Monday, March 31, 2008

Were you a jock? A brain? A homecoming queen?

Girl Friday here, kicking off the week celebrating my new release, TWISTED SISTERS, which comes out tomorrow! Yeah!In my sequel, my heroine, Aspen Brooks, goes to college and tries to accept going from being a queen to being a frog. She tries to forge new friendships with the girls in her sorority while trying to solve another mystery. In honor of Aspen, and her misadventures with the Zeta's, I decided to talk about the groups we participated in during high school/and or college. To much chagrin, and two feet that fell asleep, I couldn't find the pictures I wanted to post. So you'll just have to use your imagination today.

In high school, I kind of fell in the middle of everything. I was smart, but I wasn't a brain. I was friends with everyone, but I don't think I was one of the popular people. I was definitely not a jock. But I definitely knew how to have fun.

I was in Student Council, where we planned dances and pizza parties, and decorated lockers and hallways for sporting events, holidays, etc. It was fun, but I really only joined to get closer to a guy. Who, unfortunately, I got very close to. :)
I also had a brief stint as a pom-pon girl. I think I only got to perform twice because I was flunking geometry and was alway ineligible. Not my proudest memory.

I was also in FHA (future homemakers of america, I know now that I should have paid better attention!) and AFS, which was an organization to support our foreign exchange students. I was the secretary although I don't remember having even one responsiblity. We basically jacked around and had more pizza parties and lock-in's.

But my favorite group was band. I started playing the clarinet in fifth grade. We had the distinct honor of marching in the Halloween parade every year. For some reason, I thought this was really cool. Once I got in high school we started marching band and would perform at all the home football games. I'm not proud to admit that I got through four years of marching band without ever memorizing the entire school song. Yeah, I was kind of/still am a slacker. The performing was fun, except for the hideous wool outfits, but I had way more superficial reasons to love band. First of all, it was the first class of the day all four years. We had the same director that we'd had since fifth grade. I'm pretty sure that we had driven him so over the edge that most days were just a study hall. So instead of finetuning my instrument, I could spend the morning flirting with the hottie behind the trombone. :)

What was your favorite group?

Random commenters win an autographed copy of Twisted Sisters. I haven't decided how many because I don't have my author copies yet~!



Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!

Twisted Sisters, OUT TOMORROW!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pick My Favorite (WIN WIN WIN)

Sunday girl, here, to close out the "Favorite Line From Our Books" week. (Psst, next week is "Favorite Group We Were In" week, in honor of Steph Hale's new release, TWISTED SISTERS. Ha ha, Tina, beat you to it!) Anyway, so I'm supposed to present my favorite line from OH. MY. GODS. But that's hard! I mean, how do I go through a book that took hours upon hours of blood, sweat, and tears (great band, btw) to write, and pick just one favorite line?

Well ... I couldn't. I picked three instead.

Favorite Line #1: The original opening. In OH. MY. GODS., California girl Phoebe Castro is about to start her senior year at the same L.A. school she's gone to since Kindergarten, where she has her two best friends (Nola and Cesca) and she's the superstar of the cross-country team. Then her mom returns from a family reunion in Greece with a fiance and announces they're moving to the tiny, practically uninhabited island of Serfopoula. In the original opening, Phoebe has just found this out before the story starts and is complaining to her bffs. (In the final version, this line is on page 10.)

"Who's ever even heard of Serfopoula anyway?"

Favorite Line #2: The current opening. During the revision process, my editor and I decided we needed to see Phoebe in her L.A. element before throwing her for a loop with the whole moving-to-Greece thing. Instead of opening with her whining, we open with her about to win the final race at the USC cross-country camp. (Right before Mom shows up to ruin everything.)

When I'm running I can almost feel my dad at my side.

Favorite Line #3: This is the line the shifts Phoebe's world completely off tilt. She and her mom are on the boat to Serfopoula when Damian, her new stepdad, shares some surprising information about the the "benefactors" of the school she's about to attend--the ultra-exclusive Academy where he is the headmaster.

"There is little the Greek gods cannot do when they choose to act."

There they are, my three favorite lines. (At least, the three that aren't also spoilers.) But I can't decide which one is my ultimate favorite ... so I'd like you to.

But Tera, you say, the title says WIN WIN WIN. You haven't said anything about winning yet. What can we win?

