Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Means Getting Out of the City

It’s almost summer!  Though the weather may not be quite summery here in Seattle, it’s a heat wave in parts of the country.  I'm not quite ready for it, but June is here...

The start of summer makes me think of going to summer camp, learning to canoe, make braided bracelets, sing campfire songs, and luxuriate in the clean air of the forests in our area.  My family loved to go camping together, even if it was just setting up a tent in the backyard. 

Here, in the Northwest, it’s easy for most people to get outside and enjoy nature, but that's not the case in some places.

A friend told me about the The Fresh Air Fund, an organization that helps kids in NYC experience the joy of nature.

For over a hundred years, The Fresh Air Fund has provided New York City’s neediest children with free summer adventures in the country with volunteer host families.  For these kids, the chance to experience the summer fun we might take for granted is a life changing opportunity.

Right now, The Fresh Air Fund is seeking 1200 host families for the summer in 13 Northeastern states from Virginia to Maine and Canada.  It’s a two week experience, but the positive effects on the guest children (and your family) can last a lifetime.

If you think your family, or a family you know, might be interested in volunteering (or donating to help with transportation and other costs) check out the Fresh Air Fund’s website.  Please let other peeps in the Northeast know about the search for volunteer families, too!

I just can’t imagine a summer without hiking, barbecues, swimming in the lake, and being able to see more green than concrete.  I love that this organization is bringing kids out of the city, for a beautiful summer experience... 

If you had a guest of The Fresh Air Fund in your home, what would be the first activity you'd share? 

I think I would take my guest out on the lake in a kayak...


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TinaFerraro said...

Heather, I love to walk in our hills--in all weather. Seriously, I have had people stop me in a heat wave and tell me to go home! You can count on me dragging all visitors out with me. I even usually organize an after-Thanksgiving dinner hike!