene Glatkowski, Pam Claughton and Wendy Toliver. That night, Mike and I had champagne...and did for the three nights following for a total of four bottles, one for each book!

I couldn't believe it...I was going to be an author with Puffin Books! The same house as Judy Blume...and Pooh Bear!

So, there you have story. Had I know, I would have broken my foot years ago. LOL! If anything, I'm a symbol of perserverance, tenacity and never, ever giving up, even when you think you're at your worst. Always believe in yourself.

Marley = )
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Announcing "The Call" Week!

The Buzz Girls are having a theme week, telling our “The Call” stories. And since Marley is having some technical difficulties today, I’m going first, and she’ll slide in for me tomorrow.

My story is unusual, to say the least, and the only way I can start it is on the day before, Thursday, June 12, 2005...

I was a nervous wreck. Krista Marino at Random House had made an offer on Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, but my agent, Nadia Cornier, had to close loops with some other interested parties first. After having waited so long to sell a book, I was beset with worries that “something would go wrong” and suddenly no one would want it (let alone my dream publisher, Random House).

I had been driving myself and Nadia crazy. So I announced at breakfast that I was going to see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” at the local theater to keep myself busy.

Which was where an employee from son’s school found me hours later. My 11 year-old had had a serious playground accident, and they needed my permission for hospital treatment. How thankful I was that I made that breakfast announcement, and even in his blinding pain, he was able to remember and tell them where to find me!

Fast-forward many hours. He had emergency surgery to reconnect his arm...and at midnight, I was feeding him ice cream in a hospital room, just so thankful it had been his arm--and not his back or his neck. He slept fitfully that night, and the alarm on his intravenous fluid drip kept going off, requiring me to stay awake for constant adjustments. I was grateful when dawn broke, to have the previous day behind me.

At 8:00 am, my cell phone rang. I thought it was family. Instead it was Nadia. The deal with Krista Marino at Random House had been sealed.

I stood there, looking at my son, trying to get my brain to process. I was thrilled. Sort of. Kind of. I mean--I was! But what, just yesterday, had me jumping out of my skin, now seemed...surreal.

All I could think about was him. What would his summer be like in a cast? Would be make it to his 6th grade promotion? Would he be able to play his beloved baseball again?

So fast-forward another 10 hours. We’re home, with assurances from the doctor that he’ll make a complete recovery. I’ve had a nap, am feeling human again. And it hits me...OMIGOD, I sold my book!!!

I go for the bottle of champagne that I’d been (hopefully, wishfully) keeping in the back of the fridge. I pop the cork and open my mouth, and start doing the NBA Championship Thing.

Laughing, crying, slurping, guzzling. Like a crazy person. One blissfully happy and grateful mother and published author crazy person.

Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, March, 2007
How to Hook a Hottie, Spring, 2008

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Guy Friends

Is it easier to be friends with guys or girls?

For me it was always guys. All through school, my best friends -- save one bff, were boys. Boys you can trust. Boys don't envy you. Boys have your back.

Not that girls can't do the same thing.... I have one best friend from HS who still has my back, even if it's long distance over the phone.

But there is one problem with the whole guys as friends thing.

Boys who are friends can develop into something else entirely, which can either be a great thing or a not so good thing. And you risk that awkwardness if and when you start to like your guy friend as more than, but he's not thinking that way at all.

So what about you guys? Did you ever or do you have a best friend who's a guy? Did you ever have a guy friend turn into something else...? (And just for the record, I don't mean a frog.)

Inquiring minds want to know...



Heather Davis is the author of
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day Hottie #19

Celebrity Makeovers... Better or Worse?

How many of you have ever done a makeover? Come on, admit it. Whether it was your hair, your room, or your guy... have you ever undertaken a complete overhaul? Just said, "Enough is enough. It's time for a major change."?

Well, I have. Many, many, many times. In my near and distant past I have gone from my natural blah brown hair to raven black, fiery red, and champagne, honey, and caramel blonde. From near-to-waist length to above-the-chin bob. At least once every three months I get the uncontrollable urge to rearrange my bedroom entirely--move the bed to the other wall, change out this dresser for that trunk, buy all new bedding.