Greedy, aren't we?

Okay, okay. Everyone who comments with their pick for the favorite of my favorites will be entered in a drawing to win an advanced galley copy of OH. MY. GODS! (If you win, then you can pick your own favorite line.) You have until midnight Monday, Pacific time.

Let the winning begin.

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, available May 1st!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fav line!

This week we are talking about a favorite line from our own books. Nothing feels better than going back to read your own work and knowing that you totally nailed your characters personality with a few simple words.

My most recent book, TWISTED SISTERS (which comes out on 4/1) follows my heroine, Aspen Brooks, to college. If you read REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN, then you know Aspen is smart, beautiful, and a teensy bit full of herself. College is hard for Aspen because she goes from being at the top of her game as queen of the school to being a lowly frog. Another mystery is dropped in her lap so while she is busy investigating and trying to fit in with her sorority sisters, Rand gets a little crazy with his frat brothers. My favorite line is going to seem a little risque taken out of context, but here goes.

Aspen: "What Rand and I have totally transcends a thong and a pair of pasties."

I love this line because it's funny and it tells you a lot about Aspen. She is so strong in her sense of herself, and her relationship with Rand, that she isn't threatened by other girls. I hope you'll read Twisted Sisters and find your own favorite line!

Do you have a favorite line from a book?

What I'm reading now....Chill Factor by Sandra Brown

Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!
Twisted Sisters, in stores APRIL 1st!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favorite Buzz Book Lines...

We are supposed to blog about our favorite lines from our books... but I can't!



If you haven't heard the shouting from the rooftops -- Simone's award-winning and critically acclaimed book LEAVING PARADISE is up for a RITA! If you've never heard of the Ritas, they are given for the best published romance books of the year. You can read more about the awards at

I love LEAVING PARADISE. It is simply my fave of all of Simone's books. I remember finishing it and immediately emailing her that I needed to read a sequel. I loved those characters so much. Simone did a wonderful job writing a realistic, enjoyable book about a very difficult subject.

Simone and I first met online back in 2005 when we were both nominated for the YA Stiletto award, and we really met in Reno that summer at the romance conference. I fell in love with her! I knew we would be friends forever. She is so warm, funny, and driven -- not to mention talented! What a great combination. Above all, I find that Simone is totally herself. That is even more impressive than anything else. ;)

Anyway... join me in recognizing Simone's AMAZING nomination! Way to go, Simone. I know all the Bees are as proud of you as I am. We will be rooting for you in San Francisco this summer when the ceremony takes place.

Let the dress shopping and speech-writing commence! (And on that note, you may want to dictate the speech to Dona, she's a lucky charm.)

Buzz Girls Rock!


Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in April 2009 from HarperCollins

Incidentally, her favorite line from NCW is, "Dude, you can't be a werewolf!" because that was apparently the thing that cracked up her lovely HarperCollins editor from first-read.

Monday, March 24, 2008

One of Life’s Perfect Moments

Some years ago, on a Barbara Walters Special, Brad Pitt said he looked at life as the stringing together of perfect moments.

I love that concept. Because while much of life is routine and some stressful, it’s fantastic to think of it as just the necessary lull between the special times.

I absolutely have landmark moments in my personal life (e.g., getting engaged and then married, becoming a mother, receiving The Call, seeing my son hit a grand slam to win a playoff game), but recently I realized I have them in my writing, as well.

So allow me to introduce this week’s theme, where we discuss Favorite Lines in Our Books, and to talk about the perfect moment when I knew TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS was going to “work.”

I was newly signed with agent Nadia Cornier, and trying my best to find the right characters, the right opener, the right fit for PROM DRESS. I’d finally settled on opening that concluded with the main character throwing a pen at the hero's retreating figure.

Suddenly, I saw Rascal (the jerk who’d jilted her days before the prom) pick up the pen. My gut was she’d go all tongue-tied when he handed it to her because I knew she still had a crush on him and harbored secret fantasies of him crawling back.

Instead, they talked. After some discussion as to why she threw the pen, Rascal pounds his fist and offers to go “take care of” the hero for her. Again, I expected her to giggle and blush. Instead, she told him she didn’t want him to fight anyone for her. She added, “But I wouldn’t have a problem with you paying me back for my prom dress.”

