Friday, July 08, 2011

The Fiery Pits of Prom Hell

I recently got involved in a pretty sizeable clean-up project in our house, and discovered all kinds of “hidden treasures.” Including a copy of PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, a paranormal short story collection by five young adult authors, Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer, and Lauren Myracle. Glancing at the back cover (“Worried that prom is gonna bite?”), I realized despite my good intentions, I had never actually read it.

That error is no more! I spent the past couple days in the fiery pits of prom hell, and enjoyed every moment. In particular, this book gave me a first introduction to the sharp, funny Michele Jaffe, who contributed the short story, “Kiss and Tell.” I loved it and will be definitely be looking for more from her!

So how about you? Is summer a good time for you to catch up on books you’ve been meaning to read, too?


Tina Ferraro
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1110cg said...

The library near me is doing a program where every book you read gets you a raffle ticket to win a laptop or ipad. I have been reading and doing that; plus I can't wait to get my copy of Fins Are Forever!

stephhale said...

I LOVE Michele Jaffe's writing. Her Bad Kitty books are hysterical!!

Kari said...

I have to agree with stephhale. I adore Michele Jaffe and I am in love with the Bad Kitty series. The last time I met her she said that she had a great idea for the 3rd one, but no one wanted it :( As for my summer, I have been ignoring my babysitting children so I can read everything that I've been wanting to.

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Steph and Kari, I have BAD KITTY on my to-read list now! (Isn't it FUN to discover new authors, even ones that just happen to be new to you?)

1110cg, so glad to hear you are participating in your library reading program. I have warm memories of doing the same back-when, but I think the winner got a pencil set or something. Haha, the bar is so much higher and better!

Rachel said...

Yah, our library gives out a paper bookmark for every few hours of reading. My 10 yr old is still trucking away, even if it is just for another book mark. :)

I had hoped to do tons of reading this summer, and have maybe read one book so far. Oh, I've picked up a few from the library that I've been waiting for, but they get stolen from me by either my sister or my daughter because they want me to spend my time finishing writing my book rather than reading others. :)

Yes, I will look into that Bad Kitty series too! Thanks!

TinaFerraro said...

Rachel, it's great your 10 year-old is reading, regardless of the prize, huh?

My reading so far hasn't hit impressive levels, but I've been succeeding in variety. Like this one I'd forgotten about, a biography, a nonfiction, in addition to my usual fare. So that in itself is fun!

Marley Gibson said...

My Nook is full of good reads. I need to charge it up and read.

Marley Gibson said...

My Nook is full! I need to charge it up and get to reading. = )

Janie Emaus said...

I always have too many books to read, whether it's summer, winter, spring or fall. And it's quite a shame, I may never read them all.

Heather Davis said...

Not to be part of the chorus, but yes - BAD KITTY is awesome. It's a book full of footnotes that will crack you up, Tina.

I've just read FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan and Tera's FINS ARE FOREVER -- both great summer reads.

Happy summer everyone!

TinaFerraro said...

Marley and Janie, yes, alas we are always behind on reading, huh?

Heather, thank you for those recommendations!

BookChic said...

Michele Jaffe is AWESOME. Her two Bad Kitty books are absolutely hysterical, and her most recent book, Rosebush, is a thriller. She's also very fun in person and I've gotten to see her twice now while at BEA these past two years. Definitely check her out.