Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boys to Men

You may have heard that Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe is starring in London's West End in a production of the play Equus. Apparently, it requires nudity and Daniel is getting rave reviews. (On the acting! Sheesh!)
This brings to mind the whole TV child actress does scandalous photos in men's mag to prove she is no longer America's Sweetheart...
But, I actually think Daniel is in this for the acting. Seriously. And, he has signed on for the final two Harry Potter films. He's not going to bite the hand that feeds.
Has anyone else made the transition from scrawny boy to hottie man? And no fair if you say Leonardo. He's a given.
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TinaFerraro said...

Heather, I'm afraid I'm not awake enough yet to come up with another example of scrawny-to-hottie, but I DO appreciate you waking me up with this marvelous vision! :)

And I think this was a good strategic career move for him. He's breaking out of Harry Potter while he still can, showing range, giving himself a shot at a full ranging career. And best of luck to him.


P.S. Does Patrick Dempsey qualify? Wasn't he kind of a scrawny, twerpy kid when he started out?

Simone Elkeles said...

Yeah, I can only think of Patrick Dempsey. Although Peter Brady looks pretty good on that VH1 show.

I think seeing Harry Potter as an adult actor is great.

~Simone Elkeles

stephhale said...

I never thought that I would think Harry Potter is hot, but I do. I also think he made a good choice to broaden his horizons. I just wish they'd bring the show a little closer to IL. :)
One hottie I can think of who grew up good is Joey Lawrence, although I'm not too impressed with the Mr. Clean thing but he's still a hottie!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

WOW, is that really him. He has a long and properous career ahead of him if this is the case.


Marley Gibson said...

That's too much! Who knew Harry Potter had a bod?!

Marley = )

Diana Peterfreund said...

Kurt Russell.
Ryan Gosling.
While we're talking about old Mouseketeers, Justin Timberlake.