I remember my heart thrashing. I realized that Nicolette was not so much the girl I’d been in high school, as the girl I wished I’d been. She wasn’t hindered by what people would say or think as long as her actions felt ethical and comfortable to her. I knew at that perfect moment that I had my direction, my characters, my book.

How about you? Have a perfect moment to share, either in your personal or professional lives?

What I’m Reading: The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren, Wendy Toliver


Tina Ferraro
How to Hook a Hottie - Spring 2008 Children’s Book Sense Pick
Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress - Finalist, 2008 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marley Gibson is a Busy Bee

The final stop on the Buzz Girl train of Blatant Self Promotion is the amazing Marley Gibson. I've known Marley since I first joined the Chick Lit Writers of the World chapter of RWA, of which she was a--if not the--founding member. The last time I "saw" Marley was at the 2007 RWA national conference in Dallas last July. [here's a pic of us together at the Penguin party]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Buzzing to say...

Here's Marley's latest news:

1. She turned in GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING to her editor at Houghton Mifflin. The three book GHOST HUNTRESS series is about a transplanted Chicago teen begins to experience a psychic awakening after moving to a small Southern town. She then forms a ghost hunting team to investigate and possibly battle belligerent ghosts. THE AWAKENING is a May 2009 release, with THE GUIDANCE following in Fall 2009 and THE REASON in May 2010.

2. Marley's debut books (yes, that's right, there's more than one) in the SORORITY 101 series come out May 1st! In ZETA OR OMEGA? readers will meet Jenna, Roni, and Lora-Leigh and follow them through sorority rush at Latimer University, and will follow them through more adventures in THE NEW SISTERS. [psst... I had a sneak peek at ZETA OR OMEGA? and it's awesome!]

3. The first review of SORORITY 101: ZETA OR OMEGA? comes from The Compulsive Reader. And it's lovely!

4. Marley has also extended an invitation to all BuzzReaders to join her author group. If you join before April 30th you'll be eligible to win some really cool Lia Sophia jewelry. [she promises not to spam you or flood you constantly with newsletters]

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, available May 1st!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've got the buzz on Stephanie Hale!

I've known Stephanie "cyberly" for several years and was so thrilled when she made the announcement about her first sale. Now, I'm equally thrilled to share some amazing news with you about the oh-so-fabuloso Stephanie Hale!

As you know, Stephanie wowed us all last year with her debut young adult book, REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN.

Who didn't love Aspen?! And I'm super-psyched to say that the sequel, TWISTED SISTERS, is on sale on April 1st! (Don't worry, we've got a whole exciting launch week planned for our loyal readers.)

Can't wait to read this book!

And did you know that Stephanie is a finalist (along with our equally fabuloso Tina!) in the very prestigious Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the YA category for REVENGE. How cool would it be if both of our Buzz Gals won?

In addition to being busy with her books, Stephanie will also be participating on a YA author panel discussion at the upcoming Romantic Times Conference with fellow Buzz Gal, Tera Lynn Childs. They'll be speaking on YOUNG ADULT/TEEN: THE MANY FACES OF YA. If you're attending the RT Conference, be sure to stop in and hear them.

Oh, and get this... Stephanie is going to have a camera crew videotaping her at the conference for a video on the RT website. She tells me she's petrified of this, but I know she's going to be great!

I'm in awe of Stephanie's achievements! She works so hard and it shows in both her characters and the accolades she's received. She's an inspiration to other writers and a great role model for teens. Can't wait for many more great things to come from Stephanie!

Here's to even more sales, awards, and accolades!

Marley = )

SORORITY 101: Zeta or Omega? (May 2008, Puffin Books)
SORORITY 101: The New Sisters (May 2008, Puffin Books)
GHOST HUNTRESS Series (Begins May 2009, Houghton Mifflin)

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Uber-Talented Simone Elkeles

I was lucky enough to get to spend some quality time with Simone last Friday. We were both invited to a special luncheon for Illinois authors. There were 45 authors in attendance and each author sat with a table of teachers and librarians. Local art classes even made posters depicting our books. It was super cool. But best of all, I got to catch up with Simone. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Simone, I highly suggest it. She is hilarious and so full of energy. I swear I get a buzz just being around her!

