Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fins Are Forever Release Day!

Fins Are Forever officially releases today! Lily is off on another adventure, with Quince, Shannen, Peri, and all the gang along for the ride.

If you spy it in a bookstore, let me know. I love hearing about sightings in the wild.



Monday, June 27, 2011

Where in the world are the Buzz Girls???

New York City?


Las Vegas?

Answer: All of the above. It's officially summer which means the Buzz Girls are flying off in a million different directions. Some of us are moving cross-country, some of us are jet-setting to NYC for RWA Nationals, and one of us is busy zigzagging the country while planning her fall wedding, and all of us are kicking back with our favorite book this summer when we get the chance.

Summer means relaxation and that is going to be true for our blog as well. We haven't abandoned you, so don't despair. But our postings are going to be a bit more lax and random through the summer. Should you find yourself missing us too much, I would suggest picking up all our backlist titles and heading for a hammock. We hope you have an amazing summer filled with amazing books!!!

The Bee's

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fins Are Forever Week Winners!

Fins Are Forever week is done (here on the Buzz blog anyway, it continues this coming week in real life) and that means WINNERS! The three sets of Fins books go to:

(To avoid confusion, please click on the link to see if it's your profile.) Send your mailing info to tlc at teralynnchilds dot com and I'll get the prizes in the mail as soon as I get my copies and get done traveling.



Friday, June 24, 2011

Mermaid Stephanie here...

This week the Bee's are celebrating the June 28th release of Fins Are Forever. Tera is giving away 3 awesome prize packs including a paperback copy of Forgive My Fins (even if you already own the hardcover, this one has extras in the back that you don't have so you are gonna want it) and a hardcover copy of Fins Are Forever. So don't forget to comment every day for more chances to win.
We are talking about water memories this week. I, like Tera, have been obsessed with mermaids since I learned to swim. I loved the water so much that I couldn't think of anything cooler than living in the water full-time. I can remember submerging myself in the bathtub and trying to hold my breath as long as I could only to be disappointed when I had to burst out for a breath. I couldn't believe that I was just a lowly human with legs instead of scales.

One Christmas my family traveled with my grandparents to Florida. While browsing the glossy travel attraction brochures in the hotel lobby, I spotted one that made my heart stop. The cover showed REAL, LIVE mermaids. The place was called Weeki Wachee. I begged my parents to take me but I'm pretty sure they groaned deeply at my infatuation with what must have seemed like a kitschy tourist trap to them. But my grandpa swooped in and drove us the extra hundred miles to see my mermaids.
Weeki Wachee did not disappoint. If I was smitten with mermaids before I went, I was absolutely head over heels once I left. I remember watching the mermaids swim and even though they would occasionally pause to take a covert hit off a hidden oxygen tube, I didn't care. They were absolutely real to me. A few years ago, Weeki Wachee was in danger of closing, but since then it has been made a state park. They have added play areas and even some water rides since I have been there. They even have mermaid camp for little girls. I love the fact that a place that opened in 1946 is still entertaining families today.
I really hope to go back someday and share the magic of mermaids with my kids. Since I can't get to Florida right now I'm going to spend next week with Lily and Quince in Fins are Forever. Have you ever been mesmerized by a cheesy roadside attraction? Don't forget to comment for your chance to win a prize pack.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mermaids, ahoy!

This week we're celebrating Buzz girl Tera Lynn Child's upcoming release of Fins Are Forever!  Next week you'll be able to get your flippers on a copy of Fins, and find out what happens next in the story of Lily and Quince.
I'm really excited to be heading to NYC for the RWA conference with Tera next week.  On Tuesday, Tera's release day, RWA will be holding their giant Literacy signing. What a great way to kick off the sequel to Forgive My Fins.  If you're in NYC, you should swim on by.  And, if you're not in NYC, you should (of course) float over to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Fins are Forever.  The paperback of Forgive My Fins is out that same day, in case you haven't yet read the first installment of the undersea saga.
Since we're writing about our favorite water memories this week -- I'll just post a picture of a recent one:   Tera and me on my friend Ryan's boat. This is on Lake Union, where every Tuesday, crazy sailboat skippers (like Ryan) race and then raft up to socialize.  It's super fun, and though our crew doesn't usually win or even finish near the top, we have a great time on the water.  As you can see, the weather was cold and windy for this sail!
GIVEAWAY: Each day this week, you can post a comment to enter the drawing to win one of three sets of Tera's Fins Books.  

