Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are You Who You Thought You'd Be?

My dad recently sent me a picture of me and my brother, taken out in front of my great-grandfather's church when I was about three. Wish I could post the gem here, but I'm scannerless at the moment.

Anyway in the picture, I'm standing on a bench in a petal pink princess-sleeved babydoll dress. My hair is on the short side, bobbed and wavy-curly. My face, though chubbier, is the same; turned up nose, round cheeks, the famous Davis chin -- and of course my trademark smirk. My hands are at my sides, my fingers slightly curled like I'm nervous, or afraid of falling off the bench, while my five year-old brother, in a blue suit and a striped tie waves, a bit of a rakish smile on his lips.

Did I grow up to be tentative, afraid of falling like the picture suggests?

No. For most of my life, I've been fearless. Not easy to do for a "nice" girl raised in a teacher's family. But I suppose there is nothing wrong with being nice and fearless at the same time. Somehow, my amazing dad gave me permission to chase after dreams, do what I want, make my own mistakes, let myself fall off the bench and climb back up.

That's not saying that I've never been afraid. I'm afraid a lot. But walking through the fear toward what you want is empowering. About a year and a half ago I wrote down a quote from Bill Cosby that said, "Decide you want it, more than you are afraid of it." It's still on my fridge.

I didn't turn out how I thought I would way back when I was a little girl standing on a bench and afraid of falling. I don't know if at that young I thought about anything other than my dog Sam and the daisies my dad and I had planted in the backyard.

But I do know that when I was in third grade starting to write plays for my friends to perform I had this idea that I'd do something like that when I was a grown up. Back then, I devoured the book Little Women, dreaming of living a life like Jo March -- and then one day I wake up and I'm in my thirties writing stories.

The universe does have a way of bringing you what you wish for, doesn't it? So here's my question -- are you who you thought you'd be?



Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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Friday, March 30, 2007

The buzz about The Secret

Have you heard about this book? I'm guessing yes, unless you live in a cave. I missed the Oprah episode on it but picked it up the other day at Target. I have to admit, I'm fascinated.
I'm only about halfway through the book but this is my take so far.
The secret is the Law of Attraction. Meaning like attracts like. It says that when you think a thought, you are attracting like thoughts to you. Humans are constantly transmitting thoughts which have a frequency. Thoughts are magnetic and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency.
In other words, if you constantly put out thoughts of positivity and focus in on what you really want in life, you probably have just about everything you could ever want.
The problem is that most of us, including myself, focus our thoughts on what we don't want to happen. Like this week when my toddlers got sick and I kept thinking over and over again that I didn't want to be sick. The universe just heard sick and transmitted this back to me in the form of me heaving over my kitchen sink. I realized that I should have been thinking, "I want to be healthy."
Maybe this all sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to you, but I think there is definitely some truth to it. I know for a fact that I can magically summon a cold sore to appear anytime I have an important event. I focus so hard on not wanting to get one that I always do! When I look back on my life I realize that I've caused much more good than bad to come into my life. There were several times that checks appeared out of nowhere when I was totally broke and wishing for money. Not millions of dollars but it felt like it at the time.
So do I believe? Absolutely! Besides, what can it hurt? Do you believe in the secret? If so, what positive thoughts are you going to start putting out to the universe?
What I'm reading...The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
All that matters is what's long as your outside is wearing the tiara!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Call Me Mrs. Lonely

Most days, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. When it's working I love it! I love surfing the web, designing websites, and organizing my oh-so-crazy life to the minute. When it's not... well, that's another story.

But when my laptop started crashing last week, I wasn't angry. I was heartbroken. It seems silly, from one perspective, to be so attached to a piece of technology. From another perspective, that little guy has been my life and my lifeline for over two years. Which is a lot longer than my previous three laptops.

First, there was the adorable IBM 701c butterfly that I got my sophomore year of college. [see the cute photo on the right of it's sliding keyboard] This was so cute (and light, at the time) and it lasted me through the end of my sophomore year. Back then, computer technology was developing so fast you couldn't even try to keep up with it. So, when my junior year began I got the first of two Gateways... they were less-than-impressive. Suffice it to say that I really ordered them because they had a cow patterned box. For a while I went back to a desktop, but since I like to write in Starbucks, that made working on my novel a little difficult.