Why do I do this? I think it's in our genes. As girls, I think we have a makeover gene that compels us to turn something into something else. Something (potentially) better. But we're not the only ones doing it. Celeb guys are changing up their looks as much as the girls--sometimes I think the guys make even more changes. Probably because their hair grows back so much faster. In some ways I admire those who are able to stick with one, classic, perfect-for-them style for the long haul. On the other hand, you have to give props to the guy who shaves it all off for a role.

Here are some of my fave celebs made-over... you decide whether they were made-better... or worse.

Wentworth Miller. Before he shaved it all off? Unknown. Virtually anonymous actor... just another one of the Hollywood hopefuls. After? Mega-star of smokin' hot series Prison Break and heartthrob to bad boy lovers everywhere.

My opinion? Much, much better.

Zac Efron. Before? Absolutely adorable, sweetheart star of High School Musical. Legions and legions of screaming fangirls. (Probably fanboys, too.) After he dyed and cut his hair for the upcoming Disney flick Hairspray? Um... questionable. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Zac. But I definitely prefer the shaggy brown floppy hair to the fifties slick style.

My opinion? Worse.

Brad Pitt. Okay, this guy has gone through almost as many style changes as me. Long, flowing locks in Legends of the Fall. Cute 90s cut (left) circa The Favor. Spikey bedhead (right) from Ocean's Eleven. And finally the drool-worthy buzz cut he's currently sporting. Has he ever made a wrong move?

My opinion? It's all good by me.

PS--This post is a lead-in to my own hair appointment on Friday. Tune in next week to see how extreme my own makeover is.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What--You'll Be Here in 5 Minutes???

We’ve all had this happen. We’re lazing around the house, reading, doing homework or whatever, and a call comes in. An old friend--or more urgently, a new guy--is headed over. In 5 minutes. What to do to rejuvenate ourselves?

Well, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but the following is a list I’ve come up with to help save the day (and your confidence):

--Whatever you’re wearing, upgrade it. Put on a belt, grab a long, knitted scarf, slip on good shoes, maybe heels or boots.

--Brush and spray your hair.

--Remove any smudged eye make-up with cleanser on cotton (careful not to remove foundation or cheek color) and reapply.

--Add some lipstick or gloss.

--Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and breathe. Don’t forget--beauty starts from within.

Okay, what did I miss? What tips can you add to save us from our next bouts of 5 Minute Madness?

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Monday, January 22, 2007

You're gonna love her...

This weekend was "catch up" weekend on a lot of things. Since I was under a deadline over the holidays and then on vacation and then sick with the stupid airplane flu I got, I have been out of the loop on watching some of the great movies out there and on watching one of my favorite yearly events, The Golden Globes!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to see DREAMGIRLS and then Saturday night, thanks to Bravo TV (one of my favorite channels), I saw a rerun of the Globes and was soooooooo excited that newcomer, Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Effie White in DREAMGIRLS.

Have you seen this movie? Have you seen her? Have you heard her? Whoa, momma! As my dear old Dad says, "She's got a set of pipes on her!" Jennifer lit up the screen with her personna, presence and her incredible voice. At one point in the movie, she's singing this very pivotal song and belts out the lyric "You're gonna love me!!!!" and let me tell you, every hair on my neck and arm stood at attention. When the scene was over, the audience burst into was that moving!

And see, this is one of the reasons I can't watch AMERICAN IDOL. If they let someone like her finish in sixth (what?!) place, what good is it? I was raised in a musical house by a professional musician mother and I have a wicked good ear for music. To hear people butchering songs and catter-walling and singing off key is like nails on a chalk board to me. But if I'd heard Jennifer Hudson sing, it might have made a believer out of me.

Did you know she beat out 787 other actresses/singers for the part of Effie? That's just mind-blowing to me. And while she shared the screen with the amazing talents of Beyonce, Oscar-winner, Jamie Foxx and legend Eddie Murphy, it was Ms. Hudson who totally stole the movie.

If you haven't seen DREAMGIRLS already, I highly recommend it. As for the Oscars, I say give about a dozen of them to Jennifer Hudson.

What did you think of the movie?

Marley = )
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Desperate Teens

While we're on the subject of great shows -- I have to say I'm still loving Desperate Housewives.