Today's question:
If you were a mermaid, what would your name be?
(Example: mine would be Penelope Seaflower.)
Good luck!  Winners will be drawn and posted on Sunday.

The Clearing - 2011 RITA Award finalist, Best Young Adult Romance

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Natural Wonder!

So excited to be celebrating the release of Tera's new book, Fins Are Forever. I do apologize that my crazy travel schedule kept me from posting last week on Heather's good news...so a belated "whoohoo!" to Heather, as well.

We're talking about memories that involve water...and I created one just last week. And boy, was it a wonder. One of the wonders of the world, in fact: Niagara Falls.


My fiance, Patrick Burns, and I have his two boys with us this summer and we're always looking for things to do to keep them entertained. Well, we were scheduled for a conference in Illinois one weekend and Auburn, New York the next week, so we took the time to drive to Niagara Falls and take in the spendor and beauty of the natural wonder.


This was my fourth visit, but it never fails to take my breath away. This time was especially memorable because we had the kidlets with us and they had never been there. Also, I have always wanted to ride on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes you literally right up underneath the horseshoe falls. We did it! We were on the front of the boat and got completely soaked, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


And, you can't take a bad picture of the Falls. The sheer power and beauty of it is overwhelming. It was an extraordinary day--albeit, a wet one--and following a warm cup of tea and reminiscing already, I know it was a day to remember for all of us. A real "family" moment...and that's what counts.


Have you been to Niagara Falls? What did you think? Share your thoughts and memories. Remember, three lucky commenters this week will win a Fins pack from Tera Lynn Childs. Click HERE for all the exciting details. And congrat's, TLC! You are truly blessed by the cover gods! LOL!!

Marley = )


The next installment of the popular Ghost Huntress series
is out and everything's not as it seems...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Favorite Waterfall

This week we're celebrating the release of Fins Are Forever, the highly anticipated sequel to Tera Lynn Child's Forgive My Fins. Its official book birthday is one week from today! Yay!
And to help celebrate this momentous occasion, we're talking about our favorite water memories.

There are three ways to get to my house, but we usually take a road that goes up Ogden Canyon, and in this canyon is a waterfall. It's one that can be turned off and on, so on any given day it might be going full blast or just a trickle, and in the winter it is usually frozen (so pretty!). People stop and take photos, get engaged, etc. in front of this lovely feature. What I love most is how excited my boys get to see it each time we pass. They make bets on how much it's turned on and through the years it's become a tradition.

I've been to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Alaska--all famous for their waterfalls. And yes, those are spectacular. But this one will always mean the most to me because it reminds me of home.

What is your favorite water feature, either natural or man-made? Please do share! Three lucky commenters this week will win a Fins pack from Tera Lynn Childs. Click HERE for all the exciting details. And congrat's, TLC! I can't wait to read Fins Are Forever!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Island Girl!

Celebrating the release of Fins are Forever by our own Tera Lynn Childs, we are talking this week about favorite water memories.

Mine goes back more than ten years, to a vacation in the Bahamas. While the resort beachfront and water slide pool were a big hit with me, my husband and our kids, what was most memorable was our day trip to Blue Lagoon Island, which offers tranquil beaches, opportunities to play with dolphins and swim in a lagoon.

We came and went by ferry, with the outbound trip being mostly about sightseeing. The return voyage featured dancing to a reggae band and a limbo contest, both of which I enthusiastically joined in (and yes, somewhere in our family archives, there is a video).

On the island, we opted out of the dolphin encounter (saving it for next time), but took full opportunity of the paddle boats, hammocks, beachcoming, and simply relaxing in the soft sand of shallow lagoon. Heavenly!

So while a case could be made that this island is touristy and commercial, I’d still say if any of you find yourselves in Nassau, add this to your itinerary. And what better book to read as you lay about in paradise than one about a mermaid?

