Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Title Help Time

I swear, I used to be good at coming up with titles very early in the process. Lately, though, it seems like I've had to be help from the blogoverse to get some help and inspiration. Well, it's that time again!

After finishing up Fins Are Forever, the sequel to Forgive My Fins (which comes out next week!) I am turning my attention back to my Medusal girls trilogy. And guess what? I need title help! Here's the basic blurb:
Separated-at-birth triplet descendants of Medusa reunite and discover it's their destiny to guard the door between the world of monsters and the world of man.
I'm in need of a series title (there will be at least three books) and then individual book titles. But for now, just some series title ideas would be wonderfully appreciated. In case it helps, here are the (never before seen) character collages for the three girls:

Because I'm feeling generous and desperate and excited for the release of Forgive My Fins next week, I will give away a signed copy (fresh off the presses) to one lucky title suggester. Okay, brainstorm away!

Edit: Contest officially over. The winner is Malbebe. Congrats!



Unknown said...

Medusa's Legacy

Gorgons don't wear plaid

The sphinx ate my homework

of monsters and men

sugar and serpents

(man... my ideas are BAD)

Ynysawdre Elderly Residents Association said...

How about something with Gorgon in - The Gorgoneion Trilogy - including Hellenistic Nation - Chthonic Trinity & Apotropaic Daughters or a mix and match of those words all pertaining to mythology

SunDoll said...

Gorgeous Gorgos
Gorgos - meaning terrible/dreadful; the etymology behind gorgon as Medusa was the non-immortal Gorgon sister...

Michelle Santiago said...

The Gorgon Sisters: Guardians of the Gate

TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Tera, the term 3G is very popular right now. Can you do something with that?

HeatherMarie said...

Gorgons just want to have fun

Heritage of Medusa

Just some thoughts. lol I'm not very good with the whole title thing, that's why my WIP's are saved under the character's names. :)

Anonymous said...

How about
The Medusa Gateway,


Anonymous said...


Fi-chan said...

The Medusa Triplets
Monstrous Door/Gate
3 Medusas
Triplets, Medusa, and Monster
Don't Gaze into the Medusa Triplets
Monstrous Triplets with Monstrous Door
Monsters and Medusa
Medusas with the door of Monsters World
Door of Medusas
Medusas' Door
Medusa, Stheno, Euryale and the Monster Door
The Opposite Worlds
Medusas as Beautiful Maidens
Medusas as the Monster Door Guardian
Gorgon (as) Gate Guardians
Between the Monster and Human World
Medusa Triplets: The Gate to the Monsters

ok running out of ideas :D Hope it helps at least a little

feeyonachan at gmail dot com

jpetroroy said...

The Medusa Three
Medusa's Protectorate
Three to Guard Them
Snakes and Sisters

Jessica said...

Don't Mess With the Gorgon Girls
Monsters from Macy's
Medusa Who?
Serpentine Sparkle
Monsters with Maxed out Cards
(hee hee hee, this is fun!)
Titanic Triple Threat
Don't Make Me Stone You

lanna-lovely said...

I fail at coming up with titles, these are all I can think of:

Medusa's Secret (Trilogy)
The Medusa Heritage
The Descendants
The Medusa Sisters
The Medusa Trio
The Medusa Triplicate O.o
The Medusa Trinity series
The Sisters Gateway
Um... The Guardian Trinity
The Gorgonian Legacy

...I fail. =P

Katrina said...

Medusa's Gate
Girls Gone Greek
Medusa's Grrls (wow lame sorry)

-My favorite is Girls Gone Greek ;)-

Daniela said...

Tera i came up with 8 titles hope you like them :)Choose whatever you like!

1. "Caught in between"

2. "triple destiny"

3. "The secret door"

4. "Our twirl-up life"

5. "unexpected destiny"

6. "Split ups"

7."unlooked future"

8. "Triple guardians"

Kim said...

Medusa's Legend

1-Snake Charm
2-Stone Stare
3-Gorgon Gift

That is all stuff important to the legend of Medusa so I thought it would be good.

SunDoll said...


Gutsy and Gorgos
Graciously Gorgos
Guardedly Gorgos

(Its not hard to guess I like alliteration)

MJ said...

Trio of Terror
The Heirs of Terror
Logos, Ethos, and Pathos (perhaps each representing one of the characters maybe)

Malbebe said...