In particular, I'm loving the storyline with Susan's daughter Julie (played by Andrea Bowen) and Bree Vandekamp's daughter Danielle aka Miss VandeTramp.

Julie's wrestling with the question about going further with her boyfriend, but she doesn't know he's cheating with Danielle....

I know it's over the top melodrama, but I'm so psyched they are giving the teen characters some plot twists and turns of their own.

I've also been really impressed with how much Julie has grown as a character on the show. Despite the crazy circumstances all around her, she's dealing with real teen issues and their consequences.

So, yay for Desperate Housewives and yes, you can watch the episodes online at ! This is great if you're also a fan of the Grease show, You're the One That I Want which is on at the same time as DH. (Love shows that feature people going for their dreams!!)

And it's particularly great since I don't have TiVo... or um, cable for that matter.

Vive la free tv!

Heather Davis is the author of Never Cry Werewolf coming in 2008 from HarperCollins

Friday, January 19, 2007

Anything but Ugly

Since we've been discussing our favorites shows a little this week I thought I'd tell you mine. UGLY BETTY. If you aren't watching this show, you are really missing out. America Ferrara shines as the fashion-oblivious, heart-of-gold Betty Suarez.

It is amazing to me how nearly every cast member steals the spotlight, yet they come together in perfect harmony. The show has made me laugh(remember Justin using the jock strap cup across his face to look like The Phantom of the Opera?). It's made me cry (Sophia breaking the adorable Daniel Meade's heart just for a magazine cover). And I was SO excited last night when the bandages finally came off the mystery lady (I won't spoil it in case somebody's behind, but it's good!)

The show just won a Golden Globe and so did America. I think they are doing a fantastic job showing that what matters most is what's on the inside. Even the most evil castmate can't resist Betty's charm (Amanda realizing last night that Betty was so devoted to Daniel is a good example).

I'm looking forward to several seasons of Betty and can't wait until she hooks up with the adorable Henry. So what about you, are you watching?

If not, you can catch episodes on and if you want to know more about Betty, she's got her own website

Have a great weekend everybody!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hump Day Hottie #18


There must be something in the North Carolina water, because they grow them tall down there. (And, on occasion, dark and handsome, too.) I've known three guys from North Carolina in my life. So far.

The first Tar Heel I met was in my Masters Program, a sweet guy named Chris who was a little goofy and a lot tall--like 6'4".

Then, in my short but sweet time in Boston, I had a housemate from North Carolina (Hi Tres!) who is also tall, super-sweet, and one of the cutest guys I've ever known. He's also getting his doctorate in Chemistry. Who knew Chem geeks could be hotties?

And now for my most recent (and favorite) NC native: Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot. Okay, so I don't really know Sam... but what I wouldn't give to meet him over a hot stove! (By now everyone knows how I feel about that dark curly hair.) For the unitiated, Top Chef is like the Project Runway of cooking and Sam is one of the best. Originally from the Tar Heel state, he's now the executive chef at a restaurant in NYC--and was voted one of the city's sexiest chefs. Too bad he has a girlfriend.

So... input time. Since I've spent 90% of my life in either the North or the West--and I'm still not sure if three years in Texas counts as the South or not--I'm not qualified to make generalizations. Is it Southern boyz in general? Or does North Carolina have some special corner on the tall, dark, and hottie market?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 411 on "24"

I love to watch “24” on DVD's, one episode after another. The action keeps my brain whirring, although I admit I sometimes focus in on the smaller things. Like the sets and locations (and the fact that Jack Bauer can get anywhere in L.A. at any time of day in less than fifteen minutes--uh-huh), the occasional plot inconsistencies, and the idiosyncrasies of the characters. (Anyone else notice how often Audrey Raines says Jack's name per episode???)

But in particular, there is one character who grabs me. Love her or hate her, it’s computer analyst Chloe O’Brian. She’s socially immature, often rude, and her face seems frozen in a pout. But in a crisis, she’s focused, reliable, your go-to person. And what IS “24” if not an ongoing crisis?

Chloe makes me think of the people in my life I’ve been forced to deal with. The ones who have grated on my nerves, made me want to scream, “Grow Up!” or “Get a life!” or something cruder. They’ve been school project partners, teachers, bosses and co-workers, and at times, I’ve had to struggle to be civil. But in most cases, ultimately I've ended up seeing the good in the person, sometimes gone on to consider him or her a friend.

