Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Was a Teenage Drive-Thru Goddess!

My first job (aside from babysitting, which I pretty much sucked at back then) was less than fabulous for sure.
I worked the drive-thru for Mickey D's. Haha to Marley! (see yesterday's post!)
My bff Tonya and I both got jobs there when we found out they were building a location in our neighborhood. I have to admit the gray slacks & burgundy shirts were not our best looks, but we made it through... although Tonya lasted way less days than I did. Eventually I was even training other kids. I know... overachiever, even at a fast food joint.
I could tell you some crazy stories about that place. About dealing with pervy middle-aged managers. About how awkward it was when rich kids from my high school pulled up in their convertibles outside my drive-thru window. About the time a boy who worked the grill (and went to an all boys Catholic high school) was in love with me. The night I told him it would never work (he was nice but not for me) he was slamming the dishes in the sink at the back of the restaurant to the tune of Percy's Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman". Eek.
But probably the best thing to come out of that whole year and a half at the Golden Arches was that when a casting person for the McDonalds commercials spotted me at an employees open call and I was picked to be in a national ad campagin.
I was the girl washing a window on the "Hip to Be Crew" commercial that aired during and just after my senior year of high school. That spot paid residuals that helped me with living expenses my first year of college. And... made me a temporary member of the Screen Actors Guild !
So, yes, I was a drive-thru goddess. And somehow it paid off. :)
Did anyone else work fast food?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

First job...sooooooeeeee pig!

We're talking about first jobs here at Books, Boys, Buzz. What a fun topic, eh? I can't wait to see what everyone else has to say.

My first *paying* job was on my parents' farm. We had cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs...and pigs. Lots of pigs. My father was a mechanical engineer who after his fourth heart attack decided to become gentleman farmer. Now, have you ever seen a mechanical engineer design a farm? The man did research and read books and magazines and designed this amazing barn for our pigs. There was a section for the sows about to have babies, another section for babies when they were a little older (called feeder pigs) and other sections for the older pigs. All on pavement. See, pigs are very clean animals...unless they're put in mud. So, my engineer father put them in this high-tech situation on concrete. It was really amazing...but, the pens needed cleaning.

That's where I came in. With rubber gloves, high boots, a squeegee, and a water hose, I would spray down the...well, the pig poopie (sorry!) and squeegee it down to a trough that took it to an underground cesspool. How gross is that? Well, it was a job and it paid a whopping $2.50 per hour. Let me tell you what.

Not very glamorous, but I saved a lot of money that helped lead to my first car.

Maybe I shoul have just gone to work the drive-through at McDonald's, eh? LOL!!

So...what was your first job? How much did you get paid? Did you learn anything from it?

Marley = )
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Posting...

Apologies in advance for deviating from the week's theme, because this is about neither sports nor guys. As some of you may know (since I've posted this plea on MySpace) I am facing a major career decision. Okay, technically it is a question of vanity that happens to involve my writing career. I have to choose my author photo. At this point it's just for the publisher catalog, but will also wind up on the jacket flap, my website, and who knows where else. The problem is, I have three pictures to choose from and the votes from everyone I've asked so far have been pretty evenly distributed. So I need your help, Buzz Readers. Which of the following is the best author photo?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Star Speedskater

Apolo Anton Ohno sped into my consciousness in the 2002 Olympics, a hotshot speedskater with confidence, good humor--and most admirably, resilience. Although he was considered the shoo-in to win the 1000 meter race, a competitor trigged a massive wipeout, sending Ohno, along with others, into the barriers. A last-place racer easily crossed the finish line, but it was Ohno’s “oh, well, stuff happens” attitude that got him back to his feet in time to take the silver. In interviews afterwards, he shrugged the incident off, and kept his focus to go take gold in the 1500.

On top of this, he’s so darned cute! In fact, when writing HOW TO HOOK A HOTTIE (January, 2008, Delacorte Press), whose settings include a skating rink, there was no question of whether or not I’d mention him as a skater the girls admired…it was more a question of how many times. (Final Answer? Once. Because when you’re as dynamic as he is, once is enough.)