So, in January 2005, I finally ponied up and got the first computer that I bought and paid for all on my own. [there it is, on the left] I had done my research, narrowed down the choices, and had even decided that I could wait a while... until I went to Office Depot and my number one choice was ON SALE. My Sony VGN S260P (which weighs in at just under 4 pounds) was still on the pricey side of notebook computers, but it's the best money I've every spent. I do everything on the computer (from writing the book that I finally sold to posting my BuzzBlogs to making my reservations for the RWA national conference). Barring one blip (a motherboard issue that Sony extended the warranty for and had it fixed and back to me in under a week) this latest is the only problem I've had with this computer. Little or no crashing. Totally reliable. And light enough to carry in my purse (in a tote, at the very least).

So, while I'm going through computer withdrawal, I know that when my baby comes back to me he'll be better than ever. That our relationship is built to last. And that, when the time comes that he should pass, I'll be looking for another Sony to take his place.

[who was in no way compensated by Sony, but will consider all offers]
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what I'm reading ... One For The Money by Janet Evanovich
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Break-Time Buzz

This is Buzz Week, and I’d like to offer up some break-time musing for when you’ve pushed your work aside.

Recently I saw a coffee mug asking, “If Failure Were Not an Option, What Would You Accomplish?” I spent some time pondering it and then realized--eureka!--I’d become an Olympic Ski Jumper.

Realistically, however, there are numerous problems with this, starting with the fact that there is no Women’s Olympic Ski Jumping team. And moving to the little detail that I haven’t skied in years, I get dizzy at high altitudes, and I won’t ride on a ski lift because, well, I’m afraid it’s going to stall out and leave me dangling for many hopeless and frostbit-laden hours. Oh, yeah, and I’m also past my Olympic “prime”.

So me as an Olympic Ski Jumper? Dream on.

The thing is, I do. For years, I have watched the Winter Olympics and embarrassed my family by sitting forward in my seat, my “skis” perfectly aligned on the carpet. Then I’ve taken off...soaring, soaring, soaring...until the moment is JUST right for the perfect and record-setting landing. Which results in a gold medal. Natch.

Last summer I visited the Innsbruck, Austria Olympic Ski Park, and wandered the grounds, my fantasies running wild. Here’s me, bravely approaching the railing, a whole fifteen or twenty rows from the ground.

But just so you know, in my mind, I was in the air and flying high...

How about you? If failure were not an option, what would you accomplish?

Top Ten Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress, on sale now
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Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Showtime!

Sorry for the late blogging today. Long day at work and had to take the train home. UGH!

So, I spent yesterday holed up on the couch with the cable OnDemand watching Showtime's new series, The Tudors. All I can say There's a lot of buzz on this series that will premiere on April 1st. Here's a preview of what you have to look forward to...

Yummy little Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who most people know from Bend it Like Beckham or TV's Elvis, for which he earned a Golden Globe, but I've been a fan of since Velvet Goldmine.

The buzz about this series is it features the young, virile, studly Henry VIII and not the fat, beaded guy who ate whole turkey legs that we see in so many portraits of the time. The first two episodes really showcase Henry's tenacity to be remembered after he's go down in history as someone famous who left a mark on humanity. He also had a voracious appetite for the ladies.

Check out the Showtime website for details, history, bios and everything about the show. It's really quality television. They've really done a great job promoting it.

What other TV shows do you plan to check out in the spring/summer as replacements are coming on? I admit, I'm watching the same favorites: America's Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty and a new favorite with one of my favorite people, Eddie Izzard, The Riches.

Let us hear what you're watching!

Marley = )
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Boyz of Prison (Break that is!)

Prison Break is one of my all-time favorite TV shows: the gripping plotline, that taytoo, that eye-candy :) I watched season 1 in back-to-back DVD format over a weekend. Yes, I am an addict.

Oooh Wentworth. I know my fascination with out favorite green-eyed escapee is no secret, but let's look at him again. Wow.

Dominc....usually the beefy, silent type isn't my type. But how you can ignore Dominic's baby-blues, or his half-buttoned shirts?

