Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Hottie-Days Goes Undead

If anyone who is even remotely a vampire fan (and since most of us have read and loved TWILIGHT, then I think we are) hasn't seen the new CBS show MOONLIGHT, then you should. (And if you're not a vampire fan, you just might be after watching hottie Alex O'Loughlin as one of the hottest vamps since Brad Pitt.)

Alex plays sexy, charming, and with-a-touch-of-bad-boy private detective Mick St. John, who also just happens to be a vampire. When not taking on standard human cases, he hunts down rogue vamps, fights hired assassins, has run-ins with a photographer who may or may not be his ex-wife (the vamp who turned him and whom he, in turn, killed ... maybe), and battles his attraction for cute (and human) tv reporter Beth. All while dressed in hottie bad boy immortal black, with gorgeous dark wavy hair, sexy eyes, and a smile that, while rare, can melt a frozen heart.

And just for your extra-viewing pleasure, here's an interview clip of Alex on Extra TV. I lo-o-ove the part where he's explaining why he's not allowed to do the big stunts. Oh, and then there's that accent, too. Sigh.

"But Tera," you say. "You've tickled my fancy. I, however, have missed the entire first season so far. Whatever will I do to quench this burning need to watch Alex?"

Never fear, dear readers. You have two options here. OPTION #1: Watch the re-runs of the first ten episodes that will be airing on CBS in the near future. (Episode 1 played this week, so it should pick up with Episode 2 next Friday.) OPTION #2: Innertube. While CBS is only posting the two most recent episodes on Innertube, you can pick up Episode 1 right now, and (I assume) the subsequent episodes after each has rerun on tv.

MOONLIGHT airs Fridays on CBS after Ghost Whisperer at 9:00 Eastern/8:00 Central. Enjoy.

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TinaFerraro said...

TLC, I have heard about Moonlight, but now that you've given me 2 ways to catch up, I have no excuse not to see it first hand, huh?

And yeah, QUITE the hottie!

And super-cool that your book is now available for pre-order!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I so agree on this one Tera! I am totally in love with this guy. He also plays in August Rush which is still in theaters right now. He has a scottish accent in that movie I believe. For those of you that want to see all the episodes, check out That's how I got all caught up with Moonlight so that I could start watching them on CBS. Enjoy!

stephhale said...

Oh, he is delish! I have this series on my TIVO list but I haven't started watching it yet! :)

Anonymous said...

If y'all have a problem with Innertube on CBS (their video player can be sorta glitchy on certain computer set-ups), CBS has also been posting episodes online @

Sometimes there is a lag with posting episodes there, though.

Marley Gibson said...

Did you see that they're making TWILIGHT into a movie starring Kristen Stewart as Bella? I'm almost finished with NEW MOON and can't wait to get on to ECLIPSE. I heard there's a fourth book, BEYOND DAWN, coming out in late 2008!!!