Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ack! Dentist Alert.

If there is one thing I used to hate as a kid it was going to the dentist. This is mostly because we had a really mean dentist - not even the treasure box at the end of the appointment could make you feel good after a visit with him.

I remember one time he asked me to lie to my little sister and tell her the fluoride gel stuff tasted good so she would let me put it on her teeth at the end of her appointment. Number one, it does not taste good. Number two, don't ask a kid to lie about it to her sister! You can see I'm still bitter about that doofus.

Now, I'm much cooler about going to the dentist. I have a really nice one, and it's no big deal to go for a cleaning. It's when I need something done, like today, that my pulse races and I get that sweaty-palm feeling of dread. So think of me, dear Buzz Girl readers, sitting nervously in the dentist chair -- and remember to take good care of those pearly whites.

Do you like going to the dentist? Do you have any advice for the fearful patient like me?


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TinaFerraro said...

Heather, I've overcome my fear, too, but understanding that a lot of people still have it, I suggested to my dentist that he switch a couple of his paintings around so that the one that patients got "trapped" looking at during the procedures was pleasant and not eerie. He did, and ever since, it's stayed that way.

However, my entire family was embarrassed by me/for me when I relayed that over dinner...

nymfaux said...

I was lucky growing up, because my parents made sure that we had a friendly dentist--This being due to the fact that my mom's childhood dentist DID NOT BELIEVE IN NOVOCAINE.

I however did have an orthodontist that I think had a failed ambition of living during the Spanish Inquisition. Not a pleasant guy.

As for tips and hints, if you know you're going in for something painful, ask if you can take something ahead of time, like tylenol--that usually helps me.

Good luck!

bookaholic said...

Thank God that I had limited visits to the dentist. Well I share your fears but thankfully I never faced any horrible 'incidents' at the dentist's!

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Do I like going to the dentist? Yikes! No way! I've had some bad experiences. The last of which involved my wisdom teeth, and later I questioned my wisdom over going to a dentist whose clinic had visible dust bunnies.

Have you tried the New-Age dentists who have TV screens mounted on the ceiling above the chair and heavy-duty earplugs to distract you from the goings on? (A good dose of laughing gas is always an option, too.)

Unknown said...

wear headphones

and think of someplace pleasand u like to be

one of my daughters lovse the dentist and the other hatess the dentist ( and the one who dont mind going, usually has more cavity than the one who scream she not going )