Amaury. Love him :) That Sucre-Latino lover swagger, those lines, that passion.... He is my favorite character, hands down.

Rockford. His desire to do anything to protect his family gets me every time. Plus, he's not too bad to look at, right ladies?

And for our teen set: LJ. Marshall Allman did some great work in HOSTAGE as the youngest of the hostage-takers, but he really shines in Prison Break as the tortured son of Lincoln Burrows.

Am I forgetting anyone ladies?

Right now, I'm reading THE WARRIOR TRAINER by Gerri Russell


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ballroom Boyz

For the last few television seasons I've sort of been over reality tv. I even took Survivor off my Tivo list. Then Dancing with the Stars started its fourth season. I've never really been a huge fan of the show. I mean, I didn't dislike it, I just didn't want to get hooked on something else. I did enjoy watching Drew from 98 Degrees though. But this season they are hauling in some serious hotties, even I can't turn away from these guys thrusting their hips around.

The first and hottest ballroom dancer is Ian Ziering. I haven't hung out with Steve...oops, I mean, Ian, since the Peach Pit in the 90's. I thought the guy fell off the face of the earth. I thought it was super sweet when he said he was doing this for his deceased mom. I hope it's true and he's not just near bankruptcy like Screech and it was either this or a porno...on the other hand....oops, never mind. I thought Ian's first dance was great. He really let his charisma shine through. I really wanted him to win...

until I saw Joey Fatone perform. OMG, he was amazing. He looks like he has already dropped about thirty pounds just since the rehearsals started. He was tearing that dance floor up in his personalized John Travolta suit. I really want to win, people, that's what I meant. He's so funny and sweet and I always love to see him act. I hope this is big for him because for some reason I just really don't think N'Sync is getting back together.

Just when I thought I had picked my season favorite, along comes Apolo Anton Ohno. Isn't he a little slice of heaven? Okay, so I do have the uncontrollable urge to hold him down and shave off that hair he missed, but as a two time Olympic gold medal winner with some serious hip action he's going to give my other two favorites a run for it.
Everyone did pretty good, with the exception of Billy Ray Cyrus, but I think maybe his hair was in his eyes or something. I'm going to be totally devoted to all the episodes and I even went online and voted which I have Never done before. So how about you, do you have a favorite ballroom boy????
What I'm reading....Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires Book I by Rachel Caine

All that matters is what's long as your outside is wearing the tiara!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crush Confessions

Since it's Boyz week here at BuzzBlog, I thought it high time I finally made a confession. Ten, actually. I've had a lot of crushes in my lifetime (sadly, it's been too long since my last one) and I've done some crazy things in pursuit of those crushes. So, here you go, my top ten list of the craziest things I've ever done for a crush.
  1. Serenaded him with Mickey by Toni Basil. Seriously, it was first grade and my bffs and I serenaded our group of boyz (my crush, Josh, included) complete with choreographed dance routine. That song still makes me smile.
  2. Played kissing tag. This time it was second grade (but still all about cutie Josh, who, as I mentioned before, is the root of my dark, curly hair obsession). I think the boyz were a little frightened.
  3. Joined the swim team. At the end of fourth grade, one of my crushes (Mark) showed up for show-and-tell with a bag full of ribbons from his swim meets. I joined a team that summer--and wound up with a load of ribbons of my own, thank you very much).
  4. Almost got in a fight. This totally wasn't my fault! In seventh grade I was totally in love with a soccer-playing eighth grader named Damien. And, although there was less than no chance that he would actually dump his girlfriend for me, she told everyone when wanted to fight me. I tell you, the northern Midwest is a violent place.
  5. Looked forward to math. In eighth grade, there were two total hotties in my algebra class (Drew and Jeff). They absolutely made going to math worthwhile.
  6. Learned to enjoy at great butt. I'm not a butt girl, by a long shot, but my main crush senior year had a phenomenal one. I remember one time in AP Chem, he was bent over the desk in front of me and I nearly lost it... (I can only think of one other butt as perfect as his: Rafael Nadal)
  7. Sought a fortune-teller. My freshman year of college there was a guy on my floor that I had an on-again-off-again crush on. You know the kind? Where one day you hate him and the next you love him? Well, on this particular day I hated Scott. A friend and I went to the street fair on Broadway and I was venting the whole time. We passed a palm-reading booth and I said, "Let's go get pizza and then come back." So, we come back, she takes my hand and says, "Who is Scott?" Sure, you may be thinking that she over heard me talking about him, but I NEVER called him by name. (I had been using a far more derogatory term.)
  8. Changed majors. When I transfered schools the summer after my sophomore year, I was going to be an environmental biology major. Then, my first summer at Colorado, I went to see The Merchant of Venice at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. I fell immediately in love with the actor playing Bassanio. The next semester I changed to a theatre major and never looked back.
  9. Drove an hour-and-a-half every week for nearly a year. One time, I had a huge crush on a friend of a friend. My friend lived forty-five minutes away and her friend was staying with her and I drove to her house every week just so I could see him.
  10. Stole a pair of Speedos. Okay, technically I didn't steal them. My senior year in college I was in love (seriously in love) with the lead actor in the theatre department. In a show that my friend happened to be on the costume crew he had to wear a Speedo in one scene. After the show closed she snagged the Speedo for me. I still have it.
Needless to say, none of these crushes ended in anything less than tears. You'd think I'd learn. So... What's the craziest thing you ever did for a crush?
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Best Thing About Being Wrong

