Monday, May 31, 2010

Horsing Around!

In celebration of Tera Lynn Childs’ newest release, Forgive My Fins, we are talking this week about dreams from our childhood...

I have been remembering a lovely friend from second grade, and how we spent most recesses “trotting” around the playground, as horses. My favorite part was jumping, which I imagined to be like flying. Of course, in my mind the horses were all sweet and loving and probably blue and pink. Think My Little Pony!

That summer, my family took a vacation to Yosemite, and I begged my mother to take me on the trail ride. It took some finagling because I just under the required height/weight, but I got my own horse and set off with the group. On what was a terrifying ride--at least to an 8 year-old--for my horse had a mind of its own and seemed to want nothing to do with the trail, following the other horses,or being with me. I simply couldn't wait for that trail ride to be over.

After that, I was pretty much DONE with horses. Real and imaginary.

Until many years later, when a work-friend talked me into accompanying her for elementary level horseback riding lessons out in Topanga Canyon. Time to face my fear!

Slowly, I did. Soon, that weekly lesson became the highlight of my week. I reverted back to that little second grader who was trotting the playground, only this time, for real. Eventually I worked up to one of the perfect moments of my life: taking my first jump.

Eventually, though, the lessons came to an end. And it’s been years now since I’ve been on a horse. But I’ll always have my childhood dream--and how I went on to make it come true.

So tell us, in order to be entered to win a signed copy of FORGIVE MY FINS, did you or do you love horses and riding--either now as a kid?


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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fins, Fins Everywhere!

It seems almost hard to imagine, but the release week for FORGIVE MY FINS is finally here! You might think it gets a little easier or a little less extraordinary after two books, but let me tell you the third book release is just as exciting/terrifying/hopeful/busy/nervewracking as the first. I'm glad you and the Buzz girls are here to celebrate the craziness with me.

Because FORGIVE MY FINS is the realization of a life-long mermaid fantasy (I still dream of my legs magically turning into fins) all this week we'll be talking about childhood dreams. For anyone who hasn't heard the scoop, here's the blurb:
Lily Sanderson has a secret, and it's not that she has a huge crush on gorgeous swimming god Brody Bennett, who makes her heart beat flipper-fast. Unrequited love is hard enough when you're a normal teenage girl, but when you're half human, half mermaid, like Lily, there's no such thing as a simple crush.

Lily's mermaid identity is a secret that can't get out, since she's not just any mermaid—she's a Thalassinian princess. When Lily found out three years ago that her mother was actually a human, she finally realized why she didn't feel quite at home in Thalassinia, and she's been living on land and going to Seaview High School ever since, hoping to find where she truly belongs. Sure, land has its problems—like her obnoxious biker-boy neighbor, Quince Fletcher—but it has that one major perk: Brody. The problem is, mermaids aren't really the casual dating type—the instant they "bond," it's for life.

When Lily's attempt to win Brody's love leads to a tsunami-sized case of mistaken identity, she is in for a tidal wave of relationship drama, and she finds out, quick as a tailfin flick, that happily ever after never sails quite as smoothly as you planned.
Regular Buzz blog readers know that when there's a release week, there's usually a giveaway, too. Well, guess what? There is a giveaway, too! Every day this week I will give away a signed, hot-off-the-presses copy of Forgive My Fins to one lucky winner in the US/Canada. That's seven days, seven copies, seven chances to win. Comment every day for your best odds!

To enter today's giveaway, tell me:
Water. Love it, hate it, or fear it?
Good luck and thanks for making this week extra special.


PS -- Want more chances to win? Want to help protect the oceans? Pop over to my personal blog, where I'm giving away another seven books this week and making a donation to Oceana for every comment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ack! Dentist Alert.

If there is one thing I used to hate as a kid it was going to the dentist. This is mostly because we had a really mean dentist - not even the treasure box at the end of the appointment could make you feel good after a visit with him.

I remember one time he asked me to lie to my little sister and tell her the fluoride gel stuff tasted good so she would let me put it on her teeth at the end of her appointment. Number one, it does not taste good. Number two, don't ask a kid to lie about it to her sister! You can see I'm still bitter about that doofus.

