Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Guilty Secrets... Make Me Laugh!

For me, there is nothing better than a funny guy...

A guy who keeps me laughing (with witty comments and jokes, not dumb stuff) is so great to be around.

Seriously, when you're a funny girl, it gets tiresome always entertaining everyone. ;) So a boy who can keep me and my friends rolling is a gem.

I give you exhibit A -- Luke Wilson! Even in his more serious roles, he brings a sense of humor with him. I didn't see that scary movie Vacancy because I didn't want to see him not being funny, though!

Anyway, he and his brother Owen (who is *spectacular* in the Darjeeling Limited -- go see it!) are the epitome of cute to me.

What do you think? Does a sense of humor exponentially increase a guy's attractiveness? Confess!!
Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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TinaFerraro said...

Oh, yes, yes, Heather, a great sense of humor can catapult a guy's attractiveness for sure. Case-in-point, I developed a huge crush on Owen Wilson after seeing him for the first time in Shanghai Noon. I bought the DVD "for the kids" as soon as it came out. :)

stephhale said...

Luke is such a doll! I loved him in The Family Stone!
And humor is so important. Looks will fade but you need someone who can always make you laugh.

Me said...

Humor is definitely mission critical. Not only does he have to make me laugh, but he has to be able to laugh at himself. (As Luke and Owen W. definitely do!)

Kristen Painter said...

Humor definitely makes a guy cuter, because it also shows off his brain. Dumb guys only make you laugh at them, not with them.

Marley Gibson said...

Absomalutely, Heather!!

Simone Elkeles said...

I agree. Even a guy who's not cute can seem amazingly adorable if they know how to make a girl laugh.