Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Was a Teenage Drive-Thru Goddess!

My first job (aside from babysitting, which I pretty much sucked at back then) was less than fabulous for sure.
I worked the drive-thru for Mickey D's. Haha to Marley! (see yesterday's post!)
My bff Tonya and I both got jobs there when we found out they were building a location in our neighborhood. I have to admit the gray slacks & burgundy shirts were not our best looks, but we made it through... although Tonya lasted way less days than I did. Eventually I was even training other kids. I know... overachiever, even at a fast food joint.
I could tell you some crazy stories about that place. About dealing with pervy middle-aged managers. About how awkward it was when rich kids from my high school pulled up in their convertibles outside my drive-thru window. About the time a boy who worked the grill (and went to an all boys Catholic high school) was in love with me. The night I told him it would never work (he was nice but not for me) he was slamming the dishes in the sink at the back of the restaurant to the tune of Percy's Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman". Eek.
But probably the best thing to come out of that whole year and a half at the Golden Arches was that when a casting person for the McDonalds commercials spotted me at an employees open call and I was picked to be in a national ad campagin.
I was the girl washing a window on the "Hip to Be Crew" commercial that aired during and just after my senior year of high school. That spot paid residuals that helped me with living expenses my first year of college. And... made me a temporary member of the Screen Actors Guild !
So, yes, I was a drive-thru goddess. And somehow it paid off. :)
Did anyone else work fast food?

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stephhale said...

Heather, you don't even know what I would give to see that commercial! That's so awesome. I know lots of people who worked at Mickey D's and really loved it. Loved the visual of the heartbroken grill guy!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

WOw, we're in the midst of a celebrity! Congrats H!