Now, I'm much cooler about going to the dentist. I have a really nice one, and it's no big deal to go for a cleaning. It's when I need something done, like today, that my pulse races and I get that sweaty-palm feeling of dread. So think of me, dear Buzz Girl readers, sitting nervously in the dentist chair -- and remember to take good care of those pearly whites.

Do you like going to the dentist? Do you have any advice for the fearful patient like me?


Wherever You Go - Fall 2011 Harcourt
The Clearing - April 2010 HMH
Never Cry Werewolf - Oct 2009 HarperTeen

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Title Help Time

I swear, I used to be good at coming up with titles very early in the process. Lately, though, it seems like I've had to be help from the blogoverse to get some help and inspiration. Well, it's that time again!

After finishing up Fins Are Forever, the sequel to Forgive My Fins (which comes out next week!) I am turning my attention back to my Medusal girls trilogy. And guess what? I need title help! Here's the basic blurb:
Separated-at-birth triplet descendants of Medusa reunite and discover it's their destiny to guard the door between the world of monsters and the world of man.
I'm in need of a series title (there will be at least three books) and then individual book titles. But for now, just some series title ideas would be wonderfully appreciated. In case it helps, here are the (never before seen) character collages for the three girls:

Because I'm feeling generous and desperate and excited for the release of Forgive My Fins next week, I will give away a signed copy (fresh off the presses) to one lucky title suggester. Okay, brainstorm away!

Edit: Contest officially over. The winner is Malbebe. Congrats!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Island Girl!

Now that all six seasons of LOST are behind us, I'm wondering what I'm going to do for my island fix???

Okay, don't feel too sorry for me. Here I am, in 2007, on a beach in Oahu, showing off a copy of my critique partner, Kelly Parra's, book, Graffiti Girl:

And I fully intend to return someday. (Soon, I hope.) In the meantime, this Island Loving Girl is trying to think up movies and books to keep the mood alive.

How about the light but cute Blue Crush:

And Carolyn Mackler's wonderful novel, Tangled:

Can you make any other recommendations for this me and all the Island Girls and Guys out there?


Tina Ferraro
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make Way for the Flash Mob Dance!

Hello! I hope you're having a great weekend! So, my question for today is: Have you ever been somewhere to see a flash mob dance? Or better yet, have you ever danced in one? You know, like this one that the crowd busted into in Chicago when the Black Eyed Peas were performing for Oprah? Click HERE to see video if you missed it.

Or this one, when a little music gets an entire mall full of shoppers to shake their groove thangs in a recent episode of "Glee"? Click HERE if you missed it.

They're all the rage, whether just for fun or to raise money for charities. YouTube is full of flash mob dance sightings, so if you're curious, check them out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost for "Lost"

Does anyone else watch "LOST"? I know Buzz Girl Tina and I do pretty regularly. This Sunday is the series finale of LOST, after 6 long years of running through woods, murder, time travel, mayhem and general confusion.

We "Losties" hope to get our answers this Sunday in a 2 hour season finale!

Anyone else out there a "Lostie"?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Travel Log - Back in the East from the West

Hi everyone!

Sorry I missed posting last week. Life is a whirlwind; what can I say? I have been in California since the end of April and just got back to Boston yesterday morning on a red eye flight. It was so hard to leave the sunshine and blue skies of SoCal to return to the gloomy rain of the east coast. But there's so much to do!

While I was in SoCal, I attended a conference, premiered GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON, went body boarding, cooked out a lot, hung out with my left coast friends...and I learned to surf! Here's proof...

We also made a trip out to the desert that incredible! I'd never been to the desert, so it was breathtakingly beautiful...

Also had the BEST tamale I've ever had...and it was at a place in Borrego Springs called Kendall's Cafe! How cool!

I also made some new friends...

This is Speedy, my friend Kathy's papillon...

And his brothers, Precious and Scooter Boy (who are 16 years old!)...

I also visited some famous graves in the Hollywood Forever cemetery...

