Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 Bees Buzzing

It's not often that we get a bunch of Buzz Girl Bees together, but thanks to a lovely invitation bestowed upon my daughter and me by Dona, four of us found ourselves together this past weekend in her Seattle area home. Here's me, Dona, Heather and Tera:

Dona served tea and a table full of goodies. Here we are, checking it all out before the first doorbell:

While all the food was yummy, from moment one, my eyes were on the cupcakes! Check out the careful and creative designs, made with a rich butter cream frosting:

Believe me when I say, I got my fair share!

Anyway, the tea was not only a lot of fun, but a good networking and brainstorming event where we got to discuss books we've been reading, and our current works-in-progress. In fact, I wrote down notes afterwards on comments made about my current book that I know will help me in its execution.

We think it's possible we won't get a substantial number of Buzz Girls together again until the national Romance Writers of America conference in Anaheim, California next July--but who knows? We'll keep spirits high and fingers crossed!

And thanks again to Dona for being the hostess with the mostest!


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Heather Davis said...

Thanks for posting this, Tina! It was so great to see you and meet your daughter. And of course, Miss Dona puts on a glamorous tea. :)


Me said...

Such a great time, Tina. (Although sadly those gorgeous flower cupcakes weren't vegan.) So great to see you and have a Buzz girl semi-reunion. More soon, I hope!

Wendy Toliver said...

On one hand I'm so glad you posted these fabulous photos. So great to see the Buzz Girls! on the other hand, darn you for making me crave such pretty cupcakes! :)

stephhale said...

Bees, you all look so lovely! The tea sounds like it was fabulous and those cupcakes looked divine!Miss you all!