Earlier this year, Ohno announced his plans to compete in the 2010 Olympics. But otherwise, he’s been busy engaging in a whole new sport: ballroom dancing. Along with a partner, Julianne Hough, he tackled the Quickstep, the Cha Cha, the Paso Doble and others well enough to make it to the finals on his 25th birthday, and be named the 4th season winners.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of Ohno, whether it’s on ice, cement or the dance floor!

How about you?

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Tina Ferraro
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Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm a real girl when it comes to sports...

So you can imagine the fear I am beginning to feel at having two toddlers that are so incredibly active they will surely play every sport known to man. Luckily, my husband doesn't sit around watching sports all the time, but he does love baseball. Especially the Saint Louis Cardinals. So my hottie sports guy is Albert Pujols (pronounced- pooh holes) at least that's how my hubby taught our boys to say it. Check him out.

Pujols is all the rage in St. Louis, which was very obvious when we visited there last weekend. The Cardinals, who won the 2006 World Champions, just got a brand new stadium last year. Even for a non-sport lover like me, I had to admit, the stadium is gorgeous!

I know that Pujols plays first base and is really good, but if you are looking for stats, you're here on the wrong day. Seriously though, how cool would it be to play your favorite game and get paid for it? I bet it's almost as good as getting paid to make up stories.

Pujols doing a little OJ humor before practice. Sorry, I couldn't resist. He's hot though, right? That is what I am slowly starting to appreciate about sports. Even though I may not have a clue what is going on, the scenery ain't all bad! And if your significant other is always hogging the remote watching sports and you can't ever agree on a movie, I have a suggestion, try Fever Pitch. It really is an adorable movie that appeals to baseball lovers & lovers of chick flicks!

What I'm reading...Dream Factory by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our newest import

Posh & Becks, Beckingham Palace, Bend it like Beckham...yes, he really is one of England's greatest superstars. We are, of course, talking about David Beckham. Now, I don't know much about soccer or goals or whatever, but I do know my cute guys and he is unmatched in his hot-ness.

From dominating on the soccer fields, to being a wonderful father, or a really sexy husband, David Beckham & his beautiful family is truly a welcome addition to the incestous Hollywood circle. David and Victoria's new dual fragrance "Intimately Beckham's" new ad campaign is hot, hot, HOT.

And even though they were hit with a major nanny-gate scandal a few years ago, they seem to have recovered nicely. David and Victoria always seem to be completely in love and totally crazy about their adorable kids.

Welcome to LA!


Dona Sarkar-Mishra


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sports Hotties?

So, uh...confession time...

I'm a girl who only went to a handful of sporting events in high school. (I know!)

Then... I attended a college that only had a soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, and boomerang team. (And apparently a basketball team, though I still think that's a rumor.)

Although I did go to a few soccer games to scope out a cute forward named Aaron during my frosh year, and I did watch a rugby game or two (ok, make that the rugby players) during my years of higher education, it's never been an obsession for me.

Nowadays, I don't follow sports very much, but I can tell you nothing is cooler on a guy that someone who rocks whatever they do.

So... ladies, I give you Ichiro!

Even if you don't watch baseball, you may have heard of the Japanese outfielder sensation on the Seattle Mariners. He's so fun to watch.

Partly, I like going to the ball game to eat fish n' chips (a Seattle thing) and hear the sound of the train echoing through Safeco Field, but I also like watching Ichiro at work. Plus, he's cute!

How about you? Is there anyone on your local sports team you like to watch?

Or did you ever watch a sporting event just to see a crush?



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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sports Hotties

It's been a while since we Buzz Girls have done a week on luscious eye candy, so we're having "Sports Hotties" week where we'll be looking at some of our favorite sports stars.

I have to start out with my favorite sport (hockey), my favorite team (Toronto Maple Leafs), and my favorite player...Darcy Tucker. Isn't he adorable? Sure, he's a beast and likes to pound the other team's faces when they dis his mates, but he's got a heart of gold and is fiercly loyal to his teammates.

