Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Guilty Pleasures... Books

This is not so much a guilty pleasure about books as it is about magazines...

Confession: I read the New York Times every day, but I can't resist a People or InStyle. It's a problem of attraction.

I don't have a subscription, but if one is laying around at the gym or hairstylist's or where ever, I can't say no. I mean, what good is sweating or enduring hair torture if you can't catch up on who is dating who, etc?

I try to avoid the "bad" tabloids, but when it comes to mainstream celebrity trash, I'm all over it. I guess that's what made it so easy to write a celebutante, rockstar kid, and magazine mogul heir into my stories...

How about you guys -- 'fess up! Are you perusing celeb mags at the checkout stand when you buy milk? Do you igore them? Or are you a subscriber?


Heather (who feels bad because now she's off to watch Entertainment Tonight!)

Heather Davis is the author of Never Cry Werewolf Coming in April 2009 from HarperCollins


TinaFerraro said...

I'm definitely the supermarket check-out line title reader. In fact, I want to know, did Julia Roberts and her husband *really* split, or is that just a good cover story this week?

When getting my hair done, BTW, I always read People and Us and what's the British one, OK?

Me said...

Okay, okay, I'll admit that I buy a People and an US Weekly every so often. Sometimes I read them cover-to-cover, but usually I just flip through to look at the pictures (as in who's wearing what and who looks like they just hopped off the white trash train). My true magazine guilty pleasure is anything to do with shopping. Lucky, Shop Etc., Domino, Real Simple... Anything that shows me pictures of things that I can go buy.

Marley Gibson said...

I'm with Tina. I voyeuristically "read" the magazines at the check out. I can't read US WEEKLY because it's like a strong, addictive drug. If I get in the habit of reading it, I'll be hooked. Which speaks nothing of reading Internet entertainment gossip. = )

stephhale said...

I'm a magazine junkie. It's just so easy to grab one at the checkout and sit outside leafing through it while the boys play. :)
People is probably my fav.

lacey kaye said...

Heather -- heads up! I just sent you an email through MySpace! Not spam, LOL! :-)

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Haha....I can hardly call this a guilty pleasure anymore. Here is my subscription list:
Marie Claire

....yes, I have problems :)

Simone Elkeles said...


Have you ever tried US magazine? It's REALLY full of juicy hollywood details!