Simone has had some very exciting news recently. First off, the Illinois Association of Teachers of English has named her the 2008 Illinois Author of the Year. They are having a big shin dig in her honor in October. As if that weren't enough, she recently sold her fourth (and personal favorite) book.

Author of Leaving Paradise and How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Simone Elkeles' ZERO TOLERANCE(changed to PERFECT CHEMISTRY), a Romeo and Juliet story about a gang member who wants to change his life for the girl on the right side of the tracks, but the consequences of leaving the gang are more than he bargained for, to Emily Easton at Walker, by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency

Check out all the awards that Simone's first three books have gotten.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation: ISBN: 978-0-7387-0961-1
Voted #3 on the Top Ten Teen book of the year (2007) by YALSA, the young adult division of the American Library Association (
Silver medal in the (IPPY’s) independent publisher book awards in the Multicultural Children’s fiction category
Finalist in the 2007 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest
Finalist in the 2007 National Readers Choice Awards
Finalist in the 2007Aspen Gold book awards
Winner, Chick Lit Stiletto contest in the Young Adult category, 2005

Leaving Paradise: ISBN: 978-0-7387-1018-1
Book Sense (independent book stores) “2007 Summer Picks” List
Chosen for Barnes & Noble’s Popular Teen Reads table for September, 2007
Video trailer for Leaving Paradise a finalist in the Cameo Book Trailer Awards in the professional category (watch it at
Nominated, Cybil award 2007

How to Ruin my Teenage Life: ISBN: 978-0-7387-1019-8
Nominated, Cybil award 2007
An Association of Jewish Libraries 2008 Notable Book for Teen Readers

I know, right? Like how about leaving some awards for the rest of us? Just kidding, Simone. May your list of sales and awards keep growing for many years to come!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Debonair Davis...Heather Davis that is!

Today, I'm talking about one of my favorite people in the friend, my critique partner, my fellow Buzz Girl, Heather Davis!

This girl is the epitome of perseverance. Despite falling on some incredibly hard times, she continued to believe in herself and her abilities and produced one of the most well-written and creative YA novels around. I look forward to the day all her prize-winning novels, AMBER HICKENBOTTOM (Stilleto & Golden Heart finalist), HAUNT ME (Golden Heart WINNER) and NEVER CRY WEREWOLF (Harper Collins release in 2009) will be sitting face-out in the YA section of Borders.

Heather was the very first person to read my first YA novel and she has been a fountain of knowledge, support, love and friendship since that day. She and I were each other's critique partners when we each had our first sale and I consider her to be my very own lucky charm.
I was fortunate enough to be by her side when she won the GH award for HAUNT ME in 2006 (was there ever a doubt?!) and I remember sitting there watching her get her award, thinking, this is it, this is the moment her life will change. And it did! Her awesome agent Stephen sold her WEREWOLF a mere months later and she hasn't looked back since.
On top of all this talent, she's an incredibly beautiful, kind, giving, caring person. The way she took me into her Seattle RWA chapter and her life....well, it's something I'll never forget.

Here she is at my book launch party being glamourous and supportive as always.

can go on and on for Heather for days. For example, we try to meet every few months for a Crit & Complain session and she always picks the BEST brunch and dinner spots. She has the best hangouts and ......

ATTENTION! Some late-breaking Heather Davis news!

Ladies and gentelman, Heather Davis has just finished the FINAL revisions on her 2009 release NEVER CRY WEREWOLF. This is going to be a HARDCOVER (yes, that's THE LUXE and The Meg's books!) release from Harper Collins. She is also known as the paranormal Meg Cabot in some circles.
Congrats Heather!

Back to your regularly scheduled program....
Some places you can meet Heather this year are:

  • July 30-August 2 -- Building Buzz in YA workshop w/ the BuzzGirls and Literacy Autographing at RWA National Conference in San Francisco, CA, RWA National.

  • October 3rd -- Breaking to YA workshop with yours truly at the Emerald City Writer's Conference (tenative--we have to see if her busy schedule allows this)
That's Heather Davis in a nutshell....if you have questions (or boys, if you want her number) you'll have to talk to me directly!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra


SHRINK TO FIT - August 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fabulous Buzz on Tina Ferraro!

We're buzzing around the hive this week, spilling all the good news about our fellow Bees. It's so fun to be involved with this great group of women. Talent abounds in the hive!

