Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lots of ice and a little bit of fire....

Are you a fan girl of a certain author? I totally am. I get almost giddy when I spy a new Kate Brian/Kieran Scott/Emma Harrison book on the racks. For those of you who live in a cave and only read this blog, these books are all written by one woman. I know, right? She's like Meg prolific. Even worse, she's kind of gorgeous. She's one of those chicks who looks good in sweats and a ponytail going grocery shopping. But wait, don't start hating on her quite yet. Why not you ask?

Um, because she kind of rocks. All of her stories pull me in and never let go until the last page. I've read most of KKE's (her new nickname, courtesy of me) books but the one I just finished was, by far, my favorite. It's called THE BEST GIRL by Emma Harrison.
The Best Girl is the story of Farrah Jane Morris. She is forced to attend her brothers wedding at an elite resort in Colorado. Her brother is marrying a pretentious rich girl, who turns out to be not-so-pretentious after all. For two whole weeks Farrah/Jane has to fly under her mother's radar (who is constantly trying to turn her into someone she isn't), keep up the act of being a nanny so the boy she's crushing on doesn't think she is a pampered snob, try to find her femininity, and deal with the fact that she even though she's adding a new member to her family she still feels like she is losing her brother.

I picked this book to blog about because the ski resort locale was like another character. In some scenes the wintry wonderland is depicted so well I thought I might be able to see my breath. And if you need a bit of fire to go along with your ice, the scenes with Hot Connor don't disappoint. It makes me wish I had actually visited a ski resort when I lived in Colorado. :)

This book was almost personal to me though. Farrah and her brother are best friends and she has to deal with the fact that this might not always be since he is growing up and moving on to start his own family. I remember crying my eyes out at the little brother's wedding, partly because he was moving two thousand miles away, but also because I knew that to some degree, things would never be the same between us again. KKE (who? See above. Come on people, stay with me) nails these emotions. There was a scene that was so well written that I got choked up.

So if you are looking for a little bit of fire and ice, pick up Emma's book and enjoy!

What I'm reading now....The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews (why do people do that to their kids?)

Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!
Twisted Sisters, coming April Fool's Day!


TinaFerraro said...

I was in a B & N yesterday, making sure the YA shelves were Buzz Girl and their Friends friendly (in other words, our books were turned out), and this cover caught my eye. I didn't pick it up, but you've just convinced me otherwise!

And I'm a sucker for a good brother/sister story because the gods blessed me when they gave me my brother...

Me said...

Thanks, make me feel like a totally deprived, sibling-less child! =) Really great review. I'll add this to my TBR pile. I've read some of KKE's Non-Blonde books and I agree, she weaves a suck-you-in kind of tale.

Anonymous said...

This story sounds intriquing. I have a sister who is SO close to me. But I always wanted a brother.


Anonymous said...

Loved this book!