Friday, June 10, 2011

Things that make you go Ha!

Most of the year I set my DVR for my favorite shows so that I can fast forward through all those pesky commercials. But now that most of my favorites have wrapped up I find myself aimlessly floating through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch.

I almost forget how incredibly funny some of the commercials can be. This one is my absolute favorite because it really resonates with me. For me, everything IS better on vacation. Even a FOUR dollar coke!

I'm also a big fan of the new Sonic commercials, especially the vampire one. I'm in awe of the writers of these commercials and their ability to produce such big laughs in mere seconds.

What is your all time favorite commercial?



TinaFerraro said...

Haha! Thanks, Steph! I think my favorite commercial is the one for Kotex where the young woman is on the beach, saying, "I like to twirl in slow motion..."

Heather Davis said...

It's funny, but I can think of so many more that I *don't* like, Steph! I'm so sick of the Living Social ones that premiered during the Superbowl and keep rerunning!

I like the old Life cereal, "Hey Mikey, he likes it!" if I had to pick a favorite. :)