So, unless you've been camped out reading books in a "magic" bus in remote Alaska, you've probably heard of my friend Tina Ferraro. She's got so much good news lately, this is gonna be another long post...

First of all -- TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS is a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Woo hoo, Tina!!

And -- it also has been selected as a luncheon giveaway item at the New England Chapter Romance Writer's of America conference next month. So those of you attending, make sure you get one!

Tina's new book WHEN BAD FLINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD GIRLS has been slated for a Spring, 2010 release. The premise sounds really fun...

It features a serious student whose well-intentioned friends are trying to force her to relax and snag a boyfriend. But she has neither the time nor inclination for romance, so she sets out to have a "bad summer fling" with a lifeguard at her summer cabin. She plans to return to school with a "broken heart" so that her friends will rally with TLC rather than matchmaking advice. But what to do when her "bad fling" turns good?

Sounds like a great early summer beach book -- I mean, lifeguards? Totally hot. Except for the Hoff -- but that was another week's post.

And last but not least...

To add to Tina's wonderful professional news, her daughter, Sarah, received acceptances this week to the 2012 classes of CalTech and MIT! Still waiting on some other schools before making a final decision, Sarah does know her heart lies in the field engineering, especially robotics.

Tina dedicated HOW TO HOOK A HOTTIE to Sarah, who read every page (many times) and did her best to keep her mom "honest" when it came to creating main character Kate, the nose-to-the-grindstone, dedicated student (which Tina is the first to admit that she was NOT).

Isn't that great! Smart girls rock. And so do smart moms, BTW! Please join me in congratulating Tina on her happy, happy week of news!

Yay, Tina!


Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in April 2009 from HarperCollins

Monday, March 17, 2008

Buzzing With Good News!

The Buzz Girls are playing an icebreaker game this know the one where you interview the person beside you, then tell the group all about him or her. Except we’re focusing on one thing and one thing only: Buzz Girl Good News!

Kicking things off, I have the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Tera Lynn Childs.

She has numerous happy happenings going on in her life:

--Her first book, OH. MY. GODS., is being released by Dutton on May 1st!

--OH. MY. GODS. got its first official review, which includes such “buzz” phrases as "" and "a really fun, funny, and heartwarming story." Check it out here:

Advanced Reader

--OH. MY. GODS. showed up on the top of the pile--as it should!--of Advanced Reader Copies in Publisher's Weekly's ShelfTalker blog. Check out that pretty pink cover:


--And here are some upcoming appearances:

April 17 -- Young Adult/Teen panel w/ BuzzGirl Stephanie Hale at Romantic Times Convention in Pittsburgh, PA, RT

May 10 -- Writing For Teens: Rules Need Not Apply workshop at West Houston RWA in Houston, TX, West Houston RWA

June 28 -- Beginnings, Middles, and Ends workshop w/ critique partner Sharie Kohler/Sophie Jordan SharieKohler and SophieJordan at Bay Area Writers League in Webster, TX.

July 30-August 2 -- Building Buzz in YA workshop w/ the BuzzGirls and Literacy Autographing at RWA National Conference in San Francisco, CA, RWA National.

And last but not least, she’s in the middle of revising her "doomed-to-remain-untitled" sequel.

This woman is a rock star, and I’m so proud to know her. Join me in congratulating Tera!


Tina Ferraro
How to Hook a Hottie, out now
Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, out now

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Places to Heat Up and Cool Down

I've had a bit of the wanderlust, lately. (Is it any surprise? I've been in virtually the same place for over six months!) While I have some short-duration writing-related travels coming up, I feel this overwhelming urge to pack a light suitcase, lock up my apartment, and disappear for a few months. Come this Fall, maybe I will. Until then, I'll have to scratch the travel itch with some internet-fueled heat-me-up and cool-me-down nomadic fantasies.

Top Five Places to Heat Up

It's warming up in Houston, but no so much that I'm bemoaning the heat. Hopping a plane to a tropical locale still seems like a good idea. (Check with me in a month and I bet it won't.) If I could get away to a steamy spot, here's where I might go:

Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Moorea Island, French Polynesia

Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Top Five Places to Cool Down

Hot, beachy spots are all well and good, but the looming summer brings with it fantasies of cool weather spots that can take the edge off the sweltering months. Here are some destinations I'll be dreaming about when 95-degree temps and 95-percent humidity rolls into town:

Torres Del Paine National Park, Andes Mountains, Chile

Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Blue Lagoon Hot Spring, Iceland

Portage Glacier, Portage, Alaska

Ross Sea, Antarctica

Your turn. To where would you like to escape today? Is that different from last month? Or next month? What's your ultimate travel fantasy? Do share.