I was late to the party when it comes to Heath Ledger, wrongly dismissing him at first as a flash-in-the-pan. It wasn’t until I saw him a couple years ago in the DVD version of MONSTER’S BALL that I sat up and took notice.

Not in a hubba-hubba, hunk way (that came later) but as a serious actor who could not only emote on the screen, but make me feel his passion and pain.

The best thing about being wrong was that I suddenly had the makings of a Heath Ledger Film Festival! I rented everything I could find, enjoying his performances, even if I wasn’t crazy about every film.

When BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN came out, I actually went to theater, and was later delighted when he was nominated for an Oscar.

I have to admit that lately he’s been photographed in some seriously ugly outfits, and that scraggly, skinny look doesn’t exactly “work” for me. But here’s a photo taken during interviews for his latest movie, CANDY, (which comes on DVD shortly) in which once again he's looking mighty fine.

I’ll be renting that one for sure, as well as just about anything else he does. The man has screen presence, and I, for one, am happy to watch. Any other Heath fans out there? (Heather?)

What I'm Reading: PROM DATES FROM HELL by Rosemary Clement-Moore

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Monday, March 19, 2007

A galaxy of hot guys

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

Yeah, I've spent the last two weekends in a Star Wars glut-fest. Watching all six movies, in order, for the first time. I have to see, it's a brilliant epic myth from the mind of George Lucas and I find more and more depth in it watching it this way.

Not only do the movies provide us with lessons like loyalty, friendship and hope...let's face it. There are some hot guys in these movies.

Sure, when I was eleven years old, I went to see Star Wars (now referred to as "Episode IV") in the theater and was fascinated and captivated by everything I saw on the screen. The special effects. The robots. The light sabres. And wow, Han Solo.

Okay, okay...this battle has raged my whole life over who's cuter Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, but honestly, women come down on one side or the other. Han Solo was just...mmmm... He was cocky and arrogant and always got his way, yet it was strong and heroic and charming and lovable. (Besides, Luke looked too much like my cousin, Ben, so I just couldn't go there.)

Flash forward (or back, if you will) to Episodes I through III. These movies caught a lot of crap when they came out as not being able to stand up to the older ones and for the most part, I agree. However, if you watch straight through, these newer movies are full of explanation, predictions and mythology that gets explained. Destinies fulfilled. And, let's face it, the first three movies are the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the last three are the redemption.

Speaking of Anakin Skywalker, talk about eye candy. As a fine, fit Jedi with bedroom eyes, he just melted the screen. No wonder Padma lost all sense of reason when she fell for him.

