Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crush Confessions

Since it's Boyz week here at BuzzBlog, I thought it high time I finally made a confession. Ten, actually. I've had a lot of crushes in my lifetime (sadly, it's been too long since my last one) and I've done some crazy things in pursuit of those crushes. So, here you go, my top ten list of the craziest things I've ever done for a crush.
  1. Serenaded him with Mickey by Toni Basil. Seriously, it was first grade and my bffs and I serenaded our group of boyz (my crush, Josh, included) complete with choreographed dance routine. That song still makes me smile.
  2. Played kissing tag. This time it was second grade (but still all about cutie Josh, who, as I mentioned before, is the root of my dark, curly hair obsession). I think the boyz were a little frightened.
  3. Joined the swim team. At the end of fourth grade, one of my crushes (Mark) showed up for show-and-tell with a bag full of ribbons from his swim meets. I joined a team that summer--and wound up with a load of ribbons of my own, thank you very much).
  4. Almost got in a fight. This totally wasn't my fault! In seventh grade I was totally in love with a soccer-playing eighth grader named Damien. And, although there was less than no chance that he would actually dump his girlfriend for me, she told everyone when wanted to fight me. I tell you, the northern Midwest is a violent place.
  5. Looked forward to math. In eighth grade, there were two total hotties in my algebra class (Drew and Jeff). They absolutely made going to math worthwhile.
  6. Learned to enjoy at great butt. I'm not a butt girl, by a long shot, but my main crush senior year had a phenomenal one. I remember one time in AP Chem, he was bent over the desk in front of me and I nearly lost it... (I can only think of one other butt as perfect as his: Rafael Nadal)
  7. Sought a fortune-teller. My freshman year of college there was a guy on my floor that I had an on-again-off-again crush on. You know the kind? Where one day you hate him and the next you love him? Well, on this particular day I hated Scott. A friend and I went to the street fair on Broadway and I was venting the whole time. We passed a palm-reading booth and I said, "Let's go get pizza and then come back." So, we come back, she takes my hand and says, "Who is Scott?" Sure, you may be thinking that she over heard me talking about him, but I NEVER called him by name. (I had been using a far more derogatory term.)
  8. Changed majors. When I transfered schools the summer after my sophomore year, I was going to be an environmental biology major. Then, my first summer at Colorado, I went to see The Merchant of Venice at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. I fell immediately in love with the actor playing Bassanio. The next semester I changed to a theatre major and never looked back.
  9. Drove an hour-and-a-half every week for nearly a year. One time, I had a huge crush on a friend of a friend. My friend lived forty-five minutes away and her friend was staying with her and I drove to her house every week just so I could see him.
  10. Stole a pair of Speedos. Okay, technically I didn't steal them. My senior year in college I was in love (seriously in love) with the lead actor in the theatre department. In a show that my friend happened to be on the costume crew he had to wear a Speedo in one scene. After the show closed she snagged the Speedo for me. I still have it.
Needless to say, none of these crushes ended in anything less than tears. You'd think I'd learn. So... What's the craziest thing you ever did for a crush?
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stephhale said...

I once drove six hours to see my crush for five minutes. Yeah, not exactly my finest moment.


TinaFerraro said...

In my mid-20s, I had an office crush on an college intern. My friend and I called him in to our office and pretended the window blinds were broken because we knew when he reached up to fix them, his T-shirt would hike up and we'd get a good look at his excellent athletic bod. :)

It worked like a charm, and my friend and I were making hysterical faces behind his back, but the episode left me feeling like one of those cat-calling construction workers, so at the Christmas party, I told him the truth. He said he'd known something was fishy that day--but thought maybe we were making fun of him somehow, and was flattered to learn it was because we liked his bod. :)

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Gosh, TLC, those are some funny ones :) I think we can officially classify you as boy crazy!

I don't have any crazy-stories...except that I agreed to marry a guy I'd only been dating for a month or so...and every morning, I know I made the right decision!

Heather Davis said...

OMG, Tera --

The Speedos killed me. That you still have them kills me even more -- if that's possible... ;

Um... funniest thing I did for a crush was to make him his own crossword puzzle (about him) and mail it to him. Geeky, right?

My only mistake is I should have done it anonymously. Haha...