Friday, February 01, 2008

The Author Asks Aspen

Me: I'm here today with my most favorite fictional character, Aspen Brooks. She is eagerly awaiting the release of her sequel (exactly two months from today!) and can't wait to chat about it! Welcome to Books, Boys, Buzz, Aspen!

Aspen: Eagerly awaiting? Can't wait to chat about it? Are you on glue? I'm exhausted right now. You've got me running around Las Vegas getting into cat fights with big-haired beauty contestants...

Me: Okay, let's keep the spoilers to a minimum, shall we? How about we start out with a topic you love to talk about?

Aspen: That's more like it. Have you seen the Dooney that Hayden from Heroes designed? OMG, I'd let you write me with a unibrow if I could have that bag.

Me: REALLY? A unibrow? That's tempting. But I really wanted to talk about Rand. In your sequel, TWISTED SISTERS, you and Rand experience some up's and down's in your relationship. I think you both grow quite a bit, don't you?

Aspen: I can't even believe you are bringing this stuff up. Rand and I are as tight as ever. Nothing will ever break us up. Ever, do you read me?

Me: You do realize that the title of the third book is SPRING BREAK-UP, right?

Aspen: Stop trying to scare people. We both know you don't have the guts.

Me: Okay, moving on. In Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, you reigned the school, but in Twisted Sisters, you are thrown into a completely new environment. How did it make you feel to be a lowly freshman again?

Aspen: Why do I feel like you are trying to provoke me? I was accepted into the most prestigious sorority on campus. I hardly think that makes me a lowly freshman. I think you and I both know that I'll never be average, I just don't have mediocrity in my blood. Next ridiculous question?

Me: Why do you always seem drawn to solving mysteries?

Aspen: Finally, a question I can sink my perfectly-whitened teeth into. I think most of it has to do with my superior intelligence. I pick up on things that a normal person would overlook. Plus, I'm really tuned into my environment and can immediately sense when someone is being disingenuous. It truly is a gift.

Me: You do realize that I kind of help you out, right?

Aspen: Jeez, does EVERYTHING always have to be about YOU?

Me: You're absolutely right, Aspen, it should always be about you.

Aspen: I love it when we understand each other.

Me: Thanks for the interview and good luck with the release of your sequel. I'll be interviewing Rand next week, is there anything you want to say to him?

Aspen: I totally heart you, Boo!

That wraps up our interview and if you aren't sick of us yet, we hope you'll check out Twisted Sisters on April 1st, and that's not an April Fool's joke, at least it better not be! :)



Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!


TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Aspen, that unibrow comment made me LOL.

Oh, wait, you're imaginary...I should be saying that to Steph (who obviously creates characters so complete that I can't remember who is real and who isn't).

Can't wait for TWISTED SISTERS!

The Compulsive Reader said...

Haha, I love it when there are character interviews! Now it is apparent I REALLY need to read Revenge of the Homecoming Queen!


Me said...

Omigosh Steph this is such a brilliant interview. You and Aspen are hilarious. (And you should totally point people to the interview Aspen did of you at the end of REVENGE!) Oh, and I just knew Aspen would be all over the Hayden bag. I've been drooling over it in magazines. Sigh. =)

Peace, Love and ME! said...

i totaly heart this interview!!!! can't wait for the sequal!!!


Marley Gibson said...

Me too on the LOL, Tina! Aspen's just great! I loved hearing her voice again and I can't wait for TWISTED SISTERS!