Monday, January 28, 2008

Talking to Myself...Well, Not Really...

The Buzz Girls are going to do an interview series these next few weeks, starting with interviewing one of our heroines, then one of our heroes, then each other!

Which brings me to the very odd, but I-imagine-this-will-be-fun task of sitting down with 17 year-old Kate DelVecchio, who is the main character of my recent release, How to Hook a Hottie.

Tina: Um, okay, hey there, Kate.

Kate: Tina...

Tina: You and I have spent a lot of time together--going back to early fall of 2005 when I first dreamed you up, and ending with galleys in the late spring of 2007. What would you say your best and worst experiences were, working with me?

Kate: Best? Well, I suppose I appreciate you letting people know that I’m actually an emotional person, even though I try not to let my feelings show.

Tina: We like to call that “still waters run deep.”

Kate: Whatever. And now worst? The Brandon thing. And how much fun you had laughing at me while you made me go on that date with him, and then that whole [author deleted this story spoiler] thing, which pretty much sucked, too. Thanks.

Tina: Don't mention it. Now me. What I liked best about working with you was your confidence. I fed off of it. Because believe me, I wasn’t sure I could pull off the whole Hook a Hottie concept--or the book at all. Worst? Well, you could stand to loosen up a little, Kate, and take time to smell the roses. Everything doesn’t have to be full-speed-ahead, you know.

Kate: See, that’s why I’m going to be a millionaire before I’m 20--and you aren’t.

Tina: Well, the fact I’m already over 20--

: We like to call that “over the hill.”

Tina: I think we're done here.

Kate: You know I love you.

Tina: I love you, too, kiddo. Maybe I'll have to write a sequel so we can hang out some more.

* * * * * *

Okay, that's the heroine interview. We'll see which of my hotties puts his butt in the hot seat next Monday!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
It was great getting to you know you a little better. Hang in there..I think you'll be a millionaire one day. A happy one, at that.


Me said...

That was fun! I like that you and Kate and a kind of love/not-love relationship, that things are not always smooth sailing with some characters. At least she wasn't actively fighting you the whole book! =)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

haha! Fun, Tina!

stephhale said...

Too cute, Tina/Kate! :)

Peace, Love and ME! said...

Haha, that was's fun to see your characters come 'alive'!!!


the story siren said...

very cute... loved the insight on kate! i would love to read more about her! ;)

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, everyone! While this seemed a little strange to Kate and to me :), it was actually fun. Keep checking in this week for more author/heroine fun!

Simone Elkeles said...

I'm over the hill, too! I loved this interview. Kate was pretty nice to you. I'm afraid at what Amy from How to Ruin a Summer Vacation/Teenage Life is going to say about me. I'm afraid. Maybe I should rethink having bratty heroines. :O)


Emily said...

Hee hee!!! Tina, that was great fun to read =) Just like talking to one of your own kids, right?

Omar Cruz said...
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Marley Gibson said...

Love your interview, Kate!!

Heather Davis said...

Very cute, Kate and Tina!