Saturday, March 10, 2007

All A-buzz about...

What is buzzing on the West Coast?
First, I made this one up, but it is so true. People are "twalking" everywhere Downtown!

What is twalking?

Walking (usually through dangerous traffic) while on the cell phone. This is related to Twalkxting – walking and texting. It's not just dangerous in the car. I mean, crossing a four lane road while discussing your cat's hairball issues? Someone's going to get hit!

Fragrance goes techno...
In the 90's there was CK One -- The Calvin Klein perfume/cologne a guy or girl could wear. Now, for the Internet age there is In2U.
There was a big spread in the New York Times about the launch of this two fragrance collection to the “techno-sexuals” of the e-generation and lots of people are talking about it. Here's the 411:

For starters, the word "techno-sexual" cracked me up. I guess, with the amount of texting/emailing we do, CK was bound to go there. So many books have passages of emails and/or texts these days.... especially young adult novels.

Emovers – Emo dudes (guys who like bands like Modest Mouse and other slacker electronica) with their swept-across-the-forehead bangs are everywhere in my city. And, it's not just the dudes.
Here is a website where you can actually rate people's emo hairstyles.
There you go! With the exception of celebrity buzz, that's what has people talking in my neck of the woods. And one can only have so many conversations about Poor Britney...
Heather Davis is author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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stephhale said...

Twalking, I love it! I'm one of those people who has to pull over or sit down to use my cell phone, I'm not multi-coordinated like that!
Fun new info!

Marley Gibson said...

Yeah...some of those twalkers have almost become hood ornaments on my Tracker each weekday morning.

New York City is putting a ban on twalking in cross walks. Don't know how easy that will be to police, but we'll see.

Marley = )

TinaFerraro said...

Great, Heather! I'm here on the west coast, too, but you just enlightened me on some things.

Twalking...I expect to see that in your next book!