Then there's the young Obi-Wan Kenobi. Well,'s Ewan McGregor...'nuff said. He could roll around in mud reading the phone book and I'd pay $9.00 to see it. But as Obi-Wan, he paid an immense tribute to Sir Alec Guinness, seemingly becoming him in a younger version. Obi-Wan was loyal and loving and ever so broken hearted when Anakin betrayed the Jedis. The pain and sadness in his eyes and the crack in his voice when he said "You were my brother! I loved you!" Whoa.

So, thanks to George Lucas for such amazing stories...and for such eye candy that stands the test of time.

Who do you think is the hottest Star Wars guy? Han? Luke? Anakin? Obi-Wan? C-3PO?


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prom Dress Fun!

Ohhh, Tina!

Yes, I've been wanting to post these pics all week, but decided to wait till my day to wrap up Prom Dress week! I was at B&N last Tuesday and I saw TONS of these books in the teen section. Yay Tina! I talked to the bookseller and asked her to put in front of the store with all the other "New Arrivals" instead of hidden in the back with the other YA stuff. If anyone happens to go into the Crossroads Mall B&N in Bellevue, WA, you'll see a big, ole stack of TOP TEN USES FOR A UNWORN PROM DRESS in the front of the store. Go Tina!

Now, onto my prom experiences....I only attended my senior prom and my date was one of my best friends, Akash K. He and I were both big old nerds and we'd had an agreement that we would go together if no one else was in our lives. Well, I had no boyfriends in sight, so off I went with Akash.
I bought my dress, a burgundy column dress with a drapey satin neckline at Loehmann's for only $60. I wore gold, Indian sandals and my mom's jewelry. That was the first day that I got my hair done by a professional. Surprisingly getting ready only took me about an hour, not too much more than what it took me to get ready on a normal day.

Akash arrived at my house in his car and after my mom took a whole roll of pictures (ALL OF THEM STILL LEFT BEHIND AT MY PARENTS HOUSE IN MICHIGAN NOW ), then we were off. My parents were so worried aobut me driving with someone on my own that they followed us all the way to Burton manor in our family van. So, technically I attended the prom with my parents, sister and Akash. Yes, I was the school nerd :)

The dance itself was very sweet. Food was filet mignon and the DJ was great. What I remember the most about that night was seeing all of my best friends all dressed up and we all had a great time dancing together and taking tons of pics.
After the dance, my parents were back to pick me up and take me home at the crack of 11 pm. I never claimed to be a cool teenager. :)
I have no regrets about Prom nor would I do anything differently. Since Akash and I are still friends to this day, and I still smile when I see my prom pics, I think everything worked out for the best.
I am currently reading THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (I have to read a lot for work as well!). I have finished PROM DRESS and will be posting a review on my blog tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra

-------'----,----@ @----,-----'------->

HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI - January 2008 Kimani Tru>

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fishes and Wishes a.k.a. Heather's Prom

One of the downsides of moving this last year is all my photo albums are away in a cold, dark, and probably lonely box.

There are no pictures of me in my prom dress to post. But I can set the scene for you...

The dress I wore was a short, black, gathered, strapless peplum dress. At the top, I clipped a vintage rhinestone brooch to help keep it from falling as I was then a size two and had very little up top. (Good tip for making cleavage, BTW.)

Over the dress, I had a cropped faux fur jacket with mutton leg sleeves (vintage 30’s purchased at a cool store near the U of Washington).

I can’t remember the shoes, but they were probably black, and I pulled my hair back into a pony tail with a gold clip. Slightly fluffed 80’s bangs completed the look.

My date, Michael, was my best boy-friend and went to a private school. We went to each other’s proms. He wore a cool black tux with a white tie, very old school. We looked awesome together. My dad took a picture of us near the front door, but as I said, it’s been filed away in the dark boxes.

So my prom, lazily themed “The Time of My Life” was at the Seattle Aquarium. It sounded like a cool venue, and it was, but the prom committee totally crapped out on the refreshments – I think there was tang and oreos. (Note to future prom planners, don’t let a Running Back be in charge of that kind of thing!)

I remember sitting on a bench under the giant fish dome, where you could see bottle-nosed sharks and other creatures swim by overhead, and thinking about how cool it would have been to be with someone I loved and who loved me.