To be entered in our weeklong contest here at the Buzz Girls Blog, name a favorite water spot you visited (ocean, lake, river, pool). Three lucky people will chosen from the week's long comments to each win a “Fin Set,” (Forgive My Fins paperback, with cool extras in the back, and Fins Are Forever hardcover). Good luck!


Tina Ferraro
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's (Practically) Fins Are Forever Week!

Fins Are Forever, the sequel to my mermaid book Forgive My Fins, comes out a week from Tuesday! *confetti and vegan cupcakes* To celebrate here on the Buzz blog we're talking about favorite water memories all week AND I'm giving away Fins sets (Forgive My Fins paperback, with cool extras in the back, and Fins Are Forever hardcover) to three lucky commenters.

Tune in all week to read Buzz girl water memories and comment on each post for extra chances to win! Feel free to share your own favorite water memory below for your first entry. Check back next Sunday to find out if you've won.



Winner: The Clearing Farmhouse Prize Pack

Thanks to everyone who participated in the celebration week for The Clearing's RITA Award nomination! 

We picked a winner at random for the Farmhouse Prize Pack, which includes a signed copy of the book and some fun treasures.

And the winner is:

"donnas" who commented on Tera's Tuesday post.  I'll email you to get your snail mail address this week.



Saturday, June 18, 2011

My most influential elders...

This week we're celebrating the lovely Heather Davis' RITA nomination (and probable win) of THE CLEARING. For those of you who have not been following along, THE CLEARING is the wonderful love story of star-crossed teenagers Amy and Henry who are hopelessly in love, but cannot be together. Why not? Grab yourself a copy and find out!

We are discussing elders who have influenced us in positive way. In THE CLEARING, Amy's great-aunt is a wonderful shoulder for her to cry on during a big transformational point in her life.

The elder who has influenced me the most have been my maternal grandmother. I have no picture to share right now (all of my pics are in Michigan), but she was a truly lovely woman who loved luxury, to have fun and above all, her family. I like to think I'm just like her... :)

Please leave comments about influential elders from your own life to be entered into the contest!


Friday, June 17, 2011

And the Rita goes to....

Heather Davis for The Clearing!!! That's what I hope is said on that hotel stage in NYC in just a few short weeks. Even though I won't be able to cheer Heather on in person I will be rooting for her and refreshing the results every ten seconds until the winner is finally posted.

This week we are talking about elders who have inspired us. My grandmother, Patty, has always been one of the most special people in my life. I spent a lot of time with her when I was little. She is one of the one imaginative people I have ever met. Our days were filled with taking care of my dolls, racing down her stairs on pillows, playing board games, learning to tie my shoes, playing restaurant (we had tuna fish sandwiches and lemonade every single day because it is all I would eat). The most vivid memory I have is sitting on her back porch on a hot summer day making my first book. (My grandma is very camera shy so this isn't us, but it looks exactly like how we would have spent a day together.)

I think it was some kind of comic book, which seems weird to me now, but I can remembering grandma encouraging me to go around and sell copies to the neighbors. She swore it was that good. I never had the courage, but her faith in me stuck deep in my heart and helped years later when I started receiving rejection letters on my novels.

My grandma hasn't had it easy. My grandpa died very suddenly at a young age. Her oldest child managed to get control of almost all her money and gambled it away. She has also battled mental illness for most of her life. But you wouldn't know any of this from the smile she always shows the world. I know that without my grandma I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

At 79, my grandma is making new memories with my children. I know how lucky I am that my children are getting so much time with a great-grandparent and we try not to waste a second of it.

Is there a game or tradition you had with your grandparent? Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for Heather's prize pack!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perfect Love

A big huzzah to our very own Heather Davis, whose amazingly romantic YA novel, The Clearing, is a contender for the prestigious and coveted 2011 RITA award. As you might have already heard, Heather is giving away a fabulous prize package and all you have to do is comment on this or any (or all) of our posts this week to be entered to win. To read more about the prize, click HERE.