Now, let's move to another favorite sport (football), another favorite team (Miami Dolphins), and another hot, hot guy...Jason Taylor. So what the Dolphins haven't been good for a few years? Still, I get to look at Jason Taylor chase quarterbacks all over the field, make sacks, and occassially run in a fumble for a touchdown.

And, a recent addition to the eye candy dish...was it just me who couldn't take my eyes off the Wimbledon finals or what? Federer vs. Nadal. Well, let me have a look at that cute little Roger...

Cleans up nice, eh? Whattaya think?

Marley = )
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(Note name change for my books!)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

TLC's Dallas Top Ten

I'm usually the one taking a billion pictures and annoying the bajeezus (sp?) out of everyone by saying, "Smile!" But this conference I only took a couple, so this will be an unillustrated post. Instead, I'm just going to post my Top Ten moments of the Dallas conference (some personal, some universal). Bear with me.
  1. Meeting all the Buzz Girls (except Marley--but we had already met)! It's one thing to form a bond, a sisterhood online, but when it comes to actually meeting face-to-face it's a little terrifying. There were a few moments where I was like, "Um... what do I say now?" But that disappeared quickly. It's good when instincts get proven right. =)
  2. Catching up with my critique partner and very great friend Sharie and other West Houston RWAers (whom I hadn't seen in nearly a year). It made me realize how much I miss my home chapter--and how much they have meant to me and my career thus far. Which made #3 all the sweeter...
  3. Telling my critique partner and very great friend Sharie and other West Houston RWAers that I will be moving back to Houston at the end of the summer. After fending off the suggestion that I run for president of the chapter (no, no, no, and no) I received the warmest welcome back a girl could ask for.
  4. Seeing Buzz Girls Simone, Tina, and Steph sign their books at the literacy signing!
  5. Knowing that Buzz Girls Dona, Marley, and I will be added to their ranks next year. (And Heather the year after that, but hopefully there will be Werewolf ARCs to pass around in San Francisco!)
  6. Listening to keynote speaker Lisa Kleypas share the tragic story of how a flood took all her family's belongings, and how a romance novel was one of the necessities both she and her mother needed to begin to get their lives back on track. She reminded me how vital something as seemingly inconsequential as commercial fiction can truly affect the lives of readers. You never know who will be reading your book... and whether you book just might be the escape they need to make it through the day.
  7. Getting a voicemail from my agent the instant I landed in Dallas, with some very good--but not yet official, so you have to wait a few days--good news.
  8. Attending Buzz Girl Simone's YA workshop (along with Boy Wonder and YA superstar Shannon Greenland). The room was packed with aspiring--and published--YA authors who prove that the Young Adult genre is thriving and growing.
  9. Seeing Barb Caridad Ferrar win the freakin' RITA!!! It felt like a coup for all the young adult authors in the audience! Her charge to make the Young Adult RITA category fly next year will hopefully urge wary authors to enter. Her win secures the genre in the heart and the history of RWA.
  10. Saying goodbye. Because you have to say goodbye before you can say hello again... and San Francisco is only twelve months away. So much has happened for all of us in the last twelve months, I can only imagine where we'll be after the next twelve!
So those are my top ten favorite moments from this year's conference. I'm such a sap that I'm tearing up just thinking about them all. I'm proud to be a Buzz Girl. I'm proud to be an author. Attending conference every year reminds me of just how lucky I am.


Friday, July 20, 2007

The Conference That Keeps On Giving...

One of the best things about going to a romance writer’s conference is the books. The ones you find waiting on your luncheon seat, the ones you pick up in the goodie room, and of course, the autographed copies you purchase at the Literary Signing.

Buzz Girl Stephanie Hale and I struck up a deal from back-when that we would buy a copy of each other’s book at the Literary Signing so that a) we wouldn’t look like dorks who no one wanted to visit; and b) so we could have signed copies; and c) just cuz it sounded like fun.

And we did just that. The difference was, she’d long ago read mine, but her book, REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN, was pretty much hot-off-the-press. With the whirlwind activities, it took a few days until I got to crack the spine. (Ouch, sorry, Steph, that sounded painful.) I only got to read a few pages, but the fast pacing and playful tone were enough to draw me right in.