Michael was great. He was good-looking and a fabulous friend, but I never had the prom-romance you read about in books. In fact, until that moment under the fish dome I hadn't even wanted that kind of thing before. It's funny what a little watery lighting and sharks will do to a girl.

Anyway, maybe as a result of my epiphany under the fish dome, school dances figure prominently in my young adult novels.

I have this fantasy about what those events should be like – and they’re a bit like John Hughes’ movies like Pretty in Pink. Although in my fantasy, Andi ends up with Ducky, not Blaine. :)

Anyway, congrats to Tina on her wonderful release! I’m so proud of you!!!!



Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Prom, Circa 1994

It seems like eons ago, BuzzReaders, that I was going through the traumatic days leading up to my senior prom. Weeks before the actual prom I was hunting for a dress and a date, discussing arrangements with my best friend, and putting a lot of hopes and expectations into one perfect night that, in retrospect, was really a night like any other--with better shoes.

I attended Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri (see my first post to learn why KHS was so special) and the Class of '94 prom theme was: For Just A Moment. (No, I don't know what that means, but I had to look it up to remember it.) A lot of my stress over this night stemmed from the fact that, just a few short days beforehand, I still had no dress and no date. It was a toss-up as to which one had me more stressed. In the end, everything worked out--for the best--and here are some reasons why:
  1. I ended up going with Corey Tucker, my best friend's brother's best friend. We were good friends, too, so that totally eliminated all that additional boyfriend/date/pressure/stress stuff. He was sweet and brought me a beautiful corsage (which I still have). In this picture (from left to right) are my best friend, Debbie, her date, Joey, me (yes, that's really me!), Corey, my friend, Susan, and her date, Ben (whom I almost didn't recognize without his Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt on).
  2. My mom made my dress. In her early years (late teens and twenties) my mom was a theatre costumer, so she can sew just about anything. (Because she was used to sewing things that wouldn't be seen from less than 10 feet away, sometimes the details were a little raw, but if you can dream it she can sew it!) So, when I still hadn't found a dress the week before prom, we headed to the fabric store, picked out a pattern, and bought yards of beautiful black jacquard. It was the perfect dress (even if one of the stays popped out halfway through the night). Here's a closer picture of me in the dress and my best friend.
  3. Even though I didn't get to go with one of my many crushes (I only got up the nerve to ask one of them, and he already had a date) I had a great time. Especially since my main crush at the time purportedly had an awful time with his date. (Not that I found joy in his misery or anything!) Here's a pic of my senior crushes. From left to right in the front are James (he's probably some super-famous doctor right now), Ryan (main crush and now an engineer), and John (a hard-core cross-country runner who ended up at a tiny college in Minnesota).
My prom wasn't perfect (see the aforementioned lack of proper date and stay-popping dress, and to top it all off it was raining!) but it is a perfect memory. From the perspective of history, I wouldn't change anything. (Except maybe asking Ryan to the dance... I mean, how can you resist a guy in a 101 Dalmatians tie and cumber bun?)

Growing Up Godly, Summer 2008
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what I'm reading ... Top Ten Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro (as soon as I get to a bookstore!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top Tips for a Fun Prom Night

I'm so excited that we're celebrating Prom Week here at Books, Boys, Buzz in conjunction with Tina's release of TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS. Can't wait to get my hands on this book and read it!

I don't know how much a prom expert I am...I did attend three (sophomore year as the yearbook photographer) and had a lot of fun. Thank heavens the attire has changed, morphed and updated in the years since I was in school. My junior prom, our theme was "A Night in the Old South" and everything was all deck out in ivy and lattice work and columns and magnolias and all the girls (including me) wore hoop skirts.

It was sort of hard to gather all of us around for the class picture because our dates couldn't get close enough to us because of the hoops and crenalins were spread out. My date was a friend from another high school and, in fact, worked part-time at the Piggly Wiggly wearing the pig costume. I kid you not! Nice guy, but the day before the prom, his mom gave him a body wave, so when he danced and sweated...his permed hair...well, it stank!

Nonetheless, we had a great time, danced the night away, got lots of pictures made and went to the junior breakfast and stayed up all night. It was the perfect prom experience, despite the Scarlett O'Hara dress.