When Heather suggested we write about an elder who has in some way influenced or inspired us, I admit I had a hard time coming up with just one. I finally decided on my maternal grandmother, Mama Billie. The reason is two fold.

One, she helps me put things in perspective. For example, one day I was really upset because my brand-new dishwasher wasn't working. (I don't know about you, but doesn't it seem odd that the dishwasher and washing machine your grandma bought twenty years ago still work just fine and these new ones last fewer than three years!?!) I was seriously about to cry, and all it took was her saying in this angelic voice, "Isn't it wonderful that we live in a time where we have dishwashers?" She didn't launch into a "when I was a girl we had to walk 20 miles to school in a blizzard, uphill both ways" monologue. No, it was just a simple sentence that brought me out of my tirade and into peaceful, even thankful, waters.

The other thing I find so inspiring about Mama Billie is she loves people unconditionally. Now, to put this in perspective, a) She's a Southern lady, who as you might know, usually have very strong opinions about ... well, everything (haha!) and b) My family is WEIRD. Sorry, there's no other way of saying it. As a whole, we are about as imperfect as they come. I'm talking the stuff of Reality TV. And yet she loves each and every one of us as if we are perfect. So when I'm frustrated with people, I remember Mama Billie and it helps me forgive them their imperfections and love them.

Now it's YOUR turn! Who in your life has a knack for getting you off the ledge and putting things into perspective? Comment because I know you want to win Heather's fabulous prize package, the winner of which will be announced on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Moravian Moment

Congratulations to Heather! I'm so excited to celebrate the RITA nomination for The Clearing this week with another post about inspiring elders (and another chance to with the fabulous farmhouse prize pack Heather is giving away).

When I was in graduate school (studying Historic Preservation at Columbia University) one of our first year required classes as called Basic Principles of Traditional Construction. We studied things like brick recipes, house framing, and roofing techniques. The professor was a distinguished old (like 85-years-old old) Czech-born architect named Jan Pokorny. He wore a blazer and a bow tie every day and always showed up early for class.

I have a special connection to the Czech and Slovak people because my dad's theatre design mentor was also Czech. Actually, he was also Moravian, the area between the Czech republic and Slovakia. He once told my father that, when the country was still Czechoslovakia and they would play the national anthems at events, Moravia was the space between the two.

I really enjoyed that class because I love learning how things are built. I loved learning about the different kinds of siding used in Colonial housing and how to make different colored bricks by adding certain things to the recipe. The class also happened to be right after lunchtime, so I often got there early to eat lunch in my seat before the other students started showing up.

One day, Jan came in and started making notes on the board. Feeling a little awkward, I tried to make some small talk and asked him about being Moravian. When he saw that I knew what Moravia was, his eyes lit up. He asked if I was Moravian. I told him no, but that we had close family friends who were.

From that moment on I was his favorite student (well, it did help that I scored highest on the midterm test). He eventually made me T.A. for the class and was the faculty sponsor of our class trip to Prague before graduation.

Jan is no longer with us, but I can still picture his smiling round face, his quirky bow ties, and the neat and precise architectural drawings he used to make on the board. At 85 he still swam laps every day, still taught every semester, still designed and sat on committees and made a significant contribution to the world of historic preservation and the world in general. I am inspired to be as active as possible for as long as possible.

Okay, to enter today, comment with a favorite or inspiring teacher and why. Be sure to comment on all the other posts this week for more entries and check back on Sunday to find out if you've won!



Monday, June 13, 2011

Confessions of a Confession Writer

In honor of its RITA® nomination, we are celebrating The Clearing by our own Heather Davis this week, with stories of elders who inspired us, with The Clearly Farmhouse Prize Pack (details listed in yesterday’s post) going to one lucky commenter!

I am delighted to talk about my maternal grandmother. She lived all of her 71 years in Moline, Illinois, and was lucky in love twice, first marrying a railroad worker (with whom she had two daughters--my aunt and my mother), and years later, following his death, a grocery store owner, a widower with four sons. Here she is around the time of her second wedding:

In her last years, she visited us in New York several times, bringing with her a stack of her favorite magazines. By 12 years-old, I was already reading my mother’s magazines like McCall’s and Ladies Home Journal. My eyes always went to the fiction, especially anything to do with romance, so when I got a look at what my grandmother was reading, I knew I'd hit pay dirt.

