Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm here with Marley Gibson a/k/a Kate Harmon, author of the Sorority 101 Series, who has not one, but TWO, debut novels dropping on May 1st, 2008!

I know this isn't your most recent pic, Marley, but I'm loving the pearls & it looked very sorority headshot, so I went with it. Okay, on to the interview because your soon-to-be fans want to know more about YOU, the fabulous author of the Sorority 101 Series.

1) Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I think it's more the case that I always HAVE been a writer. From the first time I put the Crayolas to paper, I was always coming up with stories. In kindergarten, I wrote a lot of "short stories" (and by short, I mean like...3 pages, illustrated) and made them into little booklets for my parents. I've just always veered to the written word. Much preferred tests that let you write a novel instead of multiple choice.

2) Coke or Pepsi?

Oh, honey...neither. Diet Coke all the way. By the gallon full. Just put a slow-drip IV of it in my arm. = )

3) What was the best piece of writing advice you ever got and who was it from?

Back in 2001 when I got "serious" about wanting to be a writer, I sent a message -- via her website -- to author Barbara Delinsky. She was nice enough to write back and tell me that if I wanted to be a writer then I needed to not just talk about it, but DO IT. Just do it. Seems simple, but it really charged me up and got me writing.

4) What is your favorite food? see, you're asking this question of a Foodie, so I don't know if there's just one food above all. I'm a closet gourmet chef and I love taking a fatty recipe and lightening it so you don't feel so guilty eating it. I'd have to say fried chicken is like an intoxicating drug to having found a way to lighten it up and "oven fry" it so that it tastes just like the real thing...yeah...that was a coup.

5) Do you still want to write adult fiction someday or are you addicted to YA?

I have eight (8) adult novels that I wrote and never sold and I have tons of ideas for other stories. Maybe one day I'll see what I can do with that, but right now, I'm so in love with the YA voice and all you can do with writing younger characters, I think I'll be addicted to that for a while.

6) What teen celeb do you totally crush on?

Channing Tatum is just too hot for his own good. I've seen SHE'S THE MAN so many times, it's not even funny and he gets cuter each time I watch it. Why are there not more Channing Tatum movies?!?!

7) If you got a million dollar contract, would you quit your day job?

Ummm...duh!! Although, I'd probably work part time just because I love my job and the people I work with, as well as the company. Maybe I'd bank the mil for a couple of years, so I could have an early retirement to say, Antigua. LOL!

8) What is your all time favorite book?

Probably sounds cliched, but GONE WITH THE WIND. It's got everything...war, famine, peace, challenges, romance, unrequited love, family, turmoil, conflict, rebirth, salvation, heartbreak, freedom, triumph, wow...could just go on and on! And who's a better hero than Rhett?

9) How many times a day do you Google yourself?

You know, I can honestly say I don't do this --- yet. I have Google alerts set up with my book titles, my name, my maiden name, all sorts of stuff to alert me, but I'm not a known self-Googler...yet.

10) Have you ever played Guitar Hero?

I haven't yet, although I'm completely DYING to try it! I played piano, violin, trumpet, etc. in high school and am very musically inclined. I think it would be wicked cool to take a crack at Guitar Hero. Who wants to invite me over?

11) In a perfect world, where do you see your writing career in ten years? 10 years?

Well...I hope my sorority books are a big hit and in their 20th printing and that I'm still writing my GHOST HUNTRESS series books, as well as other series. I'm making enough money that I can live anywhere in the world that I want. I think maybe three months in the south of France, six months in my loft condo in downtown Toronto, and the other three months either traveling or somewhere warm. Oh yeah...and I'll invest some of my royalties in a vineyard in Napa that will be named after my series. LOL!! Seriously, though...I just hope to be able to continue writing and crafting stories and characters that readers will love and want more from.

To sum up, Marley Gibson is a fried chicken eating, Diet Coke drinking, Channing Tatum loving, soon-to-be-best-selling author! Oh, and that's not her in the pic playing Guitar Hero b/c she's still waiting on her invite! :) Thanks for the fun interview, Marley, and best of luck on your releases!



Me said...

Great interview, Steph. You asked all the right questions. =)

I totally agree with Barbara Delinsky's advice. That's what I tell any aspiring writer who feels compelled to tell me, in great detail, their story idea and why they have to do so much research and other stuff before they can even start thinking about writing--seriously people, just write! I call it the BISHOK principle:

Butt In Seat Hands On Keyboard

(My grandfather, a long-time editor of textbooks, would have called it AISHOK--but that's not PG.)

Simone Elkeles said...

Marley, I hate to break the news to you but Channing Tatum is taken. We've been dating a few months now and he wants me to tell you that while he thinks you're hot...well, he's so in love with me that he can't even look at another girl.

Yeah, I wish.

Wanna give out that chicken recipe?

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Marley, your ideal life sounds surprisingly close to mine! As for Guitar Hero....we west coast-ies play it all the time! Come on over!

Marley Gibson said...

My recipe is to soak skinless chicken breasts (you can use thighs or legs, whatever you prefer) in a mixture of buttermilk and plain yogurt with a little tabasco or Frank's hot sauce in it. Let it soak overnight. Salt and pepper the chicken before putting it in to soak. Then, when you're ready to get going, season the flour really well. Salt, pepper, and I use something called Aunt Cora's which has paprika, garlic flavoring, celery salt in it. I put the flour either in a large Pyrex with a lid or a large Ziploc so I can really toss it and shake it. If you want it extra crispy, double dip, meaning buttermilk/flour/buttermilk/flour, fry.

Heat it up to about 450 and spray the chicken with a good dousing of Pam regular flavor. Put on a tin-foiled cookie sheet and then, cook for like 10-12 minutes per side. It won't be that deep-fried goodness, but it'll be pretty darn good and you'll barely be able to tell the difference.

Mmmm...I may have to go home and cook this. My stomach is GROWLING!!!!

= )

Anonymous said...

i'm hungary

Wendy Toliver said...

Wonderful interview! Based on my extensive research, one of the requirements of a successful author is being addicted to Diet Coke. Haha! :)

TinaFerraro said...

Wendy, I hear Diet Dr. Pepper puts you on the track to literary stardom, too:! :)

Wonderful interview, Steph!

Thanks for the chicken recipe, Marley--and hey, next time you're in L.A., come on over to my house. We have ROCK BAND blasting in our living room almost every weekend, of which I am told is the newest version of GUITAR HERO.

Kwana said...

Great interview thanks. Marley this is my fav picture of you. There is only a hint of the real wild child you are!
You're invited over any time. Kay and Will would love you. You and Kay can fight over Channing Tatum while watcing Step up. Oh, he's in the new Step up 2 that came out this week for a minute. She's already seen it.

And Will can teach you guitar hero. My son is a guitar hero legend in my town. I'm so proud?
Alas, I've given up diet coke for lent. Can you belive it? Not a sip.

Marley Gibson said...

Oddly enough...that IS my sorority picture. I had pneumonia when this picture was taken. Let me tell you...lots of makeup to cover up my paleness. And check out the blue eye shadow! It was the late 80s, thankyouverymuch!

Thanks for the invite, Kwana! I'll take you up on it. Only if Nana cooks. = )

Kwana said...

Nana would be happy to cook!

Heather Davis said...

I totally want chicken now, Marley! Looks delish. Great knowing more about you, though I'm all about the Diet Pepsi.