Here’s a picture of Steph and me (I’m the one showing all that skin, but minus the flabby arm this time), with me telling her that I’m SO going to read her book on the flight home.

And read it, I did. Including some laugh-out-loud moments to my travelmate/roommate, and all-around good buddy, author Janie Emaus (shown with me here following the Daphne Awards earlier in the week).

Back home, I was supposed to be writing and cleaning house and cooking and, well, sleeping, but Steph’s heroine, Aspen Brooks, was having NONE of that. She would not let me rest until all her problems were solved and threads neatly resolved.

Take my word for it: REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN is a joyride! Fun and funny, touching, snarky…a book that leaves you wanting more. Which Steph and her publisher will be sharing with us sometime next year...

Anyway, I’m wondering if any of you--writers and readers--have come upon favorite books from conferences, contests, giveaways or in some unusual ways, too? If so, please, do share!


Tina Ferraro
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How to Hook a Hottie, Spring, 2008
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Global chicks, Harlequin Parties and Cheap-ass food!

My visit to Dallas for the RWA National Conference started off a little differently than most....Heather and I flew in together on Tuesday night and after a quick session with Simone & the Chicago North Posse at the bar, we crashed.

Day 1: Dona goes on a hunt of cheap-ass food after seeing the hotel's outrageous prices the night before. $12 for chicken strips--uh-huh, I don't THINK so! I passed this gorgeous red museum and finally found a ghetto-diner, a cute little restaurant (F&G) and a little bakery/cafe. Also a cowboy store and a bbq joint. I bought some REAL Texas BBQ sauce for a friend and for DH.

Then it was time for the Literacy Signing. I met so many of my fellow authors. And to think, I'll be behind the tables next year!

Heather and Tera doin' their thing--BEEing fab =)

Buzz Girl Tina Ferraro with Caridad Ferrer in the background

Me and Steph Hale. Ain't we divas? =)

I couldn’t get past Simone’s huge, long line to get a closer pic! The mob scene around Ms. Elkesles!!!

Then came the running-upstairs-to-change and the chick-lit party followed..

Late at night, we had a mini-BBG gathering to celebrate Tina's birthday with cakes! We stayed up late chatting about boys, families and writing.

Day 2: Thursday was a half-day of workshops and I FINALLY found the gorgeous (and LATE!) Nadine Dajani at lunch! We sat at a table with Kelli Estes, Christina Arbini and Heather and ate questionable chicken and yummy cheesecake.

That night was the Buzz Girls dinner/meeting atop the Hyatt ball in the Antares restaurant. First we got a long table where we would have to yell. After some, ahem, negotiation, we got a better deal. As Heather demonstrated, you can definitely catch more bees with honey!

Aren’t we glam?

Then came the Golden Network Party where Heather Davis got the boot after selling her NEVER CRY WEREWOLF to HarperCollins. Also booted, Wendy Toliver for the sale of her book CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE SIREN to Simon Pulse. Yay girls!

Heather and her agent, Wonder Boy, er Stephen Barbara

Day 3: Friday was Simone's YA workshop, followed by an afternoon of workshops. I got a chance to meet up with my lovely agent Sha-Shana Crichton and chat about my future for a bit, all while leaning over a balcony and spying in publishing professionals.

Me and my wonderful agent, the gorgeous Sha-Shana Crichton. She ROCKS!

Then came one of the best parts of the trip: the Harlequin party. They say you'll never forget your first publishers party and they were right. A plethora of desserts, open bar and so many truffles, my head was swimming. Everyone was dancing up a storm and the ballroom was rockin’.

Me and my new best friend Nora Roberts. Wow, what a dancer she is!

