Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Posting...

Apologies in advance for deviating from the week's theme, because this is about neither sports nor guys. As some of you may know (since I've posted this plea on MySpace) I am facing a major career decision. Okay, technically it is a question of vanity that happens to involve my writing career. I have to choose my author photo. At this point it's just for the publisher catalog, but will also wind up on the jacket flap, my website, and who knows where else. The problem is, I have three pictures to choose from and the votes from everyone I've asked so far have been pretty evenly distributed. So I need your help, Buzz Readers. Which of the following is the best author photo?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dutton Children's Books
May 2008


Heather Harper said...

I vote for #3. :)

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Tera, my vote is definitely for the third photo! Love the striking contrast between the black and the teal scarf. The others are nice, but the middle one doesn't pop with color like the third one does. And too many people go with the old-school version of the hand on the face/chin. Definitely the third shot is much more chic and sophisticated, while still being sassy. :-)


Anonymous said...

You photograph beautifully! I like #3 the best, too.
It was great meeting you in Dallas. I'm looking forward to reading your book.


Alyson Noel said...

You can't go wrong- you're gorgeous! I like them all, though the colors really pop on #3!

Unknown said...

I vote for #3. They are all great photos, though!

Shari Green said...

You're really photogenic! My vote is for #3 -- the scarf looks classy but fun. I'm not a fan of the hand-on-chin variations many people go for.

Shari (from teenlitauthors)

Anonymous said...

I like #2 best out of them all. It's fresh and young and will appeal to your readers. #1 is typical author pose and #3 although nice makes you look older IMHO.


TinaFerraro said...

Tera, I know I told you earlier this week that I like #3 the best, and while I still do, I agree with Sirena that it does give you a more mature appearance. So while I still love #3, I'd like to vote for #2 as well, going for the younger look.

Anonymous said...

I found photo #2 the most appealing!

Photo #1 seems posed, and the scarf in photo #3 distracted me from your pretty face.

Hope this helps!


Diana Peterfreund said...

I like two the best. yes, it's the most conventional, but you look like a teen yourself.

Second choice is number one. Yes, it's posed, but you look SO gorgeous in it!!! there's a real sparkle in your eye and the colors are great (look at the photo in black and white, too, since so often B&W is how it appears).

Distant third is #3. Your head is held at such an awkward angle in it. You look like you're tripping or something, your head is tilted so far down. And teh scarf makes you look like you have no neck. the proportions are all off. I think it also looks the "oldest."

Anonymous said...

#2 :-)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I like the first one - you look smart and confident, like you're keeping a secret. The colors and light are especially nice in this one too. (#3 would be my second vote.)

Celeste said...

I like them all, but I vote #1 or #2. While the colors of #3 are very flattering, the angle seems awkward to me also for some reason. Go with what makes you accessible to your audience!

Kristen Painter said...

I like the first one. It seems very approachable.

stephhale said...

#2. I just had to say it again. I feel that because I had to share a bed with you at Nationals that my opinion should weigh very heavily in this decision. :)

Maureen McGowan said...

All 3 are really nice.
I like your expression and he overall angles a lot in #2. someone said you look the youngest in this one, and I agree. But I'm not sure if the pale pink shirt works...

Could they photoshop your shirt to be a darker color?

I'm on the fence between #2 and #3.

serena said...

You look fab in all of them but I like the splash of color in #3. Of course, author photos tend to be black and white in the cover of books (unless they are hardback).

Second choice is #2. But again, you can't go wrong with ANY of them.


holly cupala said...

Tera, you look lovely in all of them! It's difficult to pick, but I think I like #3 the best - because in color, the blue background and scarf make your eyes pop, and because of the dark/light contrast, we really see your face and your features. #2 looked a little too high-school yearbook (but hey, that could be a good thing!). #1 is also nice - like someone else said, you look like you have a secret that someone just might find between the covers of your book! However, it's missing the strong contrast that I liked about #3. So I guess, in short, I vote for #3. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tera,
As everyone has told you, all three are lovely, but how could they NOT be? It was a close tie with me between #2 and #3 but MY FINAL ANSWER is #3.
Go for it, girl!
Betty Dravis

Anonymous said...

As everyone else already told you: all three photos are lovely. But how could they NOT be.
I varied between #2 and #3, but MY FINAL CHOICE is #3.
Good luck with your literary career. You rock!
Betty Dravis

Me said...

Wow! I am so amazed and awed. Thank you everyone for casting your votes--if you click to my profile, you'll see my final choice!

Okay, I won't keep you in suspense... I picked the pink one. And no, not just because Steph and I shared a bed. Sheesh.

Every single vote helped me make my decision--one that I am completely happy with. Thank you!!!


Unknown said...

i'm late on this but i think they're all gorgeous! can't go wrong!

Anonymous said...

I love you face in #3, the scarf adds color, but if its black and white i definitely pick #1. you look really happy and fun in these pictures,though. =P