All and all an amazing trip! Loves me some California. I have a lot of travel planned for the summer - Chicago, Wisconsin, Indy, Louisville and Orlando, to name a few. What are your summer travel plans? Where do you like to go?

Marley = )

Ghost don't hang up their sheets November 1st!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Revision Girl, Strikes Again!

Still under crazy deadlines (now with a last minute revision of FINS ARE FOREVER--aka FINS2--due ASAP), hence the late posting. Here are a couple of funnies from my favorite writing cartoonist, InkyGirl.

Comic #1: Timely because I am doing revisions RIGHT NOW.

Revision Angst

Comic #2: Timely because my darling editor just got engaged.

Form Letter Rejection

Comic #3: Timely because I still need a title for my Medusa girls series and the first book.

The Book Title

Comic #4: Timely because I have a book coming out in TWELVE DAYS!

Amazon rating obsession


Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp (Greek gods are more than myth.)
FORGIVE MY FINS (What happens when a mermaid kisses a human?)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Outdoor Concerts

I got my first hint that summer's almost here this past weekend by attending an outdoor concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

I had forgotten how much I loved listening to music with the sunset and then stars as a backdrop. How an outdoor arena can seem at once vast and intimate.

It brought back numerous memories of concerts at the Greek Theater, Central Park, and even some ballfields and race tracks.

Sure, it got chilly as the evening wore on, and yes, the whole exit process was jammed packed enough to make even a non-claustrophobic hyperventilate. But the outdoor ambiance made a wonderful night seem magical.

So how about you? Do you have great memories of outdoor concerts, too?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Possesses People?

The Ogden Marathon took place in Utah yesterday. It's one of the many competitions (mainly triathlons, bike races, and running races) that happens where I live, in a beautiful valley in the Northern part of the state. Here in Ogden Valley (which includes towns Huntsville, Eden and Liberty) we have 3 ski resorts (Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Wolf Mountain), a lake, lots of trails, a golf course, a river, hot pots, a canyon, and yes, even a waterfall--which make these competitions not only challenging, but scenic. It's no wonder the Ogden Marathon is ranked the nation's 9th best in Runner's World magazine.
People train year-round for these competitions and while some do a particular race "just to do it," others take it very seriously. Either way, as someone who has never run a marathon, I find myself wondering why they decide to go for it. What possesses them? After all, it's such a big commitment, and, let's face it, rather painful at times. As a wife of a triathlete (who was in the "just do it" camp when he started last summer and these are some photos of him and his brother) I get that there's a "rush" and that they like the competition, perhaps a sense of camaraderie with the marathon (or bike race, etc) community, perhaps even (if they're really good at it) a sense of pride and excitement as a medal is placed around one's neck ... but as for me, I'm happy being a triathlon cheerleader who goes to spin and yoga classes and fair weather walks to keep healthy.

Then I read in the paper another interesting story. Does "Ella's Pink Lady" mean anything to you? It's the name of the yacht sixteen year-old Aussie, Jessica Watson, sailed around the world. It took her 210 days to cover 23,000 nautical miles. She's the youngest person to sail around the world alone and unassisted. Again I find myself wondering, what possessed her to take on this monumental feat?
I love hearing stories of people who break records (either their own or a standing record), make entirely new records, and succeed in something that at one time they themselves might have deemed impossible. Have you ever taken a leap of faith? Have you ever broken a record or do you have a story about someone who has?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the Road Again...

I’m getting ready for yet another trip, and the familiar feeling of having too-much-to-do is starting to hit me again. Packing is so not my thing. Neither is getting up early to head to the airport. I’m not so much for dragging heavy suitcases, either. And don’t get me started about waiting in long lines at the airport, or that anxious feeling that hits my stomach before we take off.

What I am into is getting there.

Once I’ve checked in at the hotel, I’m starting to feel ok. Then, if I’m in a town or city I’ve been before, I make a beeline to nearby haunts – like the place that serves my favorite slice of pizza in Midtown, my favorite plate lunch shack on Oahu, the joint that has the best tacos in Portland. The comfort of familiar places and food calms my travel nerves. Yummy food is somehow a home when I'm far away.

