Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marley Gibson is a Busy Bee

The final stop on the Buzz Girl train of Blatant Self Promotion is the amazing Marley Gibson. I've known Marley since I first joined the Chick Lit Writers of the World chapter of RWA, of which she was a--if not the--founding member. The last time I "saw" Marley was at the 2007 RWA national conference in Dallas last July. [here's a pic of us together at the Penguin party]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Buzzing to say...

Here's Marley's latest news:

1. She turned in GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING to her editor at Houghton Mifflin. The three book GHOST HUNTRESS series is about a transplanted Chicago teen begins to experience a psychic awakening after moving to a small Southern town. She then forms a ghost hunting team to investigate and possibly battle belligerent ghosts. THE AWAKENING is a May 2009 release, with THE GUIDANCE following in Fall 2009 and THE REASON in May 2010.

2. Marley's debut books (yes, that's right, there's more than one) in the SORORITY 101 series come out May 1st! In ZETA OR OMEGA? readers will meet Jenna, Roni, and Lora-Leigh and follow them through sorority rush at Latimer University, and will follow them through more adventures in THE NEW SISTERS. [psst... I had a sneak peek at ZETA OR OMEGA? and it's awesome!]

3. The first review of SORORITY 101: ZETA OR OMEGA? comes from The Compulsive Reader. And it's lovely!

4. Marley has also extended an invitation to all BuzzReaders to join her author group. If you join before April 30th you'll be eligible to win some really cool Lia Sophia jewelry. [she promises not to spam you or flood you constantly with newsletters]

OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, available May 1st!


stephhale said...

Aww..thanks for the bday shout-out. :)
I'm very excited to be shelf buddies with Marley aka Kate Harmon. And I was lucky enough to get a taste of her Ghost Huntress series and I can't wait for more! :)

TinaFerraro said...

Happy birthday, Steph! And I hope you get some very special birthday presents...ALL week...

TLC, thank you for this lovely presentation of Marley. She is such a talented dynamo with a future so bright we all need shades. (Yes, I just dated myself there.)

I must share my first real-time glimpse of Marley: I was at the NECRWA conference a couple years ago and heard some excited voices welcoming someone new to the lobby. A friend said to me, "That's Marley Gibson who is writing those YA Sorority books," and I was like, "Oh, cool, I've heard about her." At which point I went over and introduced myself...'cause hey, who doesn't want to meet a rising star???

Marley, do you remember that?

Marley Gibson said...

Happppppppppppppppy Birthday, Steph!!! Why didn't I include that in your buzz yesterday?! Hugs!!!

Thanks for the awesome post, TLC. Means a lot to me!

And Tina...I *do* remember that. I remember Cheryl M. telling me you were coming to the conference and I couldn't wait to meet you 'cause you had just sold. That was a lot of fun!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marley,

I just joined your author group.

Congrats on your upcoming Ghost Huntress series...can't wait 'till May. Wish they were out NOW!!!


Marley Gibson said...

Thanks so much, Sirena! Only 39 more days! Thanks for stopping by. =)

Kwana said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Yes, that Marley is a busy bee. I can't wait for the books to come out! I think she was "the" founding member for the Chicklitters. We were all just trailing her dust! At least I was!

Heather Davis said...

Yay! Happy B-day Stephanie!



Simone Elkeles said...

Steph, Happy belated birthday!

Tera Lynn, can I have your eyes. They are the coolest color.

Marley, I can't wait for all of your books to come out, so I can finally see them in book form!