Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interview with Issa Mazumder...and a special guest

I asked Issa Mazumder (star of HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI) to meet me for a quick cup of coffee. She asked to meet at the local mall where she was studying at the Waldenbooks. Issa arrives 5 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start wearing a red kilt and a black turtleneck with tall black boots....

DS: Hey Issa, love your outfit!

Issa: Thanks D! How're you doing? What are you writing now?

DS: I'm good! And well, I'm starting work on this story of three sisters named Tanzanite, Jade and Pearl. One of them has a BIG secret that completely tears them....

"Uh, HELLO! Did you think you were going to ditch me?" We are interrupted by a slim, brunette wearing a purple pleather jumpsuit who dramatically throws open the door to the coffee shop and shoves her way into our booth. We are immediately engulfed in a perfume of Clinique Happy and cinnamon gum.

Issa: I thought you were going to Express, Cat.

Cat: As if. And let you get the interview to yourself? How stupid do you think I am? Do you know what exposure like this could do for my career?

Issa: What career?

DS: Hi Cat, long time.

Cat: Uh, yeah. Whatever. So, why are you interviewing HER and not me? What's that about?

DS: Well, the readers want an interview with the heroine, so...

Cat: I'm a heroine!

Issa: Can I break in here? Actually, I'm the heroine. YOU are the ANTI-heroine. The antagonist. Get it? Let's try to be accurate.

Cat: Whatever. Everyone said they LOVED Cat Morena. No one cares about Little Miss Accuracy over here.

DS: Now, now, girls. I thought you guys were trying to get along.

Issa: Well for the most part....

Cat: Yeah, that was a lie. We needed to get my dad off my case. He let me have my car back and everything. So, whatever.

DS: So, let's get back to the interview. Issa, last time we saw you you were having some feelings toward your best friend Ishaan...

Issa: Um...

Cat: He's so hot.

Issa: Shut up. He's dating Gigi.

Cat: Like THAT'S gonna last.

Issa: Well, they have been fighting some lately...

Cat: That's all that imbecilic redhead talks about. Ishaan doesn't love me, Ishaan doesn't understand me. I mean, really. Who would?

Issa: Will you just shut up for two seconds? Look, isn't that a sale?

Cat : As if I'd be caught DEAD inside Forever 21. They do like child labor and stuff.

Issa: My step-sister, the Angelina Jolie of the mall, ladies and gentleman.

Cat : Anyway, so Issa has a thing for Ishaan. Ishaan obviously has a thing for her, but neither of them are going to say anything.
DS: That true, Issa? He like you?
Issa : Not like he's said anything...but...
Cat: Maybe I should start dating him.

Issa: Don't you dare!

Cat: Uh-huh. You have until the end of the day....or I'm going to ask him to Sadie Hawkins....

Issa: I hate you.

Cat: Whatever.

DS: Well, I have to get going. Very nice seeing you ladies again!

Cat: Hey, book lady, I want a sequel. With ME at the star this time, okay?

DS: Uh, I'll see what I can do.


Dona Sarkar-Mishra



Anonymous said...

book lady lol,
I agree there should be a sequel to find out what happens with Ishaan....
Its an awesome book!!! Everyone should read it!!!!!!

Me said...

Well, you already know how I feel about Ishaan (yummy hero to the max) so I'll just say, "Fun interview!" I loved seeing Cat and Issa arguing again. Just like old times. =)

TinaFerraro said...

I agree, ladies! Wonderful book, and so glad to get more Cat and Issa time! And the new story sounds terrifis, Dona!

stephhale said...

What a hilarious interview, Dona! You should know that I broke my Amazon diet to order your book and it should be here very soon! :)

Peace, Love and ME! said...

Your book sounds so good! Cat seems like such the diva!! and the [step]sisterly love looks intense, i love books with drama, and i feel like i should be able to get a good fix with it in this one! i'm puting it on my WishList on bn.com right now!

Nadine said...

Agreed - this book totally felt like it had a sequel coming around the corner. Congrats Dona!

Marley Gibson said...

Oooo...I have this book in my stack to read when I'm finished with my Rita books! Can't wait! = )