So what if I go to a new destination? Well, I immediately find a favorite food place. When I was in Dallas for a conference with buzz girl Dona a few years ago, I didn’t feel at home until she texted me one morning on my way out of a workshop -- “Found cheap a$$ food! Two streets away at diner!” After being dismayed by the cost of restaurants nearby the hotel, we suddenly had our breakfast place, and everything was right with the world. (And we had pancakes!)

How do you make yourself comfortable when you travel? Can you related to my food location trick? Do you pack pictures of family, friends, or pets to display by your bedside? Do you bring your own pillow? A favorite book to get you through the trip?

I’d love to have some travel tips to pack to today.



The Clearing – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Never Cry Werewolf – HarperTeen

Wherever You Go – Harcourt Fall 2011

P.S. That photo of my kitty is not staged! She is having a sit-in to protest my packing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fins Frenzy in the House

I'm a little (a lot) late posting my blog this week because life is a little hectic right now. Besides the fact that I have a book due June 1st (and a first draft that needs a little (a lot) of work), I have a release on the same day! Forgive My Fins comes out in just three weeks. THREE WEEKS!!! Eeeeeek!

(Yes, that was the sound of me screaming, both in glee and terror.)

The month before a release is a totally crazy time. There are signings to coordinate, ARCs to mail, contests to hold, bookmarks and temporary tattoos to order, teaser excerpts to post on Twitter and Facebook, Splash Teams to coordinate, guest blogs to write, interviews to answer, Amazon and Barnes & Noble numbers to obsess over, self-Googling to do... Oh my gosh, the list goes on and on and on.

Add to that the facts that I'm doing my book signings out of town (in Houston) and that from there I'll be flying out to Las Vegas for the summer, which means I need to pack up everything I could possibly need and load it into the car while I'm trying to get ready for my signings.

And, in the middle of all that madness, I'm trying to finish a book. Is it any wonder that I'm a little (a lot) behind?

Are you feeling the time crunch at the moment? Do you have any brilliant tips or coping mechanisms? (No, chocolate doesn't count.)


Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp (Greek gods are more than myth.)
FORGIVE MY FINS (What happens when a mermaid kisses a human?)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kitty the Cat!

Included in my all-time favorite things are cats and travel, so when my Australian friend, Vanessa Barneveld (who is up for the Golden Heart® award for Best Young Adult romance for the second consecutive year!) sent me the following link to a blog post about a cat and her owners who are busying seeing the world, I couldn’t surf over there fast enough.

I’ve visited the site several times since for it delights me on a number of levels (especially since I can’t imagine my cats sitting still like that). After having gotten similar reactions from friends and family, I thought I’d share it with you.

How cute is this kitty travel blog, huh?

And to follow their adventures more closely, check out turn of the


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Sunday, May 09, 2010

A week's worth of winners!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the release party of GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON and entering the book giveaways! I hope if you're not one of the lucky winners that you'll pick up the book anyway. = )

And the winners are...

Cara King
Momma Bookworm

Thanks soooooo much for entering! Please e-mail me your snail mail address to marley_gibson AT yahoo DOT com and I'll get the signed books in the mail to you.

Thanks again!

Marley = )

Movie Mamas

To celebrate Mother's Day I've decided to give shout-outs to some of my favorite movie moms. But, since I am a mom and my family has plans for me starting in a mere 45 minutes (and I still need to shower), this is going to be quick and I'm leaving it up to you all to tell me who your favorite movie moms are.

1. Ellen Griswold of National Lampoon's Vacation movies. She's foxy (remember the shower scene? Wowza!) , sweet, charming, gives her kids a little taste of freedom but is there to reel them in before they get too out of control, and how can't you love someone who'd put up with the whack job that is Clark Griswold and actually enjoy it?

2. Elastigirl of The Incredibles. She somehow manages to be down-to-earth while saving the earth from bad guys. I love how she handles her superhero kids and gives pep talks to her superhero hubby. A woman to be reckoned with, for sure.

3. The moms in Gremlins and Poltergeist, because they kick evil critter and evil spirit butts. Loved the scene where the mom nuked the Gremlin in the microwave!

