Monday, November 17, 2008

A Walk to Remember

November in the U.S. often brings to mind Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, and sometimes, the bittersweet end to high school football seasons.

But if you happen to live on the continent of eastern Zambia...near the Mfuwe Lodge, you will also know that November means something else, too. It’s the month when the mangos turn ripe, and when the wild elephants return to feast.

The fact the lodge was recently built on the elephants’ long-established route to a grove of mango trees is no deterrent. The elephants simply stay their course, cutting through the lodge’s lobby.

Staff warn guests that these elephants are indeed wild and that anything can happen, but to date, there has not been a single accident or injury.

The elephants stay around the property for days on end, grazing until the trees are bare, then go on their way.

But are sure to return the next year and the next. Because you know what they say: an elephant never forgets.

So please now weigh in: given the chance, would you visit this lodge in November in hopes of seeing these elephants in their natural habitat? I’ll go first: heck, yeah!

Happy Birthday to: HEATHER DAVIS!!!


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Anonymous said...

Count me in! I think it would be great fun to sit in the lobby, sipping my drink of choice, while the elephants marched on by.


Anonymous said...

I would SO visit this lodge. I would be freaked out at first, but just being able to see all those elephants up close and personal would be freakin' awesome!

TinaFerraro said...

I'm with you, Janie!

And Celise, I think the do-able element for me would be the knowledge and anticipation. A herd of elephant in the hotel lobby surprise, however, would have freak me out! =)

Alyson Noel said...

I'm so there!
That looks amazing!

The Golfing Librarian said...

After sipping your "drink of choice", you might get to watch "little pink elephants" go marching by, too!
This looks like great fun, as long as you keep your distance. And the fact that you know it happens at the same time each year allows one to experience it over and over.

The Golfing Librarian said...

I wonder if they play "Baby Elephant Walk" over the loudspeakers in the lobby as they roam through; or Camille Saint Sean's "El Elephantes" from his piece "The Carnival of the Animals"

TinaFerraro said...

You're far more cultured than I am, Chuck. I'm thinking tunes from "Dumbo."

Wendy Roberts said...

Count me in! Maybe we can get a group discount ;)

Heather Davis said...

Thanks for the B-day shout out, Tina. Very sweet.

I would totally go see these elephants! I've lived in Alaska at a resort where moose and the occasional bear walked through camp -- and though majestic to see, you always give them the right of way. I imagine the elephants would be the same!

Let's go!

Me said...

As the current owner of an Africa-obsession, I'm definitely in on the elephant hotel. When I first heard about this hotel I remember thinking, "What would you do if an elephant walked through your lobby? Get out of the way, I guess." Fun post, T!!!

Meredith said...

Oh yeah! I love elephants, they are just amazing! Plus a chance to go to Africa and see some wild animals? That would be the ultimate in vacations so far!


Marley Gibson said...

That is soooooo cool. I would totally visit there to see the elephants. Always been a great fan of the elephant...and not just 'cause they symbolize my university. = )

Simone Elkeles said...

Those pics are so surreal...and so cool. I love animals!