Kimani Girls -- Ann Christopher, Sha-Shana Crichton and me


Yes, the rumours are true, Sha-Shana and I did indeed steal a bag of M&Ms and a limo at the end of the night

Day 4: Saturday was the amazing Michael Hague workshop. Seriously, people, if you haven't seen this man present, BUY THE FREAKING DVD! I have never had such a life-altering workshop before. I was almost in tears. No kidding. My writing is literally never going to be the same again. Hands down, the best workshop I've attended in my writing career. He talked a lot about the heroes journey and why two people connect at a deeper level. Seriously folks, great stuff.

I crashed the St. Martin's signing and had fan-girl moments with the gorgeous Blossom and Michelle (CHINA DOLLS) and Nadine Dajani (FASHIONABLY LATE).
Then was the GH/Ritas where history was made with an ethnic YA novel taking"Best Single Title Contemporary Novel." I am so incredibly proud of Barb "Caridad" Ferrer and her ADIOS TO MY OLD LIFE.
We partyied like rock-stars we are after the awards.
On the way home, we had real Texas BBQ with Julia Quin, Elizabeth Boyle and Jane Porter...amazing, sweet, brilliant ladies =)
All in all, the best conference EVER!
...can't wait for San Francisco!
Dona Sarkar-Mishra
HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI - January 2008 from Harlequin's Kimani Tru

I Touched a Rita!!!

Hello Honorary Bees!

Well, Conference Memories week continues...
So much happened in Dallas. First of all, if you've been reading the blog lately, you've enjoyed Marley Gibson's Fabulous Dallas Adventure. Marley was everywhere.
Next year, if someone can't make it -- God forbid it's me! -- I vote that we get a life-size cutout. Maybe Jessica Alba will have a new DVD release and we can steal her cardboard body from Blockbuster and paste a Buzz Girl face on? I'm just sayin.... This stand-in idea could blossom...
Okay, some personal highlights from the week....
Here I am with my beautiful partner in crime, Dona Sarkar, with our "First Sale" ribbons. If you haven't been to RWA national, these are the pink flags you get to stick on your name tag when you finally sell a book. All week long, people ask you the name of your book and when it's coming out... so it's pretty cool... And it's kinda good promotion, too.

Here I am on Wednesday with YA Uber Goddess Nic Burnham at the charity booksigning. Nic is so sweet and a great writer. She serves on the National RWA board and just kicks butt in general.
I went all around the event snapping photos and then waited in the gi-normous line to buy my books. It was so hot and humid in there, I about fainted. Luckily, some girls were passing out jelly beans.
Not that they will save you from fainting, they are just delicious...

On Thurday night after the Buzz Girl dinner at the top of the world, Marley accompanied us to the Golden Network party. It was fun and look, I got a certificate to frame!

Here's a picture with my good friend and mentor Pat White. She's like a big sister to me. I look a little scared in the picture because I'm trying hard not to mess up my smile. I'm always the girl blinking or talking in photos, people. This shot took some work.

You can almost see my dress -- I was channeling Audrey Hepburn that week and this was the Roman Holiday look. You'll see me working the Breakfast at Tiffany's look later in the week...

Okay, on Friday night, the people at Avon actually let us HarperCollins Teen authors come to the big family dinner! My first publisher party! (Cue choirs of angels...)

They had buses which took us from the Hyatt to the beautiful Hotel Zaza and get this... SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS sat next to me on the bus and talked about Harry Potter and the new Harper YA book Wicked Lovely with me and Mary Castillo and Ann Mallery. Yep, Melissa Marr (author of Wicked Lovely) and I have the same editor. She's a genius so I'm in good hands..

Here I am with Julie Blattberg, Harper's online guru, and Terri Clark, Harperteen author of Sleepless Summer, which comes out next uh... summer. Duh! Terri is a sweetheart. Friend her on myspace if you haven't already.

The food was awesome at the Hotel Zaza. Yummy appetizers like chicken on skewers (what do you do with the skewers after!) veggie fresh rolls, and little potstickers.

Dinner was salmon or steak, delicious mashed taters, grilled veggies and then yummy strawberry shortcake. I was gonna take a picture of the food, but I didn't want to be too geeky... I did shout out the name of my book when they introduced me. (And people laughed at the title! Yay!)