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, May 2008

* The images in this post have been lovingly and respectfully borrowed from Lonely Planet, the cat's meow when it comes to traveler eye candy. Their Blue List books are especially inspiring.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The HOTTEST thing is also the COOLEST thing

I apologize to our loyal Buzz readers for being absent the last couple of weeks. I was on deadline for my GHOST HUNTRESS book and I had a death in the family that sent me out of town. Sorry to be so behind.

But, during that time, I finally experienced one of the hottest items on the market and had the coolest time with it.

Yes...I have Wii'd.

OMG. What fun it was!!!

And it's not just for kids. Anyone can play it. It's soooooooo much fun and so easy.

You know how funerals turn into impromptu family reunions? Well, when I was in Baltimore last weekend, we ended up in a very rowdy, competitive Wii tournament. There was ping pong and doubles tennis and -- the one I excelled at -- bowling. Once I got the rhythm of letting go of the button once I went into my bowling wind up, I bowled several strikes in a row!!! was as thrilling as if I were at the bowling alley.

I loved how the characters had no legs or feet! LOL!

Who knew you could get exercise out of it? I worked up a sweat and was even a little sore the next day! I loved it! Why don't I have one of these? Why doesn't everywhere I go have one of these? It's phenomenal and has changed my life!

I vow to be Wii-ing from now on!

Have you Wii'd? What's your favorite game? What do you recommend?

Marley = )

SORORITY 101: Zeta or Omega? (May 2008, Puffin Books)
SORORITY 101: The New Sisters (May 2008, Puffin Books)
GHOST HUNTRESS SERIES (May 2009, Houghton Mifflin)

Friday, March 14, 2008

The time I got COLD trying to see somebody HOT!

My hometown got some very exciting news last week. Matt Damon is coming to town. Trust me people, this is big time for these parts. No, he's not filming The Bourne anything but a little movie called The Informant. It's all about this big scandal involving price fixing. I know, snoozefest, right? But it's freaking Matt Damon. Of course he's probably not going to be browsing Target, which is pretty much the only place I go, but since my hubby is the law around these parts, I'm pretty sure I might get some top secret info on Matt's whereabouts. I'm not going to stalk him or anything, but a picture for the blog wouldn't be a bad thing.

Anyhoo, it got me thinking about the only other time I've ever shared the same oxygen as other famous people and the crazy thing I did to be there.

I think it was January of 1994. I was spending Christmas break in Colorado with my dad. I don't know who had the idea (but I can guarantee it wasn't me) to drive four hours to go to Aspen. You see, high altitudes, asthma, and sitting downwind of two chainsmokers does not make a joyous roadtrip. I think we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and browsed some of the quaint little shops. It was a cute town. I highly recommend it for people with fully-functioning lungs or those who can actually ski. Me, not so much on either count.

Then we notice a Planet Hollywood sign. I was excited and agitated at the same time. Why had we eaten at the HRC when there was a PH here? Now remember this was pre-PH-bankruptcy and they were the "it" restaurant. We start to walk up thinking maybe we'll get a T-shirt or something. Remember how cool it used to be to get T-shirts from restaurants you ate at. I wonder why Mickey D's never got after that trend? Anyhoo. We were quickly shunned away from the entrace of PH. Well, I never....Then we noticed a red carpet lining the sidewalk in front of the entrance and lots of barricades that we were supposed to be behind. Somebody asked what was going on. A burly guy informed us that lots of famous people were coming in for the grand opening. I thought that was kind of cool and we walked on. Then I heard somebody mention three, or is it four, names that were extremely near and dear to my heart at the time.

JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME. I think I lost consciousness for a minute.

I won't go into all the begging and pleading that went into wrangling my dad into standing in FREEZING cold temperatures for FOUR HOURS just to get a glimpse of JCVD. We were lucky enough to be right next to the barricades so we would have a great view. Time was passing quickly and I barely noticed the loss of feeling to my lower extremities. I think I had to pee but I figured if I wet myself it would just warm me up. Besides, I WASN't losing my spot.

