Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prom Dress Fun!

Ohhh, Tina!

Yes, I've been wanting to post these pics all week, but decided to wait till my day to wrap up Prom Dress week! I was at B&N last Tuesday and I saw TONS of these books in the teen section. Yay Tina! I talked to the bookseller and asked her to put in front of the store with all the other "New Arrivals" instead of hidden in the back with the other YA stuff. If anyone happens to go into the Crossroads Mall B&N in Bellevue, WA, you'll see a big, ole stack of TOP TEN USES FOR A UNWORN PROM DRESS in the front of the store. Go Tina!

Now, onto my prom experiences....I only attended my senior prom and my date was one of my best friends, Akash K. He and I were both big old nerds and we'd had an agreement that we would go together if no one else was in our lives. Well, I had no boyfriends in sight, so off I went with Akash.
I bought my dress, a burgundy column dress with a drapey satin neckline at Loehmann's for only $60. I wore gold, Indian sandals and my mom's jewelry. That was the first day that I got my hair done by a professional. Surprisingly getting ready only took me about an hour, not too much more than what it took me to get ready on a normal day.

Akash arrived at my house in his car and after my mom took a whole roll of pictures (ALL OF THEM STILL LEFT BEHIND AT MY PARENTS HOUSE IN MICHIGAN NOW ), then we were off. My parents were so worried aobut me driving with someone on my own that they followed us all the way to Burton manor in our family van. So, technically I attended the prom with my parents, sister and Akash. Yes, I was the school nerd :)

The dance itself was very sweet. Food was filet mignon and the DJ was great. What I remember the most about that night was seeing all of my best friends all dressed up and we all had a great time dancing together and taking tons of pics.
After the dance, my parents were back to pick me up and take me home at the crack of 11 pm. I never claimed to be a cool teenager. :)
I have no regrets about Prom nor would I do anything differently. Since Akash and I are still friends to this day, and I still smile when I see my prom pics, I think everything worked out for the best.
I am currently reading THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (I have to read a lot for work as well!). I have finished PROM DRESS and will be posting a review on my blog tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra

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TinaFerraro said...

Dona, I opened this page right now and screamed! :) My book and your pretty face--what a surprise! Thanks so much for posting the pics--and for moving the books to the New Arrival table! You're wonderful!

And what a sweet story about your prom night. Thanks for sharing that, and I'm so glad it was special for you.

And--gulp--I'll be checking your blog tomorrow...

stephhale said...

I have a very hard time imagining you as a nerd. I love the pic you posted. I think your prom night was really special, especially since you two are still friends! And even though I would have been completely mortified to have my parents follow me & my date to prom, now as a parent, I think that is just too sweet! :)
ps- you ARE the ONLY person who hasn't seen Pretty in Pink! You need to recify this immediately! :) Even though we already ruined the ending for you.

Marley Gibson said...

I'm with Steph, HAVE to watch PRETTY IN PINK immediately, if not sooner! LOL!

Love the picture and good for you getting Tina's book out front. Awesome! Buzz Girls RULE!

Marley = )

Heather Davis said...

Yay for Dona! Way to support a fellow BG. Can't wait to read your book, Tina!

And Dona, for Pete's sake -- rent Pretty in Pink. You will understand everything about my teen years....