Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #3

Let me just say right from the start that I’m not a butt girl. I know, I’m a disgrace to girlhood everywhere. When I first see a guy, I’m drawn to his eyes... his smile... his hair... his shoulders... his ARMS! Then, after I’ve checked out all of those other features -- for a really long time -- I finally get to the butt. I almost never notice the butt first, and am almost never moved enough by the butt to fall head over heels. Unless it is a truly spectacular butt.

Enter Rafael Nadal. (That’s “Nay-dal” not “Nah-dal”)

Rafa entered my life in the 2005 French Open -- which he won, by the way -- slipping and sliding across that red clay court and wearing the weirdest looking shorts I’d ever seen. They bordered on tight, came to just below his knees, and they were white. But somehow, those crazy shorts hugged his butt so perfectly that I spent the entire tournament waiting for glimpses of his backside.

I desperately wanted him to win every match--not for concern over his career success but so that I might live to drool another day.

And, to top off the whole “phenomenal butt” thing, he also seems to be a nice, humble guy who lives on the breathtaking Spanish island of Mallorca with, like, his entire family in one house. His uncle is even his coach. How cute is that?

Anyway, I’ve promised to make my posts more interactive (okay, really I just want more comments and I want everyone to do more than just drool over the pictures) so here’s my Hottie Question of the Week:

What male feature grabs your attention and holds it? Are you...
...a butt girl? arm girl?
...a hand girl? eye girl?
...a hair girl?
...another kind of girl altogether?

Ponder this question while you peruse Rafael Nadal. By the way, this was the closest I could get to a decent picture of his butt (after countless hours of tireless searching for the sake of blog integrity)... I don’t think the boy realizes his true potential.


TinaFerraro said...

Count me in as an arm girl. Hands rate right up there, too.


Marley Gibson said...

Eye Girl all the way. Especially if they're blue. Total sucker for blue eyes.

Marley = )

stephhale said...

I'm a hands and fingers chick. I almost get physically ill if a guy has long fingernails, so wrong! I like a guy that bites his fingernails, not down to bloody stumps or anything, but I don't like nails on a guy. Okay, that was totally TMI.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I'm an arm and chest kind of a girl. *sigh*

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I'm an overall face girl, but definitely the eyes and smile rate high. Emerald green eyes and a great smile? It's all over for me


GeminiWisdom said...

face and hands

Anonymous said...

"That’s “Nay-dal” not “Nah-dal”"

Actually, it's the opposite.

Rafa is Spanish, and the Spanish "a" in that position is pronounced the way "ah" sounds in English. (And the emphasis is on the last syllable.)

He's playing in the Australian Open right now. You can watch his matches/listen to the commentators and/or take a pop over to Mallorca to hear it correctly pronounced.