Also, Avon gave us totes of great stuff, including an audio book of the complete works of Dorothy Parker. Love her! Can't wait to listen to that. Chatted with nice folks like Lynda Sandoval and also, Jacquie D'Allesandro introduced me to her stuffed animal alligator purse. So cute! On the bus home I sat with Tera's friend Sophie Jordan, who was just lovely. Good people over there at Avon.
I was too tired to go out to Dona's HQ party, so I just had a fangirl moment with the fabulous Rachel Gibson and then went to bed.

Saturday... had a dinner meeting with my "wonder"ful agent. He'd been surrounded by Buzz Girls since the moment he landed -- heaven help him! -- but he took it all in stride. Maybe he's our honorary Buzz Boy?

Anyway, we had a great dinner away from the hotel and then made it back in time to join the Buzz Girls section at the Golden Hearts/Ritas. It was my agent's first time at nationals, so he wasn't sure to expect.

During the awards program he leaned over and said, "Hey, this is kind of a big deal." I was like, "Duh." ;) (See he didn't know because he's sheltered from the glitz and glamour of the RWA -- but no longer!)

Oh, I ransacked Dona's bag of M & M's (mooched from the Harelquin party which I'm sure she'll tell us all about) during the Awards and then we all shmoozed and chatted and ate lots of nummy desserts.

I captured this next photo late in the evening -- the adorable Mari Mancusi trying to snag YA author Caridad Ferrer's Rita for Best Contemporary Romance.

Ladies! There will be a YA category next year! Mari, your time will come.

We chatted in the bar with new friend Shannon Greenland and old friend Delilah Ahrendt and hubby -- and then Dona and I hit our respective hays.

Finally, exhausted and nearly broke from the hotel bill, Dona and I headed for the airport on Sunday... Only to find Rita winner JULIA QUINN and her bestselling buddies Elizabeth Boyle and Jane Porter.
So where do giant authors hang out? In the airport bookstore/cafe of course! They were so sweet--- and all were on the same flight as us, since they are NW girls too.

And then... Julia let us touch her Rita! It (or is it SHE?) was traveling in her Coach bag, of course.
Then, we had Texas airport barbecue with those romance giants 'cuz that's how we Buzz Girls roll...

(Acutally, they really did invite us! When I'm that famous, I'm so going to invite little YA authors to lunch in airports. It's just good karma, dontcha think?)

Hope you all had fun on my adventure!

Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in 2008 from HarperCollins

Monday, July 16, 2007

Marley is on her way back to Boston

First of all, sorry to all of you living vicariously through the blog that I didn't get to post on Saturday. My internet service ran out...blah...blah...was having a blast....blah...couldn't force myself to post after getting home at 11pm last night! So here are a few memories that I missed. The conference was so wonderful. I met so many amazing authors and I consider myself lucky to call them not only collegues, but friends.
Here is Marley helping Heather with her moderator responsibilities at the YA workshop, It's Not Cheating If It's With A Younger Guy. The speakers were our very own Buzz Girl, Simone Elkeles (who was hilarious, as usual), Stephen Barbara from The Donald Maass Agency, and the adorable Shannon Greenland(author of the Model Spy books).

Heather & her agent, Stephen Barbara at the Golden Pen party where Heather got the boot for selling her first book, Never Cry Werewolf. We ate the most delicious warm brownie dessert and watched a fun skit. The theme was A View to a Sale.

The champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries that my awesome bookclub sent!

Marley reading her Rita/Golden Heart program. Note the lady glancing suspiciously at us. We got that a lot!

Me & Dona.

The Queen of Teen Fiction: Caridad "Barb" Ferrer
Everyone is so proud of Barb. I got goosebumps & still do when I heard her name called. She was so poised. I felt so honored to know her when she got up and took "her" moment of glory to help other young adult authors in the future. I have no doubt that there will be a YA RITA category next year! Thanks, Barb!
Me & Tina. She's doing that weird thing with her arm so you don't see her glass of wine. Busted, Tina.

All the Buzz Girls looking fancy!

Dallas was the bomb but San Fran is going to ROCK! :)