Sisters United

Sister Power

Guardians of the Gate

The Sister's Protection of Night and Day

The Mythology Sisters

Sugar, Spice, and Stylish (or Smart)

Destiny of the Sisters

The Triple G

That is all I have for now. I've always wanted to name a book. :)


cupidgurl411 (at) aol (dot) com

Malbebe said...

Sisters United

Sister Power

Guardians of the Gate

The Sister's Protection of Night and Day

The Mythology Sisters

Sugar, Spice, and Stylish (or Smart)

Destiny of the Sisters

The Triple G

That is all I have for now. I've always wanted to name a book. :)


cupidgurl411 (at) aol (dot) com

bookaholic said...

So happy to be of help to you. I tried to come up with a few good ones,but...
Some lame efforts:

Forgive My Descendant
The Medusa Maids
Archaic Meets Contemporary
Marine Deities
The Guardian Goddesses
The Tornado Triplet
Take A Look At These Gorgons!
Mythical Meets Mundane
It Aint All Fun!
The Terrific Trio
Guards Between Humans and Monsters

P.S:Would absolutely love the copy of Forgive My Fins :)

Cara King said...

Snake Sisters
Gorgon Girls

And I like Guardians of the Gate, which several posters have suggested.

Kay said...

Medusa's Maidens
Behind the Gorgon
The Gorgon's Guard
Triple Guard
Gorgon's Crossing
Guard the Gate
Medusa, Monsters, and Me

I also like the already suggested Guardians of the Gate

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

Serpentine Sisters

That is my idea!

I can't wait to read this trilogy!

nymfaux said...

Um, ok, this was super-fun, so I played around with it a lot--Even if you can't use them, maybe they'll help spark some ideas!(I was actually playing around with it even before you asked, because you mentioned you were having trouble somewhere else, and it was weirdly fun for me--so I'd do it anyway, but I would still not turn down a free autographed book! :)

Snake Charming 101
Gorgons Honor
Gorgon Inheritance
Gorgon Legacy
Legacy of Stone and Scale
Deaths Door Trilogy
Gorgons Rising
Gorgons Risen
Gorgons Descend
Shadows of the Gorgon
Will of the Gorgon
Sisterhood of the Gorgon
Diaries of a Gorgon
The Good, Wicked, and Deadly
Sisters of Stone
Sisters of Scale
The Gaurdians
Gorgon Sorority
Gorgons United
Gates of...

Kiss My Asp (sorry, this one just sticks with me, so I have to throw it in one more time) :)
Pain in the Asp
Asp and Ye Shall Receive

Double Bubble, Coil and Trouble
Snake, Rattle, and Roll
Snake Me Up Before You Go Go

Caduceus Wild
Snake Eyes

The Snaked Truth
Mamba #5
Krait and Barrel
Cold Hearted Snake
My Funny Serpentine
Snake It or Leave It

One Last Hiss Goodbye
My First Hiss
Hisses and Hers
One Good Hiss Deserves Another
A Hiss Is Worth a Thousand Words

Built to Scale
Scale Order Bride

Thief of Stone
Threat of Stone
Sisters of Stone
Sisters of Scale

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Dread Looks
Snakes and Stones
Triple Threat
The Good, Wicked, and Deadly

Also, TOTALLY loved Tina's "3G" suggestion, and Sarah suggested "Gorgons Don't Wear Plaid"--personally thought those were really cute :)

Anyway, best of luck!

Steph said...

The Tools of Power

The Power of Women

A Sister Legacy/ The sister Legacy

Medusa's Triplets

Medusa's Descendants

Medusa's Girls

The G Stories

I don't know... I make my titles after I write the book, so maybe you can try that technique. Sometimes just a certain line to something gives me an idea. Now, you are a definitely more experienced writer, but I understand that making a title for something you wrote can end up being more difficult than actually writing the whole book. Well, at least that's how it is for me. Lol. Good luck, and sorry if I wasn't much help!

bookaholic said...

Inheritance and Power
Eyes Speak Volumes
Protectors of the Gate

Sarah said...

Gorgeous Greek Tragedy

Venomous Vixens

Oh man, I'm awful at this!

Madly Descended


~Jamie said...