My hat is off to the “24” writers (and to actress, Mary Lynn Rajskub) for creating Chloe and getting such a rise out of me.

So...any “24” fans out there? If so, how do you feel about Chloe? Or is there another character on the show who gets a strong reaction out of you?

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celeb Breakups and High School

Cameron and Justin just broke up and the whole world knows. When I heard the news, I was like, "Aww, they were a cute couple." Why do I actually feel bad about this? It's not as if they were my close personal friends, or even casual acquaintances. It's amazing how in this world of papazzai shot filled magazines, E! News delivered to my inbox, and constant updates on Brit and Kev/Tom and Katie/Nicole and DJ Whatever, we mortals actually feel involved in the lives of these super-celebs.

When a big celebrity breakup happens like Brad and Jennifer, I swear, my girlfriends and I can talk for hours on why, if there was a third-party, if there is a chance they'll get back together. Just like High School. This Cam and Justin break up is totally like the time in 12th grade when the Homecoming Queen and the basketball star broke up the day after they were named Class Couple. My god, they had been together for like 4 years! We talked about it for a month in High School.

I think in this age of fast cars, faster technologies and less time, we reach for something we know. And harmless, speculative high school gossip is something each and everyone of us has been through and can relate to.

So to comemorate.....the recent celeb breakups that have me and my girlfriends talking (good thing I'm writing YA...all this research should come in useful for something!)
Chad Michael and Sophia
Brad and Jen
Hilary and Chad
Cam and Justin
Drew and Fabrizzo

Who am I missing on my list?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Best Friends

Have you ever noticed in every great YA there is a best friend you can count on? When you're in your teens, and even after, you need that someone who knows you how you really are, who you can say anything to, and who will love you no matter what.

I just re-read Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen -- made into the movie How to Deal along with the book That Summer. Sarah's so good at getting across the complexities of close friendships.

And what about the group of friends in Bridget Jones' Diary? She describes them as her "urban tribal family". Isn't that the total truth? It goes right along with the magnet on my sister's fridge that reads, "Friends are the family you choose for yourself."

I have a few best friends. They seem to fit different areas of my life. I still hang with my best friend from high school -- though it's funny how we became friends.

We both liked the same guy. His name was Chad and he was a junior. T was a sophomore and I was a freshman -- and we both thought Chad was hot. So, when I saw her slow-dancing with him in the cafeteria at a dance, I was determined to hate the girl's guts.

Of course what happened was, Chad didn't like either one of us. And then, we both didn't like Chad. Suddenly, T and I had something in common and a friendship to last the ages was born.

It's weird that I often start out not liking the people that end up becoming my best friends. Maybe it's because they are interesting people who are harder to get to know. Those are the best kind of friends. The ones who surprise you with their true selves. The ones who keep changing and growing into even cooler people.

So, how did you guys meet your best friends?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Just a little something for your weekend

I've been working very hard on my sequel today and my fingers are tired. Therefore, I am going to be a total blog slacker and leave you with this.

Enjoy! And please share any of your favs!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hump Day Hottie #17

Since I'm sliding my post in under the wire (read: I totally forgot it was Wednesday until almost midnight) I only have two words for you. Will. Smith. 'Nuff said. I'll move to Miami now, thank you.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trailblazers: Michelle Wie

Last year, when Time Magazine included a 17 year-old girl as “one of a hundred people who shape our world,” I sat up and paid attention. Who was this young beauty, and what was it that made her stand out?

I now know, and can tell those of you who don’t!

Michelle Wie was born in Honolulu in 1989, and began playing golf at the age of 4. By 11, she was a stand-out in the game, winning trophy after trophy, in addition to breaking ceilings for age and gender.

She soon attained a height of 6’1”, and the power in her swing is, according to golfer Fred Couples, “just the scariest thing you’ve ever seen.”

At the age of 16, she turned professional and reportedly signed sponsorship contracts with Nike and Sony worth ten million dollars. In turn, she announced a pledge of $500,000 to Katrina Hurricane Relief.

This year, she’ll graduate high school and start Stanford University.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer predicts she’s going to influence the game of golf as much as Tiger Woods--or even more because she’s bound to attract people that Tiger didn’t, like younger people, boys, girls, families. (And at least one YA writer!)