So, what are some tips for enjoying the prom? Here are just a few:

  1. Don't overdo with the hair and makeup. Sure, you want to look pretty, but you want to look like yourself. You don't want your kids to laugh at your prom pictures in 15 years.

  2. Share the ride. In order to save some money, go with a group of friends and split the expense of a limo or van to take you to and from the prom.

  1. 3. Enjoy yourself at all times. Don't be worried about which person is dressed the best or who paid the most for their gown. Sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. Take it in for all it's worth and treasure the memories.
        4. Take lots of pictures. Capture the night from start to finish with lots of photographic memories. You'll be glad years later that you did.

      5. Don't ruin the night by drinking too much. Sure, it's a celebratory occassion, but don't you want to remember it? Getting ripped and running the risk of making a fool of yourself is not the way to remember this night. You want to get to the after parties sober and enjoy all of the food.

        6. Finally, after the prom, you can also donate your prom dressto organizations across the country that will give them away free to eager prom-goers. Check out The Princess Project, which offers a list of such organizations.
      Most of all, proms are about fun! Reading Tina's book is fun, too! Congrats again to Tina on her accomplishment.

      Marley = )
      Sorority Rush Begins - Spring 2008!
      Rush - A Sisterhood Novel
      Pledge Class - A Sisterhood Novel
      Puffin Books

      What I'm currently reading: "Venus Envy" by Shannon McKelden

      Monday, March 12, 2007

      It's Prom Week!

      Tomorrow is the day I’ve waited 21 months (and, well, my whole life) for. Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress will hit booksheves. So I thought it might be appropriate to go back to Day One of that book, to answer the question that I’d been asked several times, How Did You Come Up With Your Idea?

      Drift back to November of 2004. My soon-to-be-agent, Nadia Cornier, had requested the full of another book. It had occurred to me that IF she liked my book and IF she wanted to sign me, I should have another idea to pitch.

      So...I was book browsing on Amazon, punching in key words that sounded fun, one of which was “bridesmaid”. A bunch of books came up, including a nonfiction book about things to do with a bridesmaid dress.

      I stared at it for a moment and thought...huh, but what about a prom dress? What if it was an UNUSED prom dress? Oooh! Oooh! What if the guy dumped you 2 days before the prom...and the dress is still hanging on the back of your door all these months later, like a symbol of your disappointing life? And what if your mom makes you start a list of ten things she could do with it, in hopes it would get you back on track?

      So I raced over to my on-line brainstorming group, The Loony Binners (comprised of some very talented romance writers) and asked for help. Soon, Ten Uses for an Unused Prom Dress was smoothed to Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

      A few days later, Nadia called to say she wanted to sign me. (Yea!) And when she asked what else I had in the works, I tentatively spoke this new title. Nadia does not remember this, but she laughed and said, “Oh, I could sell that on the title alone!”

      The sale, alas, wasn’t that easy, but no complaints. Selling to Krista Marino at Delacorte Press on June 17 of the next year continues to be one of the best things that has EVER happened to me.

      Tomorrow is going down in my life history, too!

      Instead of closing with what I’m reading, I’m going to end with some thank-yous. To Stephanie Hale, for pre-ordering five copies of PROM DRESS and giving them away in a contest on her MySpace yesterday. And to the rest of the Buzz Girls for the wealth of support given to me and my book! You guys rock!
      Top Ten Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress, Available tomorrow
      How to Hook a Hottie, Spring 2008

      Sunday, March 11, 2007

      Calling all Coffee Junkies!

      Continuing the PW Northwest trend today to discuss one of the favorite pastimes of Seattlites everywhere...drinking coffee. I read that Seattle has the largest number of coffee shops per capita and I totally believe that. Every corner in the city has a Starbucks, a Seattle's Best Coffee, a Tullys, or an independent coffee shop. I love all of them :)

      There's something about sitting in a cozy coffee shop, steaming white chocolate mocha in hand warming up from a drizzly day that befall us Seattlites nearly half the year. On a Saturday night, you'll find the all-night Starbucks almost as packed as Tiki Joe's bar.