They were called Confession magazines, and while the titles were often sensational, the actual stories were mostly about love and self-discovery. Here’s a photo of a cover from back-when:

My mother did not approve of me reading these magazines, but my grandmother, bless her heart, slipped them to me secretly. I remember reading one issue in a walk-in closet with a flashlight!

Some years later, sadly, my grandmother passed away, and I went to Moline to help with the closing of her house. There I found a mountain of Confession magazines, which I poured over during the visit, and crammed into every available space in our suitcases. By then, my mother had given up keeping me from reading them. I was older, and I think she rather liked that her mother and her daughter had had this common obsession.

Little did any of us know that this would just be the beginning for me and Confession magazines. Because after college, looking to break into publishing, I decided to try my hand at writing them. I sold the second one I submitted, and at last count, I had about 80 publications to my name, many about first teen loves. Here’s a cover that features two stories I wrote: “Secret Love at a Summer Carnival” and “I Saved My Kisses for My Boyfriend’s Roommate.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my grandmother for a) passing on the romance reading gene, and b) bypassing her daughter’s disapproval to feed my romance need and set me on track for the lifetime career that I love!

To be entered in the contest for The Clearing Farmhouse Prize Pack, please tell me the name of a magazine from around your house--or a friend’s or neighbor’s house--when you were a kid! And remember to check back on Sunday, June 19th to learn the winner!


Tina Ferraro
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Clearing Giveaway Week!

So, you may have heard that my book The Clearing is nominated for the RITA award for Best YA Romance this year.  I couldn't be happier to see this little book get recognition from an organization I've been a part of for nearly a decade.  The ceremony will be in NYC on July 1st, and I'm already getting a little nervous. 

This week on BooksBoysBuzz, we're celebrating the nomination with stories about special elder people in our lives.  In The Clearing, Amy has moved in with her Aunt Mae in the country.  Aunt Mae's home is anything but glamorous -- it's a double-wide trailer.  The special part of Amy living there is the kindness that Aunt Mae shows her.  She tells Amy that she doesn't need a boy to tell her how special she is, that she should know that she is special already.   And then, of course, Amy meets Henry Briggs, the one boy who realizes how beautiful and amazing Amy really is.  The only problem is, of course, that he's living in the endless summer of 1944.

How did the character of Aunt Mae come to life?  I've always been close to the older people in my family.  From my grandmas to my great aunts, there were always elders who offered my father advice on raising us kids and shared their perspectives on life with us.  To date, all of my books have an older secondary character in them.  There's no way that's a coincidence!

 For those of you who haven't seen the field that inspired The Clearing, here it is in this photo from my old hometown in the North Cascades.  That's Rinker Ridge in the background, and the red barn belongs to my old neighbors, The Dellingers.  When the bad weather would come in, the barn would disappear in a curtain of mist.  One day I began to wonder if it was still there, if it really still existed when I couldn't see it, and what might be in its place if it didn't.  Pretty deep thoughts for me, right?  I imagined a family, trapped in the 1940's living behind that curtain of mist -- and Henry Briggs was born.  The Clearing ended up being the book of my heart.  It's so gratifying to get letters from readers who connected with Amy and her journey and wished for a Henry Briggs of their own. 

So, how about the giveaway?

Comment each day to be entered to win The Clearing Farmhouse Prize Pack:

Signed Copy of The Clearing
Assorted Fine Teas
Briggs Family Biscuit Recipe
Biscuit Cutters
Cool Fortune-Tellers Tea Cup

We'll draw a winner on Sunday, June 19th from all the daily comments.  US and Canada winners only.  No purchase necessary to win, of course!

Today's question:

Who has been the most influential older person in your life so far?

 Good luck!

The Clearing - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Wherever You Go - Harcourt (Nov. 2011)
Sometimes by Moonlight: A Novella - eBook
Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen

Friday, June 10, 2011

Things that make you go Ha!