I definitely think Michelle Wie qualifies as a Trailblazer, someone worth watching!

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Monday, January 08, 2007


I have settled on an author pic. I went with the picture with the background and cropped out all the external stuff. Thanks everyone for your help! I am officially back from vacation and will be posting pics shortly :)

This year my resolutions are simple:
-Save more money (last year I spent uselessly and madly) This year I will only buy want I really really need and save for vacations and travel :)
-Write 2 books (last year I was pathetic and only wrote one...came up with tons of ideas and had 3 false starts, but none of that this year)
-Lost 15 lbs (last year I tried to do this through diet, but this never works for me. This year, I will work out like mad and cook for myself at home during the week)
-Get a grip on my day job (I need to figure out what I want to do for the next 10 years in the tech industry).

And that's it. Who else has resolutions they are willing to put out there for the world to see?

Random Thoughts on a Dreary Monday

It's January and winter here in New England. Now, typically I wouldn't complain about the lack of snow, but this global warming is totally messing with the seasons...and my wardrobe. Today, it's in the 50's here in Boston with some nasty rain and gray skies. This is the type of day to spend hunkered down in the comforter with a good book to read between naps and warm drinks.

I am pleased to report that after a marathon twenty-one days of writing (mostly over my Christmas-Birthday-New Years vacation), I have completed BOOK TWO (no, we still don't have titles) in my Sorority Sister series and have turned it in to my fabu editor for her to work her magic on it. I loved wirting this book because I got to explore my three heroines - Roni, Lora-Leigh and Jenna - even more than the first book.

A random funny while writing this book: I work on a sales desk of a financial firm in my "real" job and most of the guys have expressed interest in being in the books. Not them as people or writing about them, rather, they just want to see their name in print. So, there are about a dozen references to my real work colleagues -- at least by name. They're all so excited and have promised to buy many, many copies of the books when they come out in the Spring of 2008!

I'm also thrilled to announce that my dear pal, Wendy Toliver, has sold her YA to Simon Pulse. THE SECRET LIFE OF A TEENAGE SIREN is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2007! Sooooo proud of Wendy! I've read this book and I can assure the readers of Books, Boys and Buzz that it is one satisfying read with such a touching ending.

I'd also like to shout-out to my sweetie, Kwana Minatee Jackson who just signed on with the fabulous Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency for both her YA and her women's fiction books. Kwana is a dedicated writer who has really stayed with it, developing her craft and now she's landed a fantastic agent. Good luck selling!!!!!

Seems everyone around me here at work...on the city streets and on the public transportation...are suffering from some sort of plague. Coughing, hacking, sneezing. I really don't want to catch it. Course, I had a flu shot, unlike most of the people at work. Why would you not get a free flu shot?

Here's hoping your Monday is a wonderful one...perhaps with sunshine or at least blue skies. What do you do on dreary days like this? Is this the perfect reading weather? Watching movies? Catching up on...things?

TEASER: I probably won't be blogging next Monday because of the MLK holiday. However, please tune in for a fun contest surrounding my Sorority Sister series. You don't want to miss this!!!

Marley = )
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Talk dirty to me

Did anybody else watch Dirt? I had been anticipating this show for quite some time. I was curious how Hollywood would portray the paparazzi. I have to admit that I was sort of disappointed. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

First of all, I expected Courtney Cox's character to be downright evil, even worse than Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. But she wasn't and that just didn't ring true to me. I didn't want to feel bad for her when she used a stun gun on her latest conquest because she thought he was just using her to get publicity for his band. Wouldn't the woman, that this show is supposedly modeled after, who invades the lives of celebrities for profit, have to be pretty coldhearted? I would think so.

I thought that the photographer did an excellent job. It was fun to watch him lose it and see words jumping out of people's mouths. I nearly cried when he lost his cat because you knew it was the only thing in the world that he cared about. I have a feeling he might be the reason this show stays on a little longer.