4. Leigh Ann Tuohy in The Blindside. She took a homeless boy into her home and treated him with love and respect despite those who questioned her intentions. She's one tough lady! (And I have to give her whole family kudos for going along with her.) Here's an inspirational video on if you want to check it out.

Okay, your turn! Who are your favorite Movie Moms? And for those of you who are moms, have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Secrets and Lies!

We're talking secrets on Books, Boys, Buzz this week to celebrate the release of our very own Marley Gibson's THE REASON. You have *one more chance* to win a copy of this book this week by leaving a comment below!


I like the Two Truths and a Lie so much from last week that I wanted to have another round of it! To win a copy of the book, you have to guess which of these is NOT one of my secrets.

  • I had a thing for my friends' love interests several times...and made moves on them!
  • I cheated on an exam when I happened to grab the answer guide of the teacher's deck by accident the day before.
  • I learned that one of my close relatives used to "cut" themself on purpose to see what it was like and did nothing.

I'm kind of a bad girl aren't I? :) Happy guessing!

Friday, May 07, 2010

What's your most embarassing secret?

We are having a blast celebrating the release of Marley's third installment in her Ghost Huntress series. THE REASON is in stores now so make sure you get yourself a copy! You can also leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy.
Okay, now to the embarassing stuff. I. SUCKED. MY. THUMB. Big deal, right? UNTIL. I. WAS. LIKE. TEN. I know, right? In my defense, I was a child of divorced parents and I was constantly going back and forth between my mom and dad's houses. These households couldn't have been more different if they would have tried. At one house, it was perfectly acceptable to suck to my hearts content. But if I broke the thumb out at the other house, it was not good. Sometimes when I was tired I would forget and sneak a lick before I realized what I was doing.
Of course my habit led to years of head gear, braces, retainers, and other orthodontia-related torture devices. But the worst part was the sheer embarassment of realizing that I was doing something that my friends had all outgrown. I was nervous about sleepovers because I knew my slurping in the middle of the night would wake the dead. My parents tried everything. Tabasco sauce, a metal cage installed in my mouth (not kidding about this one), even making me wear mittens. I'd suck through all of it. I realize now that I was just trying to deal with things that were scary to me in the only way I knew possible.

But I lived through it. Although my husband does enjoy teasing me by saying that I still suck my thumb at night sometimes. I'm not sure what finally made me stop. I think I was just ready.

Did you have something you were attached to when you were little? Leave a comment for a chance to win Marley's new book!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Secret Crush...

Hooray for debut week of Buzz Girl Marley Gibson's latest in the series of Ghost Huntress Books! Ghost Huntress Book 3 The Reason is another fun read and this time, a major secret is revealed that changes everything for Kendall Moorhead, teen ghost investigator.

So, secrets is the theme of our celebration week -- and posting in comments can win you a signed copy of the book! We'll announce winners this weekend.

I think there are some really big secrets when in comes to love - specifically who you love. I can remember secret crushes in high school and college -- the ones that are hopefully never revealed, right? There's something cool about liking someone and never letting it be known - the warm glow you feel when your crush is around, the hope that you'll run into him, that he'll look your way.

My best friend in high school had a crush on this guy Byron - a smart, cool, nerdy guy who was on the literary magazine and took advanced placement chemistry. Notably, she had nothing in common with Byron. I'm still not sure how she even knew him in the first place. Still, the crush was alive and growing. Every day she would post herself at our locker, hoping that she would see him pass in the hallways. A glimpse of him had her smiling all the way to lunch. And he never ever knew.

Somehow, it didn't matter to her. In fact, if she'd ever talked to him, maybe it would've ruined the magic of the crush. In the end, the crush wore off -- all without her ever speaking to Byron. I'm sure she's looked him up on FB, though, trying to see where he ended up.

In comments, tell us about a secret crush you had. Don't tell us any names, just give us the dirt about who he was and how you got over him. We'll choose a winner to receive Marley's new book.

Happy Release Week, Marley!


