Friday, July 06, 2007

Homecoming Rulz!!

I always loved Homecoming in high school. The time of year. The school spirit in the air. Everyone buying their Homecoming outfits, scrambling for a date, and wondering who would be named Homecoming Queen.

Every school does it differently. Some have queens and princesses. Others have a king and queen.

My school had attendants and the queen. The attendants each representated one of the high school classes and the queen came from the senior class.

Some school have their ceremony on the football field during the game, with either an escort by the winner's father or her boyfriend.

Some even have the football players escort the court.

There are banners, crowns, maybe a ceptor or two, but always a big, bubbly radiant smile from the winner.

Face it, it's the pinnacle of a high school career...getting the rhinestone crown placed on your head! How that must feel!

But, it's almost as fun to see a good friend or a friendly person win the title and share in her joy.

And imagine the smile on my face this morning when I received my shipment from with our fabulous Stephanie Hale's debut, REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN! I can't wait for the weekend to start so I can delve into this book!

Happy Homecoming week to all!

Marley = )
Sorority Rush Begins - May 2008!
Rush - A Sisterhood Novel
Pledge Class - A Sisterhood Novel
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What I'm reading...THE BOYS NEXT DOOR by Jenn Echols (which I'll announce the winner of a copy of it on Monday, July 9th!)


stephhale said...

I love homecoming too, Marley. Go figure! I can't wait to hear what you think of the book!

alexgirl said...

Hey Marley! Mygod, those pictures are all so fabulous. The whole homecoming thing completely blows my mind. They look like Beatles fans (you know, so excited that they might pee in their pants!)
and congrats again to Steph!!
(hope you'll maybe check out my book, BACK TALK, as well?!)

TinaFerraro said...

What a great post, Marley! Since I missed out on all this in my own high school life, it was fun to learn so much about it here. And all those smiling faces!

Alex...when does BACK TALK come out? Or is it out already?

stephhale said...


You know I totally will. I didn't enter your contest b/c I want to buy it! I already looked for it once, but our lame bookstores here didn't have it. They didn't even get my book! But don't fret, Back Talk will be mine soon!

Anonymous said...

homecoming is kool @ my skool. itz all formal & stuff.

i want 2 win a boook. how?

Heather Davis said...

Think even for too-cool-for-school-event girls Homecoming is still fun. A week of assemblies, contests, the dance, etc? Super fun.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Something different. I loved homecoming and watching the football players. It's the most memorable time of a girl's life. Or at least for me and my friends.