Don't get me wrong, I like to peruse the rags at the checkout counter just as much as the next girl, but I do think that it is getting out of control. I don't like seeing the pictures of the celebrity's children splashed all over the place. I know a lot of people feel that celebrities have chosen this way of life so they just have to deal with it. That doesn't seem fair to me. I love to write. I hope that I can continue to do so for the rest of my life. Writers are lucky, they are semi-famous, but can still go grocery shopping without getting mauled. But what if things got flipped around and best selling authors were thrust into the spotlight. What if you had to choose between being famous and exposing your family's every move or giving up something you love to do? What would you do?

I would keep writing. I would don the dark glasses, costumes, and wigs and try my best to dodge the paparazzi until my latest release was coming out and I needed them. I'd do exactly what most of the famous people do. Complain when they were bothering me and use them when I needed them. I think just about anybody would. How about you?

So tell me what you think, should they impose boundaries on the paparazzi or do you get what you deserve being famous?

Happy Friday!



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hump Day Hottie #16

Forgive the babble...

As you scroll down through the hotties I've posted today you may notice a theme... they all play/played doctors on TV. Now let me explain why by giving you a quick recap of my holidays. When I flew home to Las Vegas from Boston last month I started to get sick just before catching my plane. By the time I got home I had the plague--complete with nonstop runny nose, headaches, body aches, and general misery. After about five days of solid recuperation (read: sleep, sleep, sleep) I was feeling much better. I was even starting to get excited about travelling to Wisconsin for Christmas and then to Houston for a wedding. (Okay, not really. The last time I was in Wisconsin I had gotten sick, but as I was fully recovered I was at least not dreading the trip).

So, I finish my Christmas shopping, pack everything up, and head to Wisconsin. Via a three hour layover in Houston, but I'm trying to stay positive. Christmas in Wisconsin was fun because I got to see my two year old cousin for the first time. (Hi, Elizabeth!) Then my parents and I drove to Minneapolis to wait for our flight to Houston. And to visit the Mall of America. (For the uninitiated, the Mall of America is like the biggest mall in the world.) That night I started feeling tired and achy. But I persevered, catching our flight to Houston the next day and even making it through the rehearsal dinner with the wedding party.

By the next morning I felt like garbage. Achy. Tired. Nauseous. Generally, like a piece of $h!t. I managed to make it through the wedding but had to skip the reception. Now, back home in Vegas, I'm on antibiotics and antihistimines and still generally miserable. Is this just bad luck? Stress? Rushing to get all the last-minute holidays jobs done? I don't know, but I think I've had my fill of sick for the year and the year is only 3 days old. So... as you can see I could use some healing hand right now. Even fictional ones. (And for anyone hiding under some moss-covered rock for the past two decades, the TV docs are, from top to bottom, George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross on ER, Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck, and Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy.)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hang 'Em High

A case could be made that today’s topic is just another excuse to post a picture of “Lost” hottie, Josh Holloway.

And while I admit to nothing (a-hem), it was actually a quote he made in a recent issue of Britain's Star magazine that got me jump-started:

"I love it when a woman wears killer high heels,” he said. “They look amazing. Though at the same time you've got to wonder how they walk in them.”

First I’d like to say that I’m glad he has no first-hand experience in wearing in high heels. Because while they might be a turn-on for him on a woman, they are the opposite for me on a man!

But secondly, I’m totally with him on the “amazing” aspect. I’ve loved high heels my whole life, from test-drives in my mother’s heels to my earliest starter pairs, and then watching my collection grow in all directions from chunky heels to stilettos, from one inch to three inch, from black to red to aqua blue.

Not only do I think women look terrific in them, but they are my own personal confidence boosters. They give me height, make me feel like my weight is more distributed, and bestow on me this sort of grown-up magic, like I can--and will--take on the world.

Believe me, if one of my books is ever nominated for a Rita, you can go to the bank that I’ll show up in three inchers--and probably fall on my face walking up the stairs if my name is called.

Which is not to say I am a shoe-aholic. I spend much of my time in sneakers or barefoot. But whenever I’m looking at a social situation that gives me a moment’s hesitation, you don’t find me diving for cover as much as diving for my high heels...

How about you? Are you with Josh Holloway and me? (Oh, I loved saying that!) Or do you find high heels too uncomfortable or over-rated?

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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Rushes in with a Bang!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Can you believe we've started a new year? Time for fresh beginings, new resolutions and promises to yourself.

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

Marley = )
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