Most of the year I set my DVR for my favorite shows so that I can fast forward through all those pesky commercials. But now that most of my favorites have wrapped up I find myself aimlessly floating through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch.

I almost forget how incredibly funny some of the commercials can be. This one is my absolute favorite because it really resonates with me. For me, everything IS better on vacation. Even a FOUR dollar coke!

I'm also a big fan of the new Sonic commercials, especially the vampire one. I'm in awe of the writers of these commercials and their ability to produce such big laughs in mere seconds.

What is your all time favorite commercial?


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Means Getting Out of the City

It’s almost summer!  Though the weather may not be quite summery here in Seattle, it’s a heat wave in parts of the country.  I'm not quite ready for it, but June is here...

The start of summer makes me think of going to summer camp, learning to canoe, make braided bracelets, sing campfire songs, and luxuriate in the clean air of the forests in our area.  My family loved to go camping together, even if it was just setting up a tent in the backyard. 

Here, in the Northwest, it’s easy for most people to get outside and enjoy nature, but that's not the case in some places.

A friend told me about the The Fresh Air Fund, an organization that helps kids in NYC experience the joy of nature.

For over a hundred years, The Fresh Air Fund has provided New York City’s neediest children with free summer adventures in the country with volunteer host families.  For these kids, the chance to experience the summer fun we might take for granted is a life changing opportunity.

Right now, The Fresh Air Fund is seeking 1200 host families for the summer in 13 Northeastern states from Virginia to Maine and Canada.  It’s a two week experience, but the positive effects on the guest children (and your family) can last a lifetime.

If you think your family, or a family you know, might be interested in volunteering (or donating to help with transportation and other costs) check out the Fresh Air Fund’s website.  Please let other peeps in the Northeast know about the search for volunteer families, too!

I just can’t imagine a summer without hiking, barbecues, swimming in the lake, and being able to see more green than concrete.  I love that this organization is bringing kids out of the city, for a beautiful summer experience... 

If you had a guest of The Fresh Air Fund in your home, what would be the first activity you'd share? 

I think I would take my guest out on the lake in a kayak...



Sometimes by Moonlight: A Novella - eBook
Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen
The Clearing - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011 RITA Finalist Best YA Romance
Wherever You Go - Harcourt, Nov. 2011

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Buzz Girl In The Wild

Sorry for the posting delay today, but I'm on my way to Seattle and this:

And this:

Are a little more enticing than writing blog posts. :) Tune in next week when I'll be helping Buzz Girl Heather celebrate a very special honor.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Who's Hot???

About a year and a half ago, I asked our readers to weigh in on hot male celebrities who appealed to YA readers. It was for a book I was writing, and I got almost 30 comments, with the top choice being Chace Crawford.

So I thought this might be a great time to put out the call again, get an update. Not only because I can always use this information for my books, but because, well, it's fun to talk about!

So I am going to add a name I think is a top contender: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So now it's your turn, what say YOU?


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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Speaking of new TV Shows...

You may not remember this, but not counting PBS, there used to be only three main networks -- ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Those networks had kind of a set schedule season for TV shows.  New series premiered in the fall (always with a splashy fall preview show) and then the summer was filled with re-runs and other stuff.  TV was pretty lame back in the day.

Then came MTV and other cable networks.  TV got better!

And then, FOX came on the free TV scene and things totally changed.  There were more choices.  And then, FOX and other new networks, cable and free, started to premiere their own series when they wanted. 

Now, many years later, we get to see new shows almost year-round...

Bravo always seems to be cooking up great new reality shows (and franchises of successful shows) and of course AMC has MadMen and other great shows coming and going. 

But here's what I'm really excited about -- MTV is going to have a werewolf show!

Teen Wolf premieres this Sunday, June 5th.  It looks like a pretty serious werewolf drama -- nothing like the Michael J. Fox comedy from the 1980s.

Tyler Posey is the star.... he's super cute, even with his moonlight eyes.

Are you guys going to watch it, too? 
If not, what other new shows are you going crazy for?




Sometimes by Moonlight: A Novella - Just Released!
Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen
The Clearing - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011 RITA finalist
Wherever You Go - Harcourt November 2011