Eye Catching

Aimee Slupski said...

pathways between the worlds
secrets of the slithern sisters

( These are bad I know, but a really cute on is girls gone greek I like that a lot.)

Anonymous said...

for the series title:
medusa cubed, the word or the cubed #




1)We three Guardians
2)Double lives OR Duplicity
3)The Open Door

(I know these STINK but for some reason I love 1 word titles, IDk why, maybe because they sound more dramatic. )

TerryLynnJohnson said...

wow - thought I'd drop a clever title here after coming from your blog, but after reading all these amazingly creative and cool suggestions, think I'll just quietly slink away...
I vote for Gorgons just want to have fun.

TheMermaidGuru said...

okay this is my one idea, but i relly like it cuz it's a tonge twister!


Tambra said...

There were some really great suggestions. Not sure I want to even post mine.

Anyway here's my suggestions:
The Stone Guardians Trilogy
Triple Threat
Serpent Guardians of the Gateway

All the best!
Tambra Kendall/Keelia Greer

Llehn said...

Medusa Mayhem
I Dream Of Medusa

Mariah said...

Three's the Charm

The Gorgeous Gorgons

Medusa's Minions

Alyssa said...

all right here's mine:

Stone Sentries
Greetings from Medusa
Men, Mosters, and Medusa OH MY*

yep definately sounded better in my head
*personal favorite

Kristen said...

Medusa's Trio of Sentinels
Keepers of the Door
Watchgirls: Keepers of Chaos

They all sound cheesy.. hrmmm

GirlforChrist said...

Three's a crowd--or is it?

nymfaux said...

that one post, "Girls Gone Greek" could fit really well if you wanted to do a little "3G" thing with it!

AgentXMouse said...

Oh jees, I'm terrible at titles too. :/ Ugh. Okay, here are some tries on my part.

3 (Three just as a number).

Gorgan Girls

Three to Get Ready

The Magic of Three

Triple Threat

ylime1981 said...

Medusa's Fashionistas: Guardians of the Gate

Kelly said...

Gorgons at the Gate
Guardians of the Gate
Medusa'a Legacy
Protectors of the Earth
Three Protectors Series
The Protectress Three
Medusa's Gateway
Gateway Guardians
Gorgonian Gateway
Sisters of the Snake
Sisters of the Serpent
Daughters of Medusa

Everyone has a lot of great ideas! Thanks for hosting the contest! :)

Heather Davis said...

Wow, you guys have some great suggestions!



lanna-lovely said...

Dunno if this one has been said: The Medusa Chronicles? (or substitute the Medusa for other things, like Gorgon/Gurdians/Gorgon Girls/Gorgon Triplets etc.) *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

Keepers of the Door

Don't Look Now

Stone Cold Glance

Caution: Do Enter (or Look)

Triple Threat

That's all I've got. Good Luck!

J. E. Tiller said...

The Mystical three of Medusa

Mystic Night - Gretchen

Mystic Sunshine - Grace

Mystic Dawn - Greer

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

What about

G Force


Forces of G

Danielle said...

I hope i can help :)

1.Gx3 ( G times 3)
2.Gorgons gone wild

3.The Gorgon Sisters

4.Triple Force

5.Come any closer and i'll stone you

6.Gorgons always have fun

7.Look into my eyes....iF you dare

8.The Gate and the Gorgons

9.Our destiny as gorgons

10.Keeping the peace between man and monsters

11.Dont make me stone you

12. Gorgons wanna have fun

13.Gate Guardians

14.Guardians of the Gate

15.Our destiny to save the world

16.Behind our gorgeous eyes....

17.Behind our gorgon gorgeous eyes....

18.Stone looks

19.Stone away

20.Dont look up

Morgan said...

I only have one idea but I hope I will help.


Anonymous said...

Umm...I'm not so great at this myself. I mean I'm writing my own book and I dont even have a title. Right now I call it...(wait for it)... UNTITLED!! I told you I suck at this. How about...

The Gorgon Guardians
The Great Gorgon Girls
The Gorgon Girls
Gorgon Girls: Gate Guardians

That's all I have for now. :(

But I hope it helps some... :)

Tiffy <3

Kristi The Book Faery said...

I like:

Gorgon Girls or how about
The Gorgon Glimpse
Or Granite Glimpses

LOL, it's late. I really really just want to read the book right nowl