Sunday, February 10, 2008

Introducing ... Griffin

After interviewing Phoebe via IM chat, I decided it was worth the international charges to actually call Griffin (aka the dark brooding bad boy maybe-hero of OH. MY. GODS.). Besides, he's not the most talkative guy so I figured it wouldn't be a multi-hour conversation. [Here's the pic of Tom Welling from my dream cast list.]

TLC: Hi Griffin! How's it going?

Griffin: Fine.

TLC: [waiting for more] Um, okay. So why don't you tell the readers a little more about yourself. They're here to learn about you, after all.

Griffin: Like what?

TLC: Like... anything. We already know you're a descendant of Ares and H--

Griffin: Hey, privileged info. Don't spread that around.

TLC: Oh, I forgot. But you know everybody's going to find out as soon as they read the book, right?

Griffin: [probably clenching his jaw] Yeah. I know.

TLC: Alright. For now we'll stick to the common knowledge. So what's it like being a descendant of Ares? He's the god of war. Does that mean you like to fight a lot?

Griffin: No. It's not that simple.

TLC: Sometimes you do have a bit of a temper...

Griffin: Who doesn't? But war isn't his only area of expertise. Ares is also the patron god of athletics.

TLC: Which brings up something you and Phoebe have in common: running. You guys are getting off to a bit of a rough start, but admit it. You kinda like her.

Griffin: I don't know what you're talking about.

TLC: Your Aunt Lili adores her.

Griffin: [silence]

TLC: Just wait until your running date--

Griffin: It's not a date.

TLC: --tomorrow. I've got a few surprises up my sleeve.

Griffin: Great. Look, I need to go. I promised Aunt Lili I'd help her decorate some cupcakes for bake sale.

TLC: [snicker]

Griffin: What?

TLC: Nothing. That's cute.

Griffin: Later. [click]

Well, that is apparently the end of my interview with Griffin. Get his full story in OH. MY. GODS., coming in May from Dutton Children’s Books. The as-yet-untitled (and un-revised) sequel is slated for Spring ’09. (I haven't told Griffin about that yet. He can sweat it for a while.)


OH. MY. GODS. -- Dutton, May 2008


TinaFerraro said...

Oh, this is one hottie I'd like to see get hooked! :)

Looking forward to reading just under two months now, huh?

Marley Gibson said...

TLC...we'll count down to May together!!!! = )

Peace, Love and ME! said...

haha, what a sensitive brooding hottie...baking cupcakes and all...May will come soon, I hope!


stephhale said...

I just finished OH MY GODS! You guys are in for such a treat! It was the most amazing book! :) I can't wait to hold a hardcover in my hands!

Me said...

Thanks all for lovin' on Griff (and Steph for lovin' on the book). It's all starting to feel almost real!