Friday, March 14, 2008

The time I got COLD trying to see somebody HOT!

My hometown got some very exciting news last week. Matt Damon is coming to town. Trust me people, this is big time for these parts. No, he's not filming The Bourne anything but a little movie called The Informant. It's all about this big scandal involving price fixing. I know, snoozefest, right? But it's freaking Matt Damon. Of course he's probably not going to be browsing Target, which is pretty much the only place I go, but since my hubby is the law around these parts, I'm pretty sure I might get some top secret info on Matt's whereabouts. I'm not going to stalk him or anything, but a picture for the blog wouldn't be a bad thing.

Anyhoo, it got me thinking about the only other time I've ever shared the same oxygen as other famous people and the crazy thing I did to be there.

I think it was January of 1994. I was spending Christmas break in Colorado with my dad. I don't know who had the idea (but I can guarantee it wasn't me) to drive four hours to go to Aspen. You see, high altitudes, asthma, and sitting downwind of two chainsmokers does not make a joyous roadtrip. I think we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and browsed some of the quaint little shops. It was a cute town. I highly recommend it for people with fully-functioning lungs or those who can actually ski. Me, not so much on either count.

Then we notice a Planet Hollywood sign. I was excited and agitated at the same time. Why had we eaten at the HRC when there was a PH here? Now remember this was pre-PH-bankruptcy and they were the "it" restaurant. We start to walk up thinking maybe we'll get a T-shirt or something. Remember how cool it used to be to get T-shirts from restaurants you ate at. I wonder why Mickey D's never got after that trend? Anyhoo. We were quickly shunned away from the entrace of PH. Well, I never....Then we noticed a red carpet lining the sidewalk in front of the entrance and lots of barricades that we were supposed to be behind. Somebody asked what was going on. A burly guy informed us that lots of famous people were coming in for the grand opening. I thought that was kind of cool and we walked on. Then I heard somebody mention three, or is it four, names that were extremely near and dear to my heart at the time.

JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME. I think I lost consciousness for a minute.

I won't go into all the begging and pleading that went into wrangling my dad into standing in FREEZING cold temperatures for FOUR HOURS just to get a glimpse of JCVD. We were lucky enough to be right next to the barricades so we would have a great view. Time was passing quickly and I barely noticed the loss of feeling to my lower extremities. I think I had to pee but I figured if I wet myself it would just warm me up. Besides, I WASN't losing my spot.

The limos started arriving. Rosanne and Tom Arnold waved to the crowd. Then Luke Perry. Everbody went nuts over him, but I was always way more into Steve than Dillon. Tons of people were piling out of limos. Bruce and Demi. Steven Siegal even walked close enough to me that I could have grabbed his ponytail if I wasn't afraid of him beating the crap out of me. These folks were all great but I wanted Jean Claude. I mean, seriously, did you see that movie were he jumps up and does the splits in mid-air while resting his feet on a kitchen counter. There he was. Just as perfect as on the movie screen. I was holding my breath as I watched him get out of his limo and walk right into the restaurant. He never even turned around to wave at the crowd. Holding twelve-ounces of hot cocoa in my bladder for four hours and risking frostbite for THAT?

I was SO outraged that I barely noticed the guy standing in front of me holding his hand out. Part of my brain must have been working because I shoved my hand toward him and he shook it. "Thanks for waiting so long in the cold," he said, flashing me a truly genuine smile. I think I nodded or something. It was Sylvester Stallone. Freaking Rocky shook my hand and thanked ME! It was beyond exciting and well worth the four hours in the cold. So even though my husband has watched Cliffhanger about two hundred times. I never complain. Because Sly was so sweet to me that one freezing night in Aspen. What celebrities have you seen??? (And Tina, I know your list is long.)

PS~Speaking of Matt Damon, this is hysterical. **For mature audiences only please!**



Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!

Twisted Sisters, it's SO close! April 1st!!!


TinaFerraro said...

GREAT story, Steph! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your hubby gives you the 411 on where to meet Matt Damon.

Um, that's MEET Matt Damon...okay? Yes, I've watched the video. About 6 times recently. I actually walk around singing the song. But yeah, everyone, for mature audiences only...

Keri Mikulski said...

Hmm. I've stood within five feet of some professional athletes, but I'm always too scared to talk to them. Basically, I stare and when eye contact is made I look down at my sneakers. :)

Kwana said...

Great Story, Stephanie and love that video! Yes Meet (wink) Matt Damon.

Anonymous said...

I would've done the same thing for JCVD because I was a fan of his, too. And Steven Seagal. But I heard that JCVD is kinda arrogant. The majority of his and SS's movies have been straight-to-video lately.

But MATT DAMON! Gawddamn I am so jealous. (I nearly peed myself silly watching that video. My hubby showed it to me). My one worthwhile brush with stardom was meeting Keanu Reeves. I had seen The Matrix the week before and his band, Dogstar, came to my hometown.

I think he was on something because he kept shifting from foot to foot in between songs and rubbing his nose. Me and my friend thought the show was over (but it was really intermission), so we went around back to see if he was hanging out there. AND HE WAS! No security, no bouncers, nothing.

He smiled that Bill (or was he Ted?) smile and all I could do was say stupidly, "Can you sign one of my checks?" Yes, I know. Lame. Especially when I wanted him to sign my concert tkt instead. I wanted to say "You were really great in The Matrix," but I was just too tongue-tied.

As for other brushes with stardom...I've met Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti from Y&R), but that doesn't compare to Keanu.

I've also hung out with the actors who played Boba Fett and Chewbacca in the original Star Wars movies.

Again, they don't compare to Keanu. Although Peter Mayhew is way tall.

I did the "wa'sup" nod when I saw Ice T strolling thru the Scottsdale Fasion Square Mall...

and watched with an open mouth as Anthony Michael Hall rushed by me with a bunch of flowers in his hand at LAX.

Again, it was nothing comp---oh, hell you get the gist, right?

Simone Elkeles said...

My high school reunion is in a few months and I'm tempted to write in the questionnaire that will be printed...under the WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE HIGH SCHOOL?
I am SOOOOO tempted to write: F#@*ING Matt Damon.

Marley Gibson said...

ROFLMAO Simone!!!! Have you guys seen the Jimmy Kimmel response as to who he's been #$%^&*@? It's hilarious!!!!

Me said...

Aw, I can just picture waiting out in the cold, all miserable, and then getting passed over. =( Darn you JCVD! But mega points to SLY. I woulda never pegged him as the nice guy type. (And I, like your hubby, have watched Cliffhanger like a million times. Same goes for Assassins. Only I have no justification.)

stephhale said...

Celise~ I'm SO jealous of all of your celebrity sightings.
And Marley, thanks to Simone, I did see JK's response. Hilarious!
And Simone, you should totally write that on your form! :)