      For us, a coffee shop isn't just a place we go to to get a cuppa joe. A visit to the corner coffee shop is where we go to meet friends, people-watch, write novels, read novels, get in quiet-alone time, and best of all try a huge variety of yummy and calorie filled drinks!

      Some of my favorite coffee shops and drinks of choice:

      Kahilli Coffee - this Kirkland-waterfront staple is where I wind up writing 2/3 of every novel. Something about the fireplace, the bustle of people coming in, the free WiFi and out and of course the White Chocolate Macadamia-Hazelnut Mochas and the Tahitian vanilla teas keeps me coming back every weekend.

      TerraBite - This is the first of it's kind for the Kirkland area. A Pay-What-You-Want coffee shop. You go in, order from a variety of mochas and lattes from the menu, you pay exactly what you want into a donation box. My order of choice is a Sugar Daddy. I don't know what's in it, but damn is it good!

      Sureshot - This U-Washington hole-in-the-wall was introducted to me by one of my good student friends. They have an amazing concept of "white coffee". Coffee beans that are roasted and ground in a way that allows them to carry MORE caffeine with less acidity. A White Coffee White Angel (White chocolate plus coconut) is pure heaven.

      What about you guys? Any coffee junkies out there?
      Currently I'm reading VENUS ENVY by my good friend Shannon McKelden. Love Venus and love Hannah!

      -------'----,----@ @----,-----'-------
      HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI - January 2008 Kimani Tru

      Saturday, March 10, 2007

      All A-buzz about...

      What is buzzing on the West Coast?
      First, I made this one up, but it is so true. People are "twalking" everywhere Downtown!

      What is twalking?

      Walking (usually through dangerous traffic) while on the cell phone. This is related to Twalkxting – walking and texting. It's not just dangerous in the car. I mean, crossing a four lane road while discussing your cat's hairball issues? Someone's going to get hit!

      Fragrance goes techno...
      In the 90's there was CK One -- The Calvin Klein perfume/cologne a guy or girl could wear. Now, for the Internet age there is In2U.
      There was a big spread in the New York Times about the launch of this two fragrance collection to the “techno-sexuals” of the e-generation and lots of people are talking about it. Here's the 411:

      For starters, the word "techno-sexual" cracked me up. I guess, with the amount of texting/emailing we do, CK was bound to go there. So many books have passages of emails and/or texts these days.... especially young adult novels.

      Emovers – Emo dudes (guys who like bands like Modest Mouse and other slacker electronica) with their swept-across-the-forehead bangs are everywhere in my city. And, it's not just the dudes.
      Here is a website where you can actually rate people's emo hairstyles.
      There you go! With the exception of celebrity buzz, that's what has people talking in my neck of the woods. And one can only have so many conversations about Poor Britney...
      Heather Davis is author of
      Never Cry Werewolf
      Coming in 2008 from HarperCollins

      Friday, March 09, 2007

      The buzz on Betty's

      One of my favorite sayings of all time is, "She's a total Betty." The way I always understood this was that the girl being described was a hottie. Like Betty from Archie. The sweet, smart, girl next door constantly vying for Archie's attention. But recently a friend told me that this wasn't the Betty intended for this statement at all.

      But that the true Betty intended was Betty Boop. Well, this gives a whole new meaning to "She's a total Betty." So now does being a Betty mean that you are kind of a sex object? And as if this wasn't confusing enough, now another Betty gets thrown into the mix.

      So now because of the popularity of Ugly Betty, does being a Betty mean that you are homely but have a heart of gold? I'm stumped. And leave it to America Ferrara to go and complicate things further by spouting her political beliefs during an awards ceremony certainly resulting in the loss of viewers, but more importantly, causing me to ask, "Is being a Betty" mean that you stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the cost?"

      I think I'll stick to my original definition. And don't even think about telling me that this saying isn't cool because I'm totally bringing Betty back. If you'd like to see what else bush and Betty have in common besides America's speech, swallow all your liquids, then click here.

      Do you have a favorite saying that others insist is lame? Do tell.

      What I'm reading....DRAMA...the four Dorothys by Paul Ruditis


      All that matters is what's long as your outside is wearing the tiara!REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN, July 3,2007, Berkley Jam Books