The limos started arriving. Rosanne and Tom Arnold waved to the crowd. Then Luke Perry. Everbody went nuts over him, but I was always way more into Steve than Dillon. Tons of people were piling out of limos. Bruce and Demi. Steven Siegal even walked close enough to me that I could have grabbed his ponytail if I wasn't afraid of him beating the crap out of me. These folks were all great but I wanted Jean Claude. I mean, seriously, did you see that movie were he jumps up and does the splits in mid-air while resting his feet on a kitchen counter. There he was. Just as perfect as on the movie screen. I was holding my breath as I watched him get out of his limo and walk right into the restaurant. He never even turned around to wave at the crowd. Holding twelve-ounces of hot cocoa in my bladder for four hours and risking frostbite for THAT?

I was SO outraged that I barely noticed the guy standing in front of me holding his hand out. Part of my brain must have been working because I shoved my hand toward him and he shook it. "Thanks for waiting so long in the cold," he said, flashing me a truly genuine smile. I think I nodded or something. It was Sylvester Stallone. Freaking Rocky shook my hand and thanked ME! It was beyond exciting and well worth the four hours in the cold. So even though my husband has watched Cliffhanger about two hundred times. I never complain. Because Sly was so sweet to me that one freezing night in Aspen. What celebrities have you seen??? (And Tina, I know your list is long.)

PS~Speaking of Matt Damon, this is hysterical. **For mature audiences only please!**



Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!

Twisted Sisters, it's SO close! April 1st!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hot & Cool...Buzz

Hot = Elections!

No matter what your age or political persuasion, this is a very exciting year in politics. I love seeing girls and women involved as candidates, supporters, debaters and voters! Elections are hot!

And yes, I kind of have a crush on George Stephanopoulos. I watch his show every weekend...

For more election fun, check out Reese Witherspoon and Chris Klein in the classic teen movie Election. Oh, also, Chris is on the new CBS show Welcome to the Captain -- have you see it?

Cool = Girls Rock!

What could be cooler and more empowering than seeing girls aged 8 to 18 learning how to make music at a special camp in Portland, OR. This entertaining documentary is amazing and really talks about helping girls speak up and be proud of their talents, not just their looks. Real women in rock are the teachers at the camp.

Take your kids, take your sister (I did!) to the movie... or the camp!

That's what's hot and cool in my world!



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Monday, March 10, 2008

Steaming Hot or Over Ice?

For our final week of Fire & Ice, we’re exploring Buzz, which has the pretty broad parameters “anything pop culture.”

And since I spend waaay too much time visiting my local Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Swork, coffee and tea drinks ARE a part of my pop culture. I thought I’d take this opportunity to pose the question here that runs through my head several times a week:

steaming hot or over ice?

It’s not always the weather that makes the decision for me, as my state of mind.

Over ice tends to be more on-the-go, getting things done.

Hot is more about slowing down and finding comfort.

But for me, the ultimate mood equalizer is the Iced Blended. Open up that blender, start chucking in the lactose, the caffeine and the calories, and I’m a goner.

How about you? Does temperature make a difference in your favorite coffee and tea drinks?


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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Boys of Summer ... and Winter

Few boys have hotter bods than die-hard athletes, especially those of Olympic caliber. So when we came up with the Fire and Ice theme, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature athletes of the Summer and Winter Olympic games. I expected to find a talented bunch, but let me tell you, I had no idea what kind of hotties I'd find listed on our team rosters.

The Boys of the Summer Games

Beijing 2008 is almost here--the opening ceremony is only five short months away--but here is a sampling of what you might see if you tune in for the competition.

Wolf Wigo
Water Polo

Gary Hall Jr.

Keeth Smart

Mark Ruiz

Giddeon Massie

The Boys of the Winter Games

Torino 2006 is behind us, but Vancouver 2010 is fast approaching. Here are just some of the hotties you might see swooshing down the slopes or gliding across the ice.

Andy Finch

Kris Freeman
Cross-Country Skiing

Jeremy Bloom
Freestyle Skiing
(also an NFL wide receiver)

John-Michael Liles

Bode Miller
Ski Racing

Do you have any favorite athletes you can't wait to see compete in the next Olympic games? Please dish. Let the games begin.

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, May 2008