Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Hump Day Hottie. Since this is my first post, I will dish a little intro on the HDH first--even though I know everyone has already scrolled on down to the drooliscious pics. Since my days on the BBB are Wednesdays, “hump days”--and of course I mean hump as in “getting over the hump” of half the week, not the other, dirty interpretation high school boys always use... puh-lease!--I figure that every once in a while a girl needs something extra to get her through the week. What better than a tasty hunk?

This won’t be an every week kind of thing--I do have more to say than “look at those abs” on occasion--but will repeat whenever I feel the need to post and/or drool over a pretty picture. Feel free to give feedback (critiques on physiques, odes to beautiful eyes, etc) and suggestions. There’s always one more hottie out there waiting to be discovered.

Now you know what the HDH is all about, let’s get started. I have decided to kick off this tradition with Brad Pitt. Not because he is the hottie of all hotties. Not because he’s in the tabloids more than alien babies, vampire actresses, and four-headed goats. Not because he has a smile that could make a girl forget what century it is.... wait, what century is it?

No, I start with BP because we share a close, personal connection. Okay, not a close connection--we were separated by twelve long years. Okay, not a personal connection--more like a coincidence of geography.

Truthfully, we both went to Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri. And we both played tennis for Coach Stan Oliver. But this is my post and I’ll call it a close, personal connection if I want.

So, on to the hottie... try not to drool on your keyboard.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding right? How can you say that with a straight face??? I would love to say "I went to Kickapoo High School"! LOL - What a riot!

Seriously, very drool-worthy pics of Brad. I'm not such a fan of the "golden" hunks -- much more into dark and brooding types (see inspiration hunk photos on my website: -- but I'll make an exception any day for Brad. Yum ....

Great post!

Simone Elkeles said...

I like dark and brooding just as much as the "golden hunks". I'd be Brad's Angelina any day of the week!

Simone Elkeles said...

Those abs on Pitt could seriously make a writer procrastinate in her writing while staring at his pic all day!

I wonder who that writer could be...


Me said...

You think you're distracted now? Wait 'til I get to Channing Tatum... he was an Abercrombie model!

GeminiWisdom said...

These are really good pics, even though he's looking a bit old around the edges as of late. And truthfully? I think you should do this every wednesday, in addition to your regular posts. There are so many hotties out there to choose from--old and new--you should have no problem doing this every week. But here's my suggestion for next week:

Channing Tatum

Anonymous said...

God love you, Channing, it's all in one's perception - and Brad looks a little young for me. But just because I'm 'almost 60' doesn't mean I don't like drooling over hump day hotties. Hey, I can fantasize about Hugh Lorrie (much too old for you ladies) any day of the week!

HDHs are a great idea, Tera! I'll keep coming back to visit!

Jo Anne