The Clearing - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen
Wherever You Go - Harcourt Fall 2011

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Secrets

This week the Buzz Girls are celebrating the release of Ghost Huntress: The Reason by our very own Marley Gibson. You can enter to win a signed copy of this awesome book by leaving comments each day. Since the main character, Kendall Moorehead, discovers a BIG secret, Marley thought it would be fun to discuss secrets this week, and I can't agree more!

Today I'm writing about anonymous secrets. I remember an episode of an old TV show called Cashmere Mafia, where people were invited to a NY art show and given invisible paint to write their secret on a wall. Then the lights went out and everybody's secrets glowed in the dark. Something else that comes to mind is PostSecret. Have you ever heard of it? According to their web-site, "PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard." I remember reading something about about it in a fashion magazine a loooong time ago, and when I read some of the postcards people had sent in, I remember being impressed about the quality of the artwork, and as I started reading the secrets, I felt kind of weird, like a voyeur. I experienced a wide spectrum of emotions as I read each secret. Sure, there were weird and gross confessions like "I pee in the shower," but ones to the tune of "I truly think I'm ugly" made me so depressed! Then again, some are inspiring, like this one I read today: "My anxiety is not the boss of me" or snippets of would-be suicides stopped by a stranger's kind words.

For a chance to win a copy of Ghost Huntress: The Reason and find out what big secret Kendall is going to discover, leave a comment about a secret of yours, a friend's, or a stranger's that lifted your spirits. But do not tell us whose secret it is! Keep it anonymous. Okay, I'll go first: Uplifting secret: I went out with him because I felt sorry for him and ended up falling in love.

Writers Keeping Secrets

This week on the Buzz blog we've been celebrating Marley’s latest release, Ghost Huntress: The Reason. Last week we all dished about lies in our pasts, and this week we're spilling secrets.

While I can't exactly spill any of my secrets (because then they wouldn't be secrets, would they?) I want to talk about keeping secrets in writing. I don't remember where I heard it, but there's an adage in writing that goes something like this:
Secrets from the character are good, secrets from the reader aren't.
Basically it means that if the character doesn't know something that the reader knows, that's fine. It's even okay if the character doesn't know something and neither does the reader. But if your character knows something (like that she's secretly a mermaid or a princess or in love with a particular boy) then the reader should know, too.

Let's take a classic example: Romeo and Juliet. Think about the end, when Juliet has taken the special "poison" that will make her appear to be dead, so she can go be with Romeo forever. Enter Romeo, who has no idea that she isn't really dead. The reader knows. We're practically screaming at Romeo to just wait a few minutes before stabbing himself in the gut. As sad as it is, we love that, because we know something Romeo doesn't.

Imagine if it were reversed. Imagine if we thought Juliet were really dead. Imagine Romeo knew the truth, so he just walks into her crypt, whistling a happy tune, and has a seat next to her seemingly-dead body. We'd hate him in the moment because it looks like he doesn't care at all for this girl who risked everything to be with him. When she woke up a moments later and we discovered the truth, we would be so annoyed that we (or at least I) would throw the book across the room.

It's all about balance, about making sure the reader never knows less than the characters. As readers, we either want to share the big reveal with the character or we want to know what's coming and anticipate their reaction when they find out, too.

Okay, enough of my little rant about secrets in books and onto the fun stuff. The giveaway! Marley is giving away signed copies of her new book all week here at the Buzz blog. To enter today's contest, leave a comment the following:
Share an example (good or bad) of a book in which the writer keeps a secret from the character.
Besides Romeo and Juliet, I would have to say Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I won't share what, because it would be spoilers, but she's brilliant at hinting to the reader about a really huge secret that Katniss really has no clue about. Brilliant, really.

Your turn to share. Check back every day to comment on the other Buzz girl posts for more chances to win and then tune in this weekend to find out who won.


FORGIVE MY FINS (coming June 1, 2010)

Monday, May 03, 2010

TV Secrets!

In celebration of Marley Gibson’s latest release, Ghost Huntress: The Reason”, we are talking this week about secrets. For in this third book of the series, an important secret is revealed...

Marley is giving away signed copies of this book all week here at the Buzz Girls blog, so be sure to drop by every day, and to leave a comment to be entered.

When my mind turns to secrets, right now, it skyrockets to the TV program, LOST, which is, of course, in its final few countdown weeks of the sixth season--and forever. It seems secrets are being revealed around every corner, with some being total surprises to me, some head-thunks (“I should have thought of that!”) and some more like confirmations of what I’d long suspected.

But while much of the water cooler buzz involves what has now been revealed, just as much is focused on what is still to come, and whether the writers will manage/remember to reveal every last secret, or viewers will have to then go for time and eternity on an issue or two, still wondering...

In order to be entered to win a copy of Ghost Huntress: The Reason, leave a comment telling us about a final TV episode of a TV (sit-com, drama, reality show) that left you completely satisfied. Whether it was in the revealing of all the secrets, or you just like the way it ended.

And be sure to check back next Sunday to see if your name is on the winner’s list!


Tina Ferraro
The ABC’s of Kissing Boys, 2010 Rita® Finalist
How to Hook a Hottie, 2009 Rita® Finalist
Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ask me no secret, I'll tell you no lie...

Following the awesomeness that was Stephanie's debut week for THE ALPHA BET, complete with lies, lies, lies...I'm here to talk about secrets...and to celebrate the release of my new book, GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON.

Here's Buzz Reader Stephanie with her copy:

Stephanie and THE REASON from Borders in CT

So...secrets...we all have them, some of us keep them, most of us tell them. But what if a secret was being help back from you by someone you trusted the most in the world? What if that secret changed the course of your life?

Well, for Kendall Moorehead, she's about to discover a secret that's going to rock her world! How will she react? How will she move forward?

In college, I once knew a friend's dirty secret. Not just any friend...but the person I considered my *first* friend in life. We'd known each other since we were five. Her secret was so bad that I still won't reveal it today. I kept it, supported her, covered for her with her mother, and never told anyone else. It was a hard secret to keep because it involved her doing something that I didn't totally believe in. Something she kept from her parents, and other friends, and her boyfriend. But, I was a good friend to her.

Then, we came back from Thanksgiving break and I walked into her dorm room and there was her mother. She was red-faced and angry and she began screaming at me. She accused me of making her daughter "miserable" and "ostracizing" her. She said I was jealous of her daughter. She told me to get out of her daughter's dorm room and never come back. I had NO idea what was going on? How was I making her miserable? How was I ostracizing her? What was her mother on that was making her insane and crazy like this?

I opened my mouth to speak when I saw my friend's eyes. They implored me not to say anything. To just go with the flow. To not tell her secret. It was then that I realized that her mother didn't know her terrible secret and she had used me as an excuse to justify her sadness and depression. I pitied her and I felt bad for her mother. I told the mother that she had no idea what she was talking about and I walked out of the room. My friend and I weren't friends after that. On a big college campus of thousands of people, we went our separate ways and remain there twenty plus years later. But I never told her secret.

Maybe if she ever Googles me and sees this post, she'll know what a good friend I was and perhaps reach out to me. Who knows?

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said: "Secrets are things we give to others to keep for us."


Have you giving a secret to someone to keep for you? Were they true to you? What was the impact of that secret on you? Tell us your experience with keeping secrets. (You don't have to tell us the secret!) Leave a comment in the trail to be eligible to win a copy of GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON.

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Marley = )

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Two Truths and a Lie!

How many of you have played this game? The rules are simple, I'll tell you three things: two will be truths and one will be the LIE.

The Winner, what does the winner get? A brand spanking new copy of Steph Hale's newest releast THE ALPHA BET.

Ready? Go! Which is the lie?

  • I once refused to go out on a date because I was so self-concious about a guy watching me eat.

  • I once told a guy that I was born and raised in Paris and had relatives who were a part of the royal family so he better treat me well or he would face certain "consequences"

  • I once told a Fortune 500 campus interviewer I had 4 other job offers so "they better hurry if they wanted me to join them:, when in fact the "job offers" were: a drug-store, a video store, a bagel shop and a temp agency.

I will unveil the truth in the comments as well as